what’s up guys today is an awesome day
me and carry just registered to the Lafayette store in New York and Supremes
week to release we both registered and I don’t know if you guys know but it takes
like it’s like minutes when it closes up they open up the registration and this
is it’s full it closes so you have little to no time but luckily we got in
so we’re shooting up to New York Thursday Thursday so this is what it
looks like when you’re already stirred I took a quick screenshot I actually got
it at 1101 and everything was like 20 or 23 seconds today is the day is Thursday
I love 7:00 to 5:00 in the morning we got got carrier with us we got Steve
here with us we’re going into the Wawa right now
we’ll get some breakfast look at that guy we got a nice guy here hold another
door for us thank you appreciate you and everything that trip now catch up a
little bit I’ve been moving Palmisano Java we’re
trying to keep it peaceful easy started I don’t daily self-discovery holiday recovery so you Captain Steve Supremes for today
what is you get nope what else wouldn’t be New York without traffic
feeling about this care yet every that Deacon I definitely got a cop the
facemask the supreme facemask that’s a happy
what’s the cops where what are you trying to cop for yourself Jersey okay
what color way alright we’re gonna see I got to leave it up to the end of the
video we will find out go ball breaks a mark stay insured three
or three I made it we are finally in New York we are
walking over to the supreme front now just kind of like check it out I mean
right here way early but we wanted to be prepared you live maybe like Kerry back
there doing this thing it’s a good boy it’s on them good boys
hey buddy yeah what number you got bud
what number do you have in place the line for I got a 1:21 yeah thank you what are you copping when
you copy the vans yeah definitely everyone’s over
the vans row sit hi burger look so another one huh another good way were
you doing what are you doing the shoulder bag what do you copy man
are you copping okay yeah yeah yeah the arm the zipper
break your look bro hey man I feel just like a rock star my brother’s got that guests may always
be smoking like a star carry just actually got in the store they didn’t
want us hanging around you see that bag boy hey let’s go would you cop you got both they let you cop oh that’s
cool we’re all really what you hand the guy
list yeah we doing the same thing don’t what colorway dope
of course you have to yeah right so once carry exited the store we pretty
much escorted him to the car just to make sure that merchandise would be safe
unfortunately we’re not allowed to assist him in any way of getting the
merchandise to the car supreme is highly against reselling of their items and any
suspicion could lead to a ban of future releases he get that bag if evidence how
about a hey hey we live baby secured the first bag Terry right here came through
we got everything that we need got a little time to kill and then we got to
get in long alright ok we just got done getting his
drop yeah we went in got my stuff Franks actually in there right now he’s gonna
go copy his stuff a lot of stuff right now though which was unfortunate but we
didn’t get what we wanted we’re gonna meet up with him afterwards I’m good I’m good I’m good Oh I didn’t get his mic line all right yeah
yeah he’s got that spot yeah I was in there earlier it’s pretty cool
oh really Christ no I got a bunch of stuff I got the sleeve jacket we got the
the tennis ball accessory I got both of the Vans game you had to slip ons in the
high-top they’re doing groupings like every once
in a while outside yeah yeah like my cousin’s export yeah I was 54 yeah
surprisingly a lot of stuff was actually sold out like certain karla ways when I
got in and for 54 I thought you know there’d still be a lot of stuff but no
there was the Jersey purple one okay the purple one was supposed to be like the
most hype but I got in there they said they sold out of that right away
everybody caught that I’m a we got the one with the the sleep bagboy we got hat stop get some bubble tea thank you got the bow booty here we are at unique
hype boom driver in New York places a bang we just
made at home from New York we had a long drive we’re like South Jersey’s area so
pretty far we scared all the bags we it was a little hard because you have to
like you know you can’t stay around the store because in case of reselling and
stuff like that you can’t really film much around the store like they just you
know it was it was hard so we were just kind of all over the place but we did
get to bag earlier in the week the supreme week one I got some other items
on the bench right here that I ordered online they also came and I waited the
day so we could do an unboxing and unbagging at the same time from we’ve
won and we to the store was it was cool like it was you have to wait in like
line obviously you get like a you get a text for a time you’re gonna be there so
you guys wait in line I would take a natural high to get in the store and you
walk in and you’re just like what do I do like you have no idea what I did I
start looking at stuff on the rack and you can’t really like take the stuff
from the rack because it’s only for display and one of the employees come
over and he’s like what can I help you with and I just handed him a list and I
was like I need all this here in the back got all my sizes you tell him sighs
like that got it all handed it to me I’m like I’m walking in line like this yeah
I think the list helps a lot it does yeah so many people didn’t have a list
yeah that’s weird because I feel like when you go in it’s gonna take forever
like the lines not gonna move yeah so it’s like to me the employees want that
employees want you know it’s so much easier they had to be like well can you
give me oh can you give me this in this colorway
this in this colorway just makes the whole process it makes everything so
much faster like here didn’t need all this they’re like perfect you know it
was so excited but that’s they want people in and out you know you figure
you have all these time slots some people it’s like 9 10 o’clock at night
all right so we’re just gonna start getting to the unboxing we’re gonna do
the first week drop and then we’re gonna do the second week on the on bout
unbagging after so what we got first whatever I don’t know we’ll figure it
out right still sealed have it open – yeah luckily we got we did all right on
the home on actually have another box come on in to supreme stickers the
classics this is a small storage box I guess see this is pretty cool it’s like
all aluminum it’s like it’s like a like pressed kind of the supreme I got to see
you down there it’s pretty nice it’s bread-like anodized and ice finished it
works like I like put it like actually getting in a pack like a British sword
uh-huh Sabri phonetic actually it’s not what I thought it was well we got the
seeds though o9k all right this was the the poppy seeds so you guys
see it this was like the free kind of giveaway
thing just like it is it’s pretty dope and it says supreme on the bottom I mean
like know me ask you we got the blur this out but uh it’s
just a plain sticker that says at the world is YouTube so we cannot kind of
curse on this another plain box will go on and we got the skulls sculpt a bandana
things too it’s got a the skulls actually glow in the dark green like a
you know just glow-in-the-dark kind of this is the skull pile stuff was was
very high school class that was mine art like just use going yeah she’s gone dark
the jacket where you get clothes in the dark yeah the skateboard X school
clothes talk a little different everything else took and we got the the
military camp cap with the Red Box logo in the front it’s nice got the it’s got
the dope strap in the back I kind of like that classic combo white with the
red is the last bag and ship that’s pretty big I know this is another
another bag in the bag you got the double yeah stacking up and we got
wasn’t what I thought it was I thought it was gonna be the tan duffel but is
the red backpack still cool Ames also do red spring back but I can’t go wrong
that’s pretty much most of stuff from the season this season one or at week
one now we can get to when we pick up today we didn’t even like really look
too much into these bags we just kind of make sure everything was there and like
didn’t actually like look at him pretty cool I mean I didn’t open him up yeah
yeah I’m a page I don’t want to open anything
get this in here hello that’s that’s the most common picture you see with these
everyone’s like you know these are their hot item right now I once everyone’s
resound buying these there’s a dope assessment
this is the jacket that has the sleepy dream on the sleeve yes and you’re gonna
hopefully it’s like true too I mean I don’t have any other supreme items I
don’t know like true to fit but you’re pretty nice after nine weeks to a
black color a black and white one like since you see sleeves as supreme is
definitely actually a really nice jacket like better like the quality of is
actually like a really cool thoughtful it smooth degrades it seems like
horrible like you would hold up really well let’s see I’m at large in size
let’s see how it and I think it looks really think it’s got a little gray on
the sleeves – all right we’ll place that back Oh get into the fans
there’s probably most thanks from the drop when everyone reacts the group’s
asking like people like in line so like that everyone was like they had cop
Devan he’s got all the stacked school’s very standard no these I think they glow
in the dark they should – come on find out all right so for the glow in the
dark on all of the school polyol everything’s cool pop glows in the dark
I’m sure you guys a little example of it we’re gonna this is this was the
this is a sweatshirt that pole motors are probably my favorite you know it’s
weird item looking at the stuff online it kind of like it look like a jacket
you know a lot of the stuff looks a lot different in you know like insert word
well we can go hard over saying I first got in the store like some of the
colorway that I thought were like they kind of look like really open you know
it I would not mind like yeah everyone was talking about like Otis drop sell
this drops like nothing’s nice nuttin oh hi well maybe you got in the store layer
you like looking at like oh I remember seen online like I originally wasn’t
gonna cop that you like that actually looks really nice so I liked a lot of
colorways this this one specifically – you know what you’re even buying this
stuff for – like a figure if you’re really into this style and stuff like
that I’m like I could always settle for a different color white yeah but overall
though this thing is actually pretty cool I think this is an excel – yes but
like the quality is like really good it’s all hundred sweatshirt it’s pretty
heavy I like it seems like it’s gonna fit kind of big but like that’s kind of
how I like to wear my clothes on your way so I wouldn’t mind always they’re
pretty cool show their camera it’s like the it’s like a red and it’s you this
one’s dogs time come on sir you look like a childhood color what did get two
of those so yeah we got one I’ve know him as well right now
next is we have this one is pretty cool I originally wanted to get the the blue
camo cuz I thought it looked better but yeah they have got the blue one a paint
kind of grew on me yeah I like the pink color way better not like not obviously
for resale like it’s a little bit more rare like you’re not gonna see the pink
as much as you would see like people just rockin like yeah the blue camos
sold out so fast in the long sleeves but I personally like the pink color rate
way better I think it’s but I think on stock x2 pink the pink was reselling for
more and it’s got its got the supreme going down oh this has pretty cool I
like the way it feels oh yeah I never I never like seen this
type of texture on a hat before it’s a good I know that you’re like knit just
if I can get like a close-up and hopefully it focuses on the print there
we go so this one’s cool it’s like it’s like a purple pink and like a teal color
color kind of like that similar to the hoodie and then it’s got the pink box
logo on the front we have two bags left we organized everything baseball tee
this is a this thing sold out so fast man I couldn’t get one these because I
can say he was 54 so he got one before me in a medium it’s the white it has the
little uh at the red supreme on the bottom here see this around when I got
in at 54 they told me purple was gone immediately they had a medium in one
other color believed but they said that the the ones on display were like the
last ones I had in a medium so luckily he let me take the white one off the
round yeah such a hot item it was it was I was like how many did they really have
that they have like a dozen I like each color you’re 54 and they were like sold
out of them I feel like everybody went for the
purple right away we got all red supreme world famous
hoodie it’s not the stuff in broidery over here Oh Burt over here it’s a
supreme world-famous thank you this is the work work shirt it’s a weird
color combo you know like they had the Gucci colorway kind of white with the
red and green this one is that’s like a burgundy with the pink and white and
then it’s got the black embroidery the supreme will go in there and black is
definitely a Heinz yeah those is cool they come with a pair of
white laces along with the Vans supreme sticker those are the black ones yeah so
as a black and then you get you change it to the white that’s what will ensue
well this is business okay so it’s like advanced and good option that’s pretty
cool it’s like a nice leather but I like that to see on the backers is like fans
off the wall then it says supreme on the bottom
oh wow effect it cool yeah yeah nobody noticed yeah it’s like a eagle it’s got
to supreme here – is that on the bottom like right above under that focuses in
on the skull like if you oh yeah see right there above this skull has a
little supreme – supreme on there the last bag last bag so this is another long sleep
same thing is the camera one just all black the white black logo screen it’s
like the the hive is yellow I think that’s colors and then with the UH the
Molotov we got the the chicken dinner sticker flames she is a she has a
necklace on sister cream same never focuses probably in four phases that’s
why we over shirt the black and gold polish cool I like it cuz it’s got the
you could see the supreme up here yeah it’s it’s more vibrant with the white
it’s an extra large yeah yeah same thing is the other one just black ball
my philosophy is another skate high this is the eleven point five so unique hype we’re not real let’s
record so we had to turn the cameras office like that so I want to get into
that and the camera died before winds around too so we didn’t get to actually
filming there but from money type caught the supreme boxer-briefs
just supreme lug on top you know I must have and then my soft
items which I found at round 2 surprisingly was the face mask from 717
release is the Arabic supreme face mask now we’re getting into the good way hey
Carrie he went to the diner so for the giveaway we’re gonna be giving away a
supreme item for the first 500 subscribers it’s gonna be randomly
placed I’ll do a video on it I want to know what you guys want one to defeat
giveaway I have an extra backpack and I have extra tennis ball so make a comment
or a poll here to either one do you want you want to throw the tennis balls you
guys want the the backpack the red is supreme 2018 backpack
I’m randomly generated girl

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