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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Swingless Golf Club vs. Human”

  1. Never ever heard of the countries top courses ever being in Utah. Might be top course in Utah but most definitely not a top course in the country. Stop lieing to people

  2. this course is absolutely stunning… i live in Florida and every course is the same flat nothing to look at course….

  3. Lincoln is a really good golfer! I was never that good at that age. Then I quit because I always sliced the ball to the right.

  4. As I watch this it brings back memories of my child hood when my dad use to take me to the golf course. He never golfed but it was just great to spend time in a chilled environment with him. It is awesome that the both of you can share the same passion as one another for a sport that keeps you active and gives you healthy competition between each other.

  5. I stopped playing Golf years due to Back problems, If I used this would I need to explain to everyone why ? Im scared to death to try to play a normal Game of golf worried that my driver Swings will hurt my back again.

  6. My family owns a golf course here in Illinois if you’d like to bring Lincoln here I’d love to play with him. I’m 14. Guessing around the same age as him

  7. Both of you really need to follow through on your chips, they are awful but everything else is great. Totally decelerating

  8. Dan and I have the same kinda short game right now 😂 Only difference is that I make some of those longer putts 😉

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