I didn’t think that would happened so
Caleb there’s a thousand dollars in here and I’ve got a little bit of a challenge
for you so it’s gonna be in a future video so subscribe if you haven’t yet
what does that vary but I just got to the gym we’re about to film our soccer
challenge video was the final video of the series we’ve been doing but after
that I’ve got a little surprise for Caleb Caleb has been super helpful these
last few weeks and I’m back in LA helping me film because doing YouTube by
herself is really hard and he’s been great on camera you guys love him and so
I want to show my gratitude him by giving him some money but of course I’m
gonna make him work work for that money so I’ve got three basketball challenges
free-throw three-pointer and then one that involves several shots and that
last one you can double your double your cash by making it backwards and then I
think just to mess with his head I’ll give them an opportunity to to redo
it for more money or maybe less money that’s a little bit of chance it’s gonna
be a lot of fun as make sure you watch the end here we go what’s it for it’s
for you maybe wait for oh this isn’t just like a prop know you’ve been a
serious maybe can I hold it oh not just for you I know it’s not for me but I
still want to hold it yeah been a long time since I’ve ever held more than 220
dollars okay guys so we’re picking up right where we left off in our last
video I pulled out $1,000 Caleb it’s $1,000
Caleb you have been very helpful lately thank you filming lots of videos with me
helping me get ahead of schedule being my video partner and so I want to pay
you back for that there’s a catch I mean you have to earn it like I’m not just
gonna give you $1,000 if you make every single shot you’ll win us out there’s a
thousand dollars potential for grabs but okay but are you ready you nervous
well like I don’t know what I’m doing that’s the thing he hasn’t told me
anything I don’t know what I’m nervous or not nervous for here we go
I killed first up you have anything in one shot yes oh that’s
I literally had this negative shot so he’s cold which I’m okay with
I mean I love you Caleb but I don’t really want to give you $1,000
sure one-one warm-up shot what kind of shots my shooter you don’t know yet it’s
fine one warmup don’t worry this first round
will warm you up a little bit okay this would be good good warm-up for you you
ready it’s free throws I just like you keep saying are you ready but then you
don’t tell me anything to the last second I know that I want to I want to
do this okay so it is most free throws in 60 seconds
$5.00 per free throw really one just one ball you gotta return you get your own
rebound 60 seconds on the clock three two one go he’s Russian she’s nervous 10 15 20 25 30 35 we’re
gonna copy a lot of money oh he’s eaten up Oh 45 up 50 and time you warmed up yet I think I’m exhausted
what do you mean warmed up I’m done you can just put that in your pocket
thanks man yep oh this you ready so don’t get sweaty
yeah I’ll let you catch your breath for a second please do I don’t know what the
next house is but if he’s like that I might get like five bucks out of this
next up Caleb 3-pointers let’s do that again no no laughing yeah it’s a little
different okay again we’re gonna do a family challenge style okay you have ten
shots okay but you’re not out if you miss if you miss or if you make a shot
you get 20 bucks okay if you miss a shot you give me back 20 bucks so I can go on
the hole on this one yeah I can oh you I get the money from this video I just
gave you $50 yeah but okay I’m gonna hold on move back here okay you ready
let’s see it okay yep okay you tired suit your legs are tight
you got to see with your legs every stats a perfect size that’s it every
shot it’s a perfect shot thank you you got to hold on to that one Oh nurse thank you
okay what is this top number one two three four five thank you sir
yeah it’s gonna cost me some money yes yeah how’s this feel yeah money please thank you you’re
frustrating about this is like it’s not like I’m okay here I got something for
you two more shots left that was nice I like barely touch the
net Oh didn’t feel that one there you go so
what is your total at I lost I was giving away and taking back money no
those 20 40 60 80 100 120 and the fifth out of a possible of 200 and the 50 over
there so 170 okay not a bad day at the at the trickshot office okay Caleb now
it comes some a little bit more trick shooting and also some decision-making
I’m not good either that’s not true you’re good at one of those okay so ask
my mom it’s gonna be layup or you know yeah short shot free throw 3-pointer Red
Vine half-court okay there’s one price to suit it normal or you double if you
make it backwards okay one attempt gotcha
perfect okay and then the price the the rates are ten ten is so 10 or 20 if you
go backwards 20 40 if you do it backwards free throw
50 100 150 or 300 from red line from red line uh-huh and then half-court 250 or
500 so like this council’s backers I was thinking like right here oh yeah yeah do
I need to do in the backwards I think so okay you can get yeah that’s great hold on keep it just
keep the calculator going practicing I think I was I can say go but are you ready not time nope okay let’s see it 40 20 20
20 20 yep no will retail out what would your dad say about that one
don’t miss short what he always says I know this isn’t for money but I need
this I need to make it again there you go out that person okay this is for
three-pointer no three-pointer yeah this is how much 50 normal a hundred
backwards give one shot I know I’m taking the half-court backwards so I
think I’m just gonna do normal to them okay you know but that makes for a
boring video I don’t care do it or this is it people are excited that people I’m
sure I’ll give a thumbs up if you’re if you’re on Team Caleb right now if you
want cable to win as much money as possible give this video a thumbs up
right now Wow one for a hundred I didn’t think that would happen there’s
a different level of emotion from Caleb guys you don’t understand it cost a lot
of money okay so I’m sitting it 1-1 20 21 20
so now it’s the red line for how much 150 to suit it normal or 300 heartbreaker hate to see it
I do cuz that I’m done to only a couple of money videos and I feel bad see
that’s your normal shots that’s the like if I did that backwards and missed I
would just be mad at myself for choosing to do backwards missing it forward is
just frustrating it up just a normal shot dang I feel bad but also I’m giving him money
for making baskets I don’t feel that bad but I feel bad
oh he threw his hat down take Caleb half-court are you still going
you’re still going backwards but 250s awful lot of money yeah if you had to
say Mike hold on yeah if you had to like tell someone could be like I get this
all the time they’re like oh I must take you forever to make a half-court shot
backwards like what we say your shot percentage is like legitimately like if
you had to if there were people watching you within 3 ok I don’t know if I’d say
I’m I’m not consistent okay ready okay so I’ve got one little one little
catch I had I had this plan before before you missed I was gonna give it to
you even if you had made the $500 shot if you make one you want to do it
backwards you can but if you make a habit stop right now you can redo your
entire turn every shot every shot which you made a three-pointer backwards like
that’s like so if you don’t know you just like my saving grace right now like
that’s still money no so what did you get for this round one twenty still
right 120 that’s not a good show no I think you can do better but you got to
make this you got to make this half court shot oh okay maybe maybe you should consider
going on your for Don okay clean slate oh he’s just going for it okay he’s you
mean business right now huh okay that was a that was 20 you went backwards again so regular
three Oh Oh what a roll dish what do you ask
you’re at the $90 yeah 90 gone regular oh okay hold on what are
you gonna do I feel like I should just take the money
even though five hundred there’s a lot 500 is a lot of money
yeah but 250 dogs there’s a lot of money and you just made that bet yeah the sort
of thing I think I think I’m gonna take that attempt to 250 okay but you already
you already have what now 150 plus 90 right yeah 240 240 so you already doing
better than last time yeah plus the other money you’ve already
wanted yeah if I make this I get close to 500 off this morning yeah okay so I
think I’m gonna I think I have to do that let’s see huh what’s that yes
I don’t ask me maybe ask people comment what they would do flip a coin they have
a coin I don’t have a coin just be positive whatever happens I think Oh I think your vein is just so good you
have no idea mama but that’s actually room money sir you’re still buying
holy cow let’s say Yale district let’s see what would happen you made a good
decision I made a very wise decision Caleb I’ve never been happier to give
away some money thanks for all your help what is that what is the grand total on
that now let’s add up what did you get before so I had 240 going into that shot
which is and then plus 250 that’s it four ninety four ninety plus fifty five
forty five sixty five eighty six hundred twenty forty sixty six hundred sixty
dollars thanks I’ll help bro follow thank you this is too I don’t deserve
this this is too kind for you I don’t the lunch is on me today Josh I just
dude no I appreciate a little help Oh Caleb at the YouTube channel now it’s
finally up I do so go subscribe gonna be the same stuff actually it’s not
subscribe to me if you haven’t yet click the bell see nobody posted Instagram
shoutouts right here don’t even don’t even go follow me on instagram follow
caleb on instagram at kill – beamster comment the dollar sign emoji or the
money bag or something like that on his most recent post and you could win in
scram shadow next time thank you so much guys and thank you josh man we’ll see ya

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  1. This was fun. Let’s get this video to go viral! Click that share button – post on twitter, send to grandma…whatever! 🙂 Huge thanks to Caleb for the help the last couple months. Make sure to follow his NEW channel ( www.youtube.com/channel/UC9N_6QIniNssFFZMva2GdTQ ) NOT the old one with a bunch of videos…he got locked out of that one and lost the password/email… Like/Comment on every upload early for your chance to win juggling balls from www.jugglingwarehouse.com like ZEKEtrickSHOTS this video! Love you guys – see you Wednesday for WRW!

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