I’m going to shoot from here with my eyes closed. Watch and learn. Right here. Dang it! I lost again. Now where is that basketball? Let’s play with my ball. Oh okay! Easy! Hey Noah! Watch this! (Crash sound) But did I make it though? Yeah I’m going to go take a break. Man I need to work on my skills. Hope? That’s coach Hope to you! Need some help Noah? Yes, I was playing great but then I started loosing. I guess I need some pointers. Well your in luck because I’ve got some great basketball tricks for you! First you must learn to dribble. Dribble, dribble, dribble. What? Oh not that type of dribble. That was good Noah! You are very lucky to have me as your basketball coach! Noah, give me the ball! You must learn to shoot. It has to be an extension of your arm. Kind of, but you have go to do it like this. Thanks Hope. I’ll take it from here. Score! You did it again Hope! Hey Noah! Do you want to play another game of P I G pig? I guess. I’m going to make a slam dunk from right over here. A what? There’s no way! Hey Eden, can you do that over the house shot again? Of course I can. Nice shot! My turn! Look! There’s a giant walking pineapple! Where? What? Well try this! Wait, what? That’s what you get for cheating. Okay, you caught me. So you were trying to use a super power ball to beat me huh? It was a new invention I was working on called the Tricky Shot Master 300. I really needed help beating you. You should know that cheating is never a way to win the game. The power is in the practice! I’m sorry Noah. I forgive you. Let’s play PIG again! Okay!

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Dennis Veasley

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