Alright Spider-Man. Heard you lost a close
match to Batman 6-4. Good match. You came to me to help you on
your serve a little bit. As you know I helped the Hulk get his serve
up to 160 mph. So we hope to do the same thing for you. Maybe not that quick but we’ll try to see
what we can see. So let’s hit a few serves and I’ll see what
I can help you with. So go ahead. Let’s hit three serves. One more. One more. One more. So I see two things we can work. First thing I”ll show you real quick. What we want to do is widen our stance. Bring your foot back just a little bit. It will help you get better balance on your
serve and a little more shoulder turn. Let’s do 3 more serves. Practice that. Go ahead. Good one more. Pretty good. I like it, I like it. Some good bounce on it. Try one more. Killer, killer. I like the spin. I like the spin. One more thing I want to show you is…will help
with your racket drop at little bit. Ok? So what we want to do is…we want to try to
get the buttcap up to the sky. Ok? What we are going to do is drop the arm like this. You’ll get a little bit more rackethead acceleration. Bring the racket back and when you drop it
let the should drop a little bit like this. Get the elbow up as much as possible. Then come up through the ball. Try to work on that racket drop. Get the buttcap up to the sky. Let’s try 3 serves and see how it goes. Nice! I like it! I like it! Good pop. Good pop. Has a little more speed. Really nice. Really nice. Looking good. A1 A1 First class. Not bad. Let’s try one more. Pretty good. Let’s try one more? Let’s get a mind blowing serve here. Killer, killer. Let’s see if we can get one more in. Get it in at the back of the line. Was that in? I wasn’t sure. Let’s try one more. Try to get the racket buttcap up to the sky. Nice. Killer, killer. I’m liking it! I’m liking it! So…if you work on those two tips you’ll have
a good serve next time. You can get Batman. We’ll see you. Good luck in your next match and I think you
can win. Fist bump. Let’s go!

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Dennis Veasley

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