I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills.com and
we are going to show you the backhand Flick today. The backhand Flick is done by starting
with your bat nice and flat and coming forward and over the ball. The other important issue
with the Backhand Flick is to make sure that you are hitting the ball when it’s at the
top of the bounce. That will give you the best chance of getting the ball onto the table.
The contact for the Backhand Flick is very flat so that you’re generating speed. If you
brush the ball on the contact you’ll generate some topspin but not enough speed. So remember
hit the ball very flat almost like a smash. If your opponent places a lot of back spin
on the ball, all you need to do is get your bat quite open and then come through the ball.
That will lift the back spin over the net. If they put side spin, or top spin, or no
spin you can start with your bat quite flat or even starting to angle your bat down a
fraction to make sure the ball goes down onto the table.
Your foot movement for the backhand flick is to move in closer to the ball. Most of
the time you use right foot to move in close to the table.
However if the ball goes out wider you can use your left foot to move in closer to the
ball. This will usually be determined by the corner of the table so if the ball goes out
past the corner of the table you use your left foot to move in. If the ball is inside
of the table use your right foot to go in. The backhand flick is used off a short serve
very often. So if they serve the ball short onto your backhand side that’s the time to
implement the backhand flick. If the other person serves with some back
spin remember to open your bat up and come through forward.
If they serve with side spin, top spin or no spin your bat can be quite flat or even
down over the ball.

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65 thoughts on “Table Tennis Backhand Flick”

  1. thanks for these tutorials! Man.. you're really helping lots of people here aditionally you're promoting table tennis! you rock! thanks again! hope to see more of your videos!

  2. I'm a penhold player using the traditional same-sided backhand. I find the backhand flick movement very awkward. Would you say that this technique is still feasible for my chosen grip or should I be looking for alternative tactics to counter short balls on the b/h court?

  3. Yes, this is a bit more awkward with the Penhold grip. What you can do though is push straight through the ball like a short punch. Alternatively you can do a fast sidespin push which is a very effective return for penholders. You come up on the ball a little with this stroke. We will have to look at this for a video lesson perhaps as it is a little hard to explain in words.

  4. Try opening the face of your racket at the start of the shot. If the ball has some backspin on it you will need to lift it.

  5. Hey I am using a medium-pip on my backhand but whenever I try this the ball always falls either straight to the net or straight into the air… Can you please give me some tips?

  6. This could be a number of things, but it sounds like you need to adjust the angle of your racket depending on the amount of spin on the ball. Try practising a lot of flicks with not much spin, and then try practising a lot of flicks with more backspin. Then you can mix up your practise to include both. This will help you learn how much spin is on the ball and how to use the correct angle.

    Good luck.

  7. Great question. Due to the fact that the ball will not grip into the pimples, you can't really flick the ball like this with that type of rubber. Sounds like this question should be put onto our ever growing list of video ideas. If you have any questions about this or Table Tennis in the mean time then try out our Ask the Coach section of our website.

  8. I would love to see a video on this as well, as I have the same problem when using a penhold grip trying to do this type of shot.

    I'm not sure I totally understand what you just tried to describe; will try tomorrow to see. Great videos!

  9. If you hold the racquet in your right hand, try holding it so that the black or red side is facing the roof at a slanted angle (using 45 degree angle) This means that the racquet is open for returning a backspin serve or flicking a backspin serve. If there was side spin, top spin or no spin on the ball, the slanted angle on the racquet can be closed so that the racquet's black or red side is facing the opponent (the opponent can see the face of the racquet). makes sense? 🙂

  10. glad it did…im struggling with the backhand flick right now and pendulum/reverse pendulum serves. hope to have those down soon. my forehand flick has been amazing and opponents better than me are surprised I can make that mini smash…another weapon in my arsenal 🙂

  11. probably the most impt shot in my lvl of play lol helps so much in returnin serves with a gud enough speed with ur weaker (backhand) side

  12. A fast and loop game usually consists of a harder bat for speed and a med- hard rubber depending on how hard you loop… thinker rubber will fly off faster but you need to put more into it…

  13. This is one of my regular moves, Although i counter act it and make it spin in the opposite direction, just gotta pull your bat in a bit more.. Tricks everyone 😀

  14. @bigduven For a ball like that, you will notice that on short balls Chen Weixing and long-pips choppers will just push the ball forward with speed with their racket perpendicular to the table. This will reverse spin a little, and cause a dead ball which is hard to attack, making it as effective, if not more effective, than a flip.

  15. @2213roby Penholders are starting to use a similar action to the reverse penhold backhand very effectively for this. Watch some videos of Wang Hao to see this in action. We don't have any videos on this as yet.

  16. @pingskills

    when i watch wang hao do his flicks, he keeps his paddle very closed and hits the backspin serve with topspin. that's not a flick, is it? What's that supposed to be.

    i can't really tell what an RPB flick is supposed to look like. it's kinda confusing.

  17. @DaKrazedKyubizt Wang Hao certainly is an amazing player! Are you talking about a return he performs against a short ball using his RPB? If so I would still call this a flick. He also seems to get a lot of sidespin on this shot and many of the shakehand players are now trying to replicate that stroke. We have a lesson you can see on our website on the sidespin backhand flick.

  18. @blad3nicky The ball will come with a bit of topspin so you need to play an attacking topspin off the ball if you are ready for it. This comes with practice.

  19. Guys you should post a video of a duel beetwen u beacuse u are very good coachers and very goog TT players 😀 It would be cool to see it ;d

  20. what kind of rubbers are good for flicking???
    i really like all your training videos…
    please do keep up the good work…
    really appreciate it!

  21. @zubairaliamirali I wouldn't worry too much about a rubber specifically for flicking. Short pimples are quite good for this though as the spin does not react as much on them as for normal rubber. This makes it easier to flick short backspin serves.

    Get yourself some good rubbers and then focus on your technique and don't worry too much about the equipment. That's my advice.

  22. @pingskills i agree with your idea…its not that bat but the player. ill concentrate on my skills then on rubber.
    thank you very much. please keep up the good work!

  23. @MrPawany Yes, try and mix up where you direct your attack to. If his backhand block is much better than his forehand, direct more balls to his forehand side when attacking.

  24. This doesn't seem to be a flick – at the point of contact the bat is at a neutral position, perhaps because the feed ball has minimal backspin. The demo is right without the ball starting with the bat open.
    A view from the side might help.

  25. if you look closely from 00:55 until the end of the slow motion, you will see balls turning yellow when they hit the table

  26. You can play a kind of flick with long pimples. It is a different stroke though because the long pimples don't respond to the spin the same way as normal rubber.

  27. Hi Coach,
    2014 Asian Cup (Ms-Final) MA Long – FAN Zhendong [HD] [Full Match/Chinese]
    When i saw this video, i found that FAN's technique was good when he used the flick to against heavy back spin serve of Ma Long. It create top spin very strong, would you mind sharing for me this technique? Thank you so much, i always keep my eyes on your coaching.

  28. But alois, if you watch closely in the slow-motion part, it really looks as if jeff is trying to put some topspin on that aswell

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