(Clap) (Clap) (Clap) (Clap) (Clap) – [Dunk] Well, Nintendo… You did it. Not only you forget Boss Baby, you forgot everybody. Nobody is here! That should have been the tagline “No one is here!” And you have to pay money to play it online? But-
This better work- This better work good, this time. Nope! This is terrible.
(Giggle) I mean… Uh… No, it’s a-
No, it’s actually a pretty fun game, but once- Once you get used to it, you know! See?
Look! I’m having fun. Nobody has to die here. – [Announcer] “Game!” – [Dunk] Belly flop! (Laughs) You died, but I’m still alive. You dead… but I’m not dead. You ran out of shield… you done. Bye-bye! Boom! (Laughs) Ah… You make me laugh. They all make me laugh so much in this game. Ah… I truly am the king. (Laughs) (Laughs) Donkey kong, my boy.
What will you do? (gasp) OH, SHIT! – [Announcer] “Game!” – [Dunk] Look Mario! It’s Mario Galaxy. Jump in there! Like the fucking idiot you are. Check this! Look at the range on that… recovery! Oh, my goodness! Look- (Laughs) Look at that shit. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, HO! Let’s try for the big one.
Come on! Look at- Look at this. Fucking sh… Sucks! Nope! Don’t you throw me that. Whoa- Eh! Bah- (Laughs) K.Rool? More like… K.Fool. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! AHH, HA, HA!!! Solid Snake? More like… Fuck! Don’t- Stop! Don’t- I have you now. No. Oh my god. All right! Nah- Oh- Fuck! Shit! (gasp) Yeah! Now what?
Huh? GRRR!
(He’s frustrated) No. AAHH! Ok. YAH! Yeah! Yeah!!! Now what?
Huh? BAM!
Oh f- Oh my god. Fuck it! That’s it! Now I gotta break out my real character. That’s it! Now I’m picking my real guy. Donkey… – [Sakurai’s interpreter] “You’ll notice that he and other fighters have expressive new facial animations”
(Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct) – [Dunk] …Kong.
– [Announcer] “Game!” Ooh!
Let’s try playing with items. Here we go. Ok! Now this is in- This is making things a little more interesting. Now watch- Try to watch out for the gigantic moon. See, I… I earned that kill. Luigi Punch! And like that… I’m outta here. Come on, let’s- Let’s get out of here, Luigi. Here I come! Pah, pah, pah, pah, pah… ph- poh- Yah- Yah! Retrieve- Pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah… Woah, woah. Woah! Woah! Pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah… No!
(Laughing) Pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah… Oh! One more try! Pah, pah, pah, pah, pah, pah… YAH! Yeah!
I knew it! I knew it- Oh, no! Oh, no!
(Laughing) Nooo… ho, ho, ho, ho! Phrrr…
(Laugh) Good morning. Whee? Whee! Whee? Whee! Whee? Whee! Whee? Whee! Whee? Whee! Whee! Bye-bye! Now we will find out… who the true K.Rool is. I fucking suck. – [Announcer] “Game!” – [Dunk] Try it again!
See what happens! See-? GET THAT SHIT OUTTA MY FACE! Woo! Boom! Give it up for the king- !
The king is back in the build- ! Look at him.
There it is. – [Dunk] And there it is. Come-
– [Announcer] “Game!” (Dunkey laughs) – [Dunk] WHAA- Don’t do that! Now I can return to- GET THE FUCK-! Now I can return to my Kingly duties. Ok, Gamebo.
Catch! Now you throw that back and I’ll catch it with- – [Announcer] “Game!” – [Dunk] I can come back from this.
Come on! Keep flapping- Keep flapping those- My balloon! NO! Nooo. This one is for all the marbles. The two kings.
Who will win? Hoo-
What? Huh. Huh! (Laughs) Come on, now!
This is child’s play. You think I don’t know how to get pass this? Come on! A guy like me.
You think I don’t know how to get pass this? Think about it. It’s just Mario. You jump in there… Boom! Yeh- Yeh. Boom! Let me try one more- Give me one more- Two can play this game. Come on, Rathalos! Can we get another one? And just one-
And can we actually get one more? And just, one more? And…
Can we actually get one more? Just bring in one more. I think this is- I think this is looking good. And, at this point, this is basically just… Uh… Monster Hunter Quest. Probably-
Probably one higher range… Quest, right here. I mean, as- As long as you have enough sleeping powder and you brought enough traps, it should be fine. It should be fine. Another, right? [OUTRO]

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  6. I miss the GO .. GO…GO… NOO move dunkey does from his smash universe video unfortunately they removed the technique from future smash games because Dunkey is black.

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