James: WOOOOOOOOOEEE! James: Get out your pigpens and hide up your trunk stoppers cause we’re playing mud slapping football! Bruce: Dun-dun-dun-dun-du-du-dun dun dun Adam: I can’t sing any of that James: I wore my Super Bowl hat Bruce: That’s a Mega64 hat James: Fuck James: We will play for the fate of your people James: Support us on Kickstarter! Adam: So it’s not done yet? James: No, cause, see, EA, yeah, the demon EA, right, has control over football. Bruce: That’s true they do James: They own football, so for the next 100 years we’ll never see any other football games
Bruce: They own NFL James: No more Blitz, no more James: I don’t think any other companies ever made football games Adam: So who’s playing, uh, this Super Bowl Sunday, it’s, it’s the Hulks? James: I wanna be the Orcas, the Miami Orcas Bruce: The New York Hulks vs. the Detroit Griffins James: Wow, this is awesome, the Pittsburgh Steelmen Bruce: They’ve mixed up all of the teams Bruce: Look at the New England Volunteers James: We don’t even want to be here! Adam: Who’s, who’s actually playing, it’s the Broncos vs. who? James: Uh, it’s Panthers. Bruce: Panthers vs. the- James: So that would be the Carolina Jaguars (Laughter) Adam: Where is that? Bruce: Cara, Carolina Prowlers, there it is James: Oh, there they are, RAWWWWWW Bruce: To the, to the right side Bruce: Carolina Prowlers Adam: That’s them James: Hall of Fame James: Wait, are you going to play as one? Bruce: Oh no, that’s your difficulty level, that’s bad James: Are you playing as one? Announcer: -a great matchup for the Axis Football League Bruce: Is that John Madden? Adam: Yeah James: They got him! Adam: He’s like in the drive-through Announcer: -a great matchup for the Axis Football Adam: That was a touchback Bruce: Wait, was that me that did that? James: No, that was him James: You kicked off to him, and- Adam: No, I kicked off James: The timing was with his though Bruce: Am I doing anything? Adam: Oh, oh, that was Bruce Bruce: This is just like football Bruce: I oughta bolt. Hot route! James: Hot route! Bruce: Hot route hey! Adam: I miss my kids! James: Go! Bruce: Uh oh! James: Where to toss! Bruce: Throw the ball! James: Throw it! Oh, he doesn’t need it! (Laughter) James: Oh no, he’s dead James: OHHHHH Bruce: -Impact! James: Oh, he’s dead, lost some yardage there Bruce: He didn’t, didn’t make it past the line of, uh, scramage Bruce: Press the buttons! James: OHHHHH! Adam: Interception Bruce: Oh… (Laughter) James: Threw it right at him Bruce: Uh oh, what did I do? Bruce: How did he do that? Bruce: Wait I didn’t, I didn’t do this James: Wait why are you going, are you kicking a field goal? Bruce: Come on Jason! James: That’s not you. Is it? Bruce: That was me I think James: Why did? Adam: That was me Bruce: Is he on offense? Bruce: Wait, you should’ve run! Adam: What?! James: No, hey, first down, first down field goal every time, that’s the Axis Football diference James: Triger! Adam: I’m in the circle Bruce: AHHHHHHH! James: Oh, he got it! James: That was almost a first down! Bruce: That was Genghis Khan that caught it Bruce: HUT! Bruce: Come on, keep to the route! Adam: Interception! Bruce: Fucking shit! Bruce: Do the, uh, do the safe zone Bruce & James: Safe zone? Bruce: He’s gonna kick a field goal, it doesn’t matter Bruce: Man, Jason’s got a leg on him, he’s gonna kick it 70 yards?! James: WOAH! (Laughter) Bruce: Oh, a little short James: Oh, no good Bruce: No good, no good Bruce: Oh, you’re gonna try it now, huh? James: Two can play this game Bruce: Wait, why’d you kick it to the left?! James: BOOM! Bruce: What was that? What are you doing? James: That’s for you, kid! (Laughter) James: He’s got cancer in the front row Bruce: He’s trying to bring you offsides James: I tried, I tried to run All: OHHHH Bruce: You threw it right to- (Laughter) Bruce: You threw it right to him! Adam: He turned and went, “A ball!” Bruce: I know! James: Annexation of Puerto Rico! Adam: Flying V! Flying V! James: Just do it! Game: Tuesday! Bruce: Tuesday? TUESDAY! James: I left my name behind Bruce: PANCAKE! James: Push in on him! Bruce: Sack him! Sork him! Bruce: Oh, bounced right off his chest (Laughter) Bruce: Field goal? You’re 70 yards away! James: Look at this shot! That’s for you, kid! Bruce: He’s gonna kick it- oh pity on that shot! (Laughter) Bruce: What’s the hike again? Bruce: Watch this, wide open! James: Why do you keep talk- oh, da ball! It could’ve dinged off the head! Bruce: Come on, baby! James: So short! He got it! Bruce: OH, and he picked it up and a first down for Pepperoni! Bruce: WOO, 42! Bruce: HUT HUT! HUT! James: It’s ok. Oh, pass it up Bruce: Come on, get to the receiver. HA! James: That’s in! That’s a goal! Adam: Interception James: NOOO! Bruce: Come on! Bruce: SCREEN FAKE! SCREEN FAKE! James: You shouldn’t shout fake Bruce: Oh, I’m sorry, I mean, screen real! (Laughter) James: This is a totally real field goal attempt! Bruce: Watch this, all the way down! James: OHHHHH BRUCE IT’S IN! Bruce: OH COME ON YOU FUCKING IDIOT! (Laughter) Bruce: TACKLE HIM! TACKLE HIM! James: Oh, Adam no! Adam: Z. MITCHEL! Bruce: GO FASTER! (Laughter) James: Oh, he’s going back! Bruce: He got blocked in the back that’s a penalty! (Laughter) Bruce: That’s a penalty! (Laughter) James: Watch him go all the way! (Laughter) Game: First down! Bruce: All right, this is it, touchdown, touchdown baby James: Don’t, don’t follow that, stop! (Laughter) Bruce: How is he reading the coverage, how is he reading the coverage like that that’s amazing, throw it! James: OH WHAT A PASS, THAT’S IN! James: INTERCEPTION! (Laughter) Bruce: Look at the four people, it’s surrounded by four people James: It worked, four people never even caught it James: Where am I? Bruce: Uh oh, that’s a big throw James: OHHHHH! (Laughter) Bruce: He put his arms out and went aw, never mind nope, don’t worry about it (Laughter) Bruce: Oh, this is a good play, this is a good play Adam: I mean, football’s already dumb, so… Bruce: Oh, the 1 minute warning, we have to try James: OHHHHHH! Adam: Interception! James: DAMN IT! (Laughter) Bruce: It’s impossible to complete a pass James: As soon as you hit right trigger, watch as soon as you hit right trigger, they run, they just go to the ball Bruce: All right, there we go, kick it to the right side where all of them are, thank you James: Interception! Bruce: Throw ’em off the count Bruce: HUT! Bruce: HUT HUT HUT! Bruce: There we go James: Ooo, right side, oh, that’s in the endzone, Bruce: OH, HE CAUGHT IT! Adam: What? Bruce: GENGHIS KHAN WITH THE CATCH! Bruce: All right, here we go, I can do this Adam: Chances are that Genghis Khan is your father James: Oops Bruce: Aw, fuck me James: Second half Adam: Here we go Bruce: Aw, you gotta be shitting me! James: You gotta flip it now Bruce: Fuck! Adam: WOO! James: That was a close call, he was playing the clock James: Oh, what a shot! Bruce: Look at him, he threw out his leg (Laughter) Bruce: Naw, nice catch, nice catch D. Williamson (Laughter) Bruce: Aw, he picked it up! And then ran out of bounds Game: First down! (Laughter) James: He, he just went, and then dropped it Bruce: And then they picked it up and ran out of bounds James: Oh, my god Bruce: Move that, move that circle! (Grunt) Bruce: Move it down, throw an interception! Bruce: OH, WHAT A CATCH BY GENGHIS KHAN! James: He’s the best, only throw to Genghis Khan Bruce: Go, run it! James: Grab him! Bruce: Go down the field, go! James: Grab him, grab him, grab him! Bruce: Go! Look at them standing there like robots (Laughter) James: AHHHH! (Laughter) Bruce: What were they doing?! They were just like this, standing up straight Bruce: HA! HOO, HOO, HOO James: DAMN IT! (Laughter) Bruce: Oh, my god! James: He was standing right there, like this Bruce: Ooo, he’s trying to fool ya, trying to fool ya Adam: Who’s open? (Grunt) James: That’s an interception! Bruce: WHAT?! Adam: I don’t know what happened Bruce: It went through the body! Bruce: Oh, oh, I like what you did, oh… (Laughter) James: God damn it! Bruce: OHHHHH! What the fuck? Why aren’t you- (Laughter) James: Why was he so tall? James: All right, it doesn’t count unless you run all the way back Bruce: Intercept- OHHHHH! Go! Go! Oh… All the way back, yeah Bruce: Ooo, it’s a blitz! What were you doing, put your arms up you fucking idiot! James: He did, twice! James: OH, BRUCE! Bruce: Come on, get to the- James: That’s intercepted All: OHHHHH! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! Bruce: How do I boost? James: All right, turn around! Bruce: How do I boost? James: Turn around and run back Bruce: How do I boost? James: Run the other way! Bruce: OOOOOOO Oh… (Laughter) Adam: I’m gonna, I’m gonna attempt something new James: Ok… James: Oh, that’s an interesting strategy, bold Adam: I believe in the play Bruce: Oh, they’re wide open Bruce: Catch the ball! It bounced right off your helmet! (Laughter) Bruce: WHAT THE FUCK?! James: You can’t say he didn’t try because we saw his hands go (Laughter) Bruce: He was standing there like a robot! Adam: I don’t have to do anything! James: We gotta get some points on the scoreboard, here Bruce: Watch this. UH! James: That’s in it! James: OH, he got hit real hard! Bruce: WHAT?! (Laughter) James: He stopped, and he waved, and just got plowed Bruce: Are you shitting me?! James: Get in there! Adam: You got five yards, what are you complaining about? James: Get in there! Game: Touchdown! All: YES! Bruce: All you gotta do is hold him, 8-6, we can win the Super Bowel, we can win the Super Bowel James: See you at the finish line James: No, he’s throwing it! Bruce: No, he’s throwing it to- what the fuck? James: Ok, that’s ok, that’s what we wanted Adam: And he’s like, did I football? James: Time for one more, one second, Adam Adam: I got it Bruce: What are you gonna do, Adam? Adam: The play of the game, that’s what Bruce: This is it Bruce: This is just like when the Denver Stallions played the Carolina Prowlers- James: GET HIM! (Laughing) All: OH NO! UNBELIEVABLE! Bruce: OH I CAN’T BELIEVE, what were you doing, why were you doing that, you weren’t defending him at all! James: It was a field goal block! Adam: Wow James: Damn it! Bruce: Is that it? Is that the game? Adam: You just won the game, what are you doing? I’m going to Knotts Berry Farm James: I’m gonna get cancer treatment

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100 thoughts on “SUPER BOWEL 50 – Axis Football 2015 Gameplay”

  1. this video is almost 4 months old and it's still one of the funniest and most genuine videos I've seen from funhaus.

  2. Anyone came from hel…..i mean the new video of axis football?if so,let's hope for another next year(if we ever going to make it to next year(trump(hate)(nuclear warfare)))

  3. I'm just glad Adam finally got his moment in the sun. Tryin' to be jacked all the time doesn't solve every problem, JAMES!!!

  4. 7:30 I went to my cousin's football game once and his team won after the ball dinged off his helmet and his teammate caught it and ran with it to the endzone and got the touchdown. The coolest thing I've ever seen live

  5. I can see why they ultimately decided to separate their work space and recording space lol. Must be so hard to work in that environment

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