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Dennis Veasley

38 thoughts on “Supreme Skills! Making the Ultimate Athletic Equipment!”

  1. Rather than focusing on enhancing the athlete's ability, it focuses on the tool. I am a big fan of the supreme skill series but this episode upsets me. This is demoralizing at the same time. It is just my opinion.

  2. Another excellent episode! As an American, I have to find good things to watch on the internet. I'm so jealous of this type of programming. Our children miss out!

  3. As a mechanical engineer and a hobbyist machinist, I can almost guarantee that the elevation changing mechanism on that bow is an eccentric bolt

  4. Excellent riser development! Notice they use win&win limbs instead of hoyt for the newly designed riser.

  5. When english speakers try(!) re-create the effect of japanese annoucers "enthusiasm/empathic-style" I always cringe. NHK speakers do this WAY too much. It is sooo ridiculous.

  6. . It's not competing for cash , It's all about making things go foward and learning . I love that show . Love that mentality . Thank you Japan !

  7. Im stoked and at the same time jealous, i wish our country have these kind of support from private and government and even individuals who has the capacity to help, without asking for any return… Keep it up guys… Make your country proud…

  8. If you guys want to excel in Olympics you should throw that stupid Samurai Pride honor shit, Get better Doctors that will make better drugs that won't be detected by test "just like the top countries" if you think gears arent used, we'll not my problem.

  9. The wobble doesnt cause air resistance, it is caused by air resistance being dissipated along the surface as it builds up to critical tilt causing pressure. The velocity dictates the resistance side and the angled sides take turns compressing air on the leading edge of the disk.

  10. 20-30 years and no human will design like they do. Why would you when even now AI can design and test hundreds of millions of designs in time that person needs to design and test couple.

  11. This is interesting though barely watchable because of the awful commentators. In any case, about the discus part: Higher rim mass proportion is nothing new, the textured rim is also nothing new (e.g. Berg's 1980s Supersegler came with a steel rim that had a texture for grip from new) and worse is that that painted on stuff will likely wear off quickly. A sandblasted surface may be too fine but perhaps could work. It depends what is allowed by the rules what would be optimal. Then about the shape, why no results on expected distance increase? (they showed the simulations but no expected difference in distance). Why did that thrower only do 2 throws with 2 discuses to 'show which one will fly further'? That result is meaningless! All throwers have variations of 2m and much more all the time in their throws, so the only good test would have been to try all 3 discuses in a row, 5 or 10 times, to get some indication of improvement. Or 3 throws with each discus, then 3 with the next etc. to get used to each one. Better yet that and mix up the order and do it over several days. I don't believe 2m difference is possible from the changes they made, on a throw of only 45 m… The real effects come into play at distances over 60-65 m when the discus flies higher, faster, longer. Even at close to 60m when I was a boy throwing the 1kg discus, I never had any issues with too much toppling of the discus that more mass in the rim could help against…

  12. Supreme Skills is a superb program that just goes to show you the ingenuity of how a potential problem can be improved, the little independent machine shops in Japan in particular, has such a dominance in the sense that they have provided excellent service and finished items for many markets. In the uk for example I would have to travel upto ten times the distance to find a similar amount of engineering shops, even then the uk company may not be interested in doing something like this as for the bow in example, the company could be doing a regular mass production run as to a single part, where the customer couldn’t afford to pay for a full days rate . That’s where we miss out, we have a good number of what some people called “Fred in a shed” basis for someone who has a concern at home willing to do this,

    Gratz to the companies who have been involved with the program, very impressed workmanship indeed!👍

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