what’s up everybody, welcome back to my
channel! hi, how are ya?? now in today’s video I’m going on a little adventure!
there’s nothing makeup related here so if you’re into makeup, I’m sorry honey
today’s not the day but I do know one thing
excuse me last year was pretty monumental for me.. I had so many life
changes and growing experiences one of them mainly involved in one of my dear
friends Shane Dawson now he recently moved into a new home I’ve only been
there once did I bring a housewarming gift baby I flopped! I didn’t so I
definitely owe Shane a gift now the thing about Shane is he hates surprises
he hates gifts and he is all about giving like me like I’m someone that is
really hard to get a gift for as well I’m always like oh no no no let me get
you I don’t know why that’s just how we are
so today let’s have a little fun let’s go drive over to Shane’s house and I’m
gonna surprise him with a few essentials now many may say Geoffrey last year you
and Shane you ran a lot of shit it was your year but I feel like we were just
getting started so I logged in the other day and I discovered that it was the
Chinese New Year of the pig now the pig represents wealth in the Chinese culture
for this new year now a lot of brands start making things around the animal as
well say for the new year now it is the pig this time around we all know Shane
kind of runs the pig aesthetic that is his thing and that is his Elaine so I
saw a bunch of things starting to come out including makeup clothes fashion
bags that have pigs all over them so over the last few days I have
accumulated a few things you guys are going to see in a minute from several
things like Sephora maybe a designer brand or two and I’m just gonna pop up
surprise Shane and just say thank you for changing my life so let’s get my car
packed and head on over all right so Nate’s gonna help with a
few bags great so let’s just put all this into a Tesla see if it fits
you got no baby oh and of course it’s raining today you guys it’s been raining
for days in Los Angeles which we need the rain definitely need the rain but um
this will be interesting later their cool little custom bags and boxes
they’re dope on mm-hmm all right baby I am gonna head on over to the house a
little bit and yeah all right we’re on the way it is treacherous out here and I
love that Shane and just move somewhere a little further away deep in the hills
you guys I can’t even tell you this city or house to me
I mean now that he’s stuffing a mastectomy get it you just want to be
away from the people show up when you want him you know just have your moment
girl I love it Shane’s like the mother Teresa of
YouTube Who am I or maybe me and him are more like Sodom and Gomorrah all right
we are a few minutes away I am nervous Shane’s like I hate surprises don’t try
me and I’m like okay cool just gonna come over and say hi all right you guys
we’re gonna turn off the LED before I crash and become a statistic all right
it is raining of course Shane set the tone and the mood will
give us surprises in a minute let’s just go knock on the door cat bitch I am wet
a mother’s arrived I’m wet oh hi thank god you’re back in couch you’ve been
doing a lot of adidas lately and I don’t know you I felt weird champion called
they go can you stop wearing us target called him they said you’re breaking our
clothes so I brought my rain boots okay first of all hi hi I haven’t seen you in
a minute I’m in I haven’t seen you since Walmart remember do you remember those
times though I remember mmm I bet you do so is Rylan sleeping he’s at a yoga
class to stay real limber because I like to just lay there Sam wait you said that
last time you were here could you you’re like the first person that ever came
here cuz like you know I don’t leave my house
and you walked in and you said I think this year I’m gonna I mean I wanted I
wanted to switch it up this year and try so whether it’s a female that’s involved
with me or you know maybe once a year our anniversary is in March so we can
pray you new year new whole new yeah okay so first of all I never gave you a
housewarming gift a lot the first time I was here and I felt really embarrassed
because I’m someone that likes to give and we’re both in that sense
stop he’s waiting I mean he’s got a really good height like I kind of want
to okay yeah no wonder we’re okay so my god me neither
yeah so I want to just give you a housewarming gift okay just sit down and
wait what’s going on I’m scared like you didn’t tell me anything what do you like shuts the door on us
and Ryan what if he runs Chris I mean he’s like no shut the trunk hit that
button mrs. Claus is here wait what’s going on
this is a lot of it’s for accent huh let me take off my Grinch coat okay let me
take off my Grinch body weight doesn’t come off wait what is this a joke okay
so here’s the tea I’m just gonna sit here for a sec I’m Wendy and I’m like I
feel like I actually just gave up in ten years okay so listen can we get can we
get deep for a second I’m jumping right in now we have had an amazing year last
year it was a really monumental for me it was incredible it was life-changing I
don’t want to get all Sally Jessy Raphael right now okay so this is just a
little token of my appreciation for a change in my life last year and
welcoming you to your new home yeah we’re gonna start yeah so we’re gonna
start right here okay I’m gonna unwrap something for you okay this is just a
little something to go with this little guy this is a new little baby Oh like I like little thing oh hello
hello I think it’s right oh is that Ryland
land let’s hustle we get oh my god it hasn’t happened oh my god this is insane
hi Gucci store coming to our house oh yeah so this is the first get this is
from diva diamond delicious daddy drama in DaVinci oh my god all that they saved
up and did all their chores for a week daddy drama delicious oh really
no listen I’m gonna call this your year because it is the year of the pig oh my
god you’re right oh my god so listen a lot of makeup companies are starting to
make things with your logo on it so instead of suing I thought you know
Shane might be entering the makeup world soon I’d like to present you with the
first ever pig highlighter wait whoa who’s this from it’s a Brandon
Sephora called Becca they made a really iconic highlighter with Jacqueline hill
that blew up a few years ago and it was like life we like her the brand wouldn’t
live for her good like her okay we love we love Jack now you gotta just open her
up we’ll call you later love you Jack when we live for you yeah wait I’m going
right in I’m driving it okay put it on oh yeah it’s really soft already it adds
to my grease my natural grace love that oh yeah no we live in wait god it’s
really cute you’re the pick Ryland do you wanna help Shane unbox something good okay we’re starting off
right now oh my god okay is it real or is it fake here we go is this like a
game like it’s I’m milling counterfeit Gucci we don’t know her bana gralen come
over here really strong Gucci has collabed of course I know you suck me a
sneak peek on the internet but they clap with Disney and they did a full pig
collection oh my god and then you’re clapping with me for our pink light
exactly so it’s gonna be a beautiful year oh sales-wise Gucci they might ask
me to buy that we’re gonna blow blow blow their house down okay
it’s fucking raining how much what’s this Geoffrey today back ready I don’t
want to accept these parents I’m not gonna push Margit so we spend the night
anyone’s house if you ever do that when you’re relieved you have an overnight
bag okay perfect what is in here oh wait stop it oh why
did you spend money on me just for you let’s did you spend money is this the
business fake it’s not the game am I supposed to go saying I made it myself
honestly the stunning we could deal with this later
wait this is like huh is that sick where can I wear it on the front side my body
yes we may wonder Geoffrey Lin what is your what is your deal what is your
problem now listen Ryland I saw your backpack
and it’s time for an upgrade sweetie no with your man you did not get me one too
I wanted isn’t asking for real wait I’m sensing it has to be stunning matching I
just picked you guys on like a scheme is real evil eyes you guys that look who I
can’t accept it well my cheekbones hurt the fucking Basilica lefty we’re not
done oh my god senses are about to be shocked oh okay this is a really good
moment okay okay reaching ranch Allah wait is this iconic I want is this for real
yeah I’d like to everything know no but I want gonna be wait is this for
real I’ve never really lead this is iconic for real
wait even if this is fake I’m gonna wear it haha because I listen I have never
really seen you wear a watch Oh all shaved and I was like no but it’s
perfect is this year I want to know what time it is you don’t I mean yeah oh my
god okay let’s see if it fits oh it’s gonna is perfect I God if it
doesn’t stop it here let me figure it out are you you like she is so stunning
I’ve never seen Shane with the watch yes we’re gonna make him put on
everything right and ooh not good a little kind of yeah thing a little
moment my god there’s more that’s the finale for the next series don’t move it
the spoiler perfect finale here yeah isn’t that fucking oh my god
wait this is everything I’m gonna wear this yeah oh girl oh this is my new year
rope shaking yeah my brother robes are shaky Wow I really was hoping they would
make a rope in this collection what they did
so my email quarters um sir yes there’s more oh wow
I’m just you know thinks he’s in a simulation right now office seriously
and you’re I just realized wait daddy pig I need you to have a cardigan moment
19 okay I know you’re oh my god my son is my phone okay so Shane maybe like right now thinking
in his head oh god what’s happening it’s God’s plan I just went to the store
I said do we need one item how many let the compass of Jesus guide me the way
and this is what happened what is this are those Panther star all my god wait
is a new winter start a little a little double chin oh my god look we’re an overwhelming
ready from Warren okay bitch are you ready for the oh I’m sweating I need to
change my tampon look at that it’s so pretty how do I rocket beanie like I
don’t know how to do it yeah yeah but it is loosely yeah okay I know how to do
that yeah oh my god hey guys like somewhere to be and when it gets a
little cooler we have a we have an official my god oh it’s so good I can’t
breathe it’s so safe and it’s like soft oh yeah it’s nice quality is good huh I
know you own your own merch so I wanted you to see something else I only own one
Amazon shirt we need a new one oh my god yeah here here’s one of the last things
to go with your outfit hey no my god so much excitement oh my god wait
these are everything wait I want to wear these I can get away with that’s right
like oh you fully exactly it is just a it’s just one more thing say oh we I’ve
never had like this many nice things if they’re real be a real closet I saw your
closet tour and it was a little green yeah more depressing in my early 20s so
I’m like oh my god we this is like a closet makeover you have a life makeover
yeah you’re literally Oprah here’s listen there’s just before isn’t it yeah
I don’t know what to do is this cool folks go wallet and this amazing thing
is from Nathan he wanted to send his love
call of duty so he couldn’t be here right now no I get it
priority exactly at which the most limited Gucci item of the collection a
one-of-a-kind maybe three they think they mean three if they’re not lying
amazing brooch with the beautiful hang on it’s so cool and cry beautiful way is
this is this all for real cuz I’m Azure crying and then if it’s a
prank I’m gonna feel like a David Joe perfect to be authentic and there’s just
in this in this pink Gucci model yeah CBS to pick up my sly materials I love
da fuckin know Oh Hawaii I want you to put slime around me yes
that’s relator this is everything oh my god so there’s one last thing had to get
you the matching socks just wear black man that she’s Allah oh she is a weight
so if this is real what’s the guy cuz he said some of this is fake I was fully
lying Eddie someone I added he had to use
myself then I’m a little extreme this is like um is this for real
and for what you guys go on dates one more thing okay it’s not a condom or a
pussy okay so for when you wear your full outfit we wanted to make sure that
Rylan match dog are you this learner now my dorable
then even when I’m not with my boyfriend I feel close to him yeah oh my god we so
what is this video what what it what is what did you do today what’s going on
did you go to the store and just pick out you’re tiring right nothing’s right
if right now I’m honestly when I saw you know it’s great so I saw your tweet and
I was like that motherfucker saw early they told me that they were doing this
collection you know guy was showing me like months earlier what they’re doing
and I was like this is the coolest thing and I just felt like it cap you know
caps later oh no I liked when I saw that because she was doing here the pig and I
knew that like I don’t know just everything the way we work together and
like what we’re planning and then Gucci at least it’s knit felt very like a
moment yeah I was like whoa this is like the universe being like this isn’t it to
be while we’re buying we did some research and the Chinese culture views
the pig as a really big symbol for wealth so this year will be very wealthy
for us and I don’t know my god I feel so good thank you Jesus I can before it in
this house uh-huh not lose my golf cart mortgages are cheap
oh my god wait this is oh my god wait this is everything what do you want me
to do I’m gonna revealed you want me to put this on do you want to wait do you
want you guys look I would love for you just to do a one log where’s your team
all right let’s get a white backdrop Paul James Charles no we’re not doing a
James look look I would love if you just threw on your favorite pieces and gave
us a moment I’ll make it work okay Rylan let’s go in the kitchen and
catch up we’re not doing the planet it’s not in our friend Barry well we probably
have cold Barry is not having it when you told me you’re getting him some pig
stuff I just assumed of I hate let’s talk about now that he’s in the room so
I call him really early in the morning he actually wake up at normal hours when
i editing till 5:00 indirect so I go hey what’s she sighs is he sleeping in his
sleep let me go like look and make sure so then I go and there’s a whole wall
pig and I was like we’re going in I’m fully going in
you just got every big item that they had oh my god I’d bring any straws oh I
have some oh you only like they’re plastic they’re plastic no you know what
I’ll do where’s where’s Tricia take her Starbucks cup it’s right there yeah
okay Trish I won’t mind what’s what’s already been in here
JJ’s cut the Jason come well there’s leftover coffee in there Trisha girl I’m
gonna fight you when I see you next okay so my name is Trisha scuff now this
is the best part of the house I think is notice I love ice and if anyone else at
home like sucking on crushed ice oh my god is the best thing ever so this is
genius I’m like hi are you kidding me amazing
reminds me of the blood of my enemies so I started on Rylands em Instagram
stories but I didn’t know what was real the real t so um they’ve never offered
me these before oh this is a limited edition moment yeah they made real
plates I would buy them that’s the real fucking gag I don’t know why they job
they’re sick Shane just thought those were so dirty genius like I’m ready to
like start cooking and I’ve never caught yeah yeah cool do this every day oh you
did tennis shoes spin the shoes to everything think be honest do we have to
I rolled up the pants you guys could really like get a sock mom the socks are
amazing I’m coming down low oh do the shoes fit let me let me check yeah
that’s my job we were going back and forth okay really
comfortable don’t lie to me are they really come from no they’re really you
knew bukka’s maybe I put it up so good today he’s like jealous are ya Bert I
was like for what yes that looks this big so quick me
Michael make my natural habitat okay oh yeah play-doh slime in a minute
oh yeah hmm I feel that I feel it’s so bad oh yeah touch it oh my god you’re
like the Bob Ross of slime to your meeting oh my god you’re right you’re
waiting just like very young is that everything you need to make slime I’m
serious whoa we sprayed Chanel on it is that what it really smells like ice or
maybe it was Gucci something I don’t know something to portray this doesn’t
stick to your fingers is that residual well this was sitting in the pantry
rotting but you know no no this is a butter slime by the way Brian told me
that you guys got this exclusive Italian collab that they didn’t sell in any
store but Florence no I know you’re kind of jealous because they refused to sell
it to me called Gucci and I just said like hey guys I really need something
you know above and they said well we’re not gonna give me the good stuff so
here’s the people not the fine china no no of course okay great
wait this is everything this looks I love you my day okay I’m excited about
this everything I feel like Rylan might be borrowing that a few times and you
may not see it after tonight no listen I need I’m gonna go back to the gym I’m
gonna do it guys so this is my new gym bag if you walk into the gym with that
I’m going to cuz it’s so like not you to walk into the gym with well baby you
know me Wow I’m gagging like cheers to the slime and cheers to your new look
cheers to our new if you’re the pig okay daddy
I want to give you an update you changed my life and you’ve changed my closet
welcome to the new closet or oh yes ah who is she we know she is the classic
she is somebody we don’t talk about much we don’t we’ll just ignore her she’s
just it’s a long story Oh oh my god I have not seen this on camera
yet this looks like an actual Gucci store ignore that that’s my bucket of my
old clothes that’s my old life we don’t talk about that this is my new life now
I love it so much and you know me I’m not very materialistic but the fact that
all of this is from you is just really special and I’m just really lucky to
have you as a friend and I love you

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