– One type of casual wear
is gonna be athleisure wear. It’s leisure activity with
the athletic influence. Very important. (upbeat music) Hey, welcome back, I’m William
Phoenix, celebrity stylist. Today we’re gonna talk about
casual athleisure wear, upscale sports wear,
not to be confused with athletic, basketball, going
to the gym kind of wear. Building a casual wardrobe, right now there’s a lot of things out there that kind of help you do that. Before, you kind of had
to be a little tricky with how you got it to fit, like your track pants, your jogger pants. Now you can find pants
that have the drawstring. The bottom of the pants
are already, you know, like a jogger type pant,
but it’s not as sporty as your athletic wear. That’s why they call it athleisure wear. Just leisure activity with
the athletic influence which is just sneakers, your drawstring, your jogger-type pants, if you
will, and your sporty jacket, whether it be a hoodie
or a bomber-type jacket. We have nice sweatshirts now that aren’t basketball
shirts or football shirts. You want to get your
sweatshirt neatly fitted. Again, we’re gonna talk about fit, because that can kind of separate if you look like you’re just hanging out, coming from the gym, versus
going somewhere to a movie, hang out with some friends, and you want that sporty sneaker athleisure wear. So they have track jackets for that, now. They have bomber jackets made
out of athletic wear clothing, like an Adidas type jacket, that really is like a bomber type jacket, now. So you can take your drawstring pants, a track-style sneaker, a graphic t-shirt. The bomber jacket is how
athleisure wear, casual wear, fits into an everyday wardrobe. Cultivating your style
when it comes down to wearing different brands like
athletic brands together, I don’t think you should
have on big three stripes, big swish on your chest, Fila on your hat. I just think that kind of
look is kind of a no-no. Either go all the way, or stay at home. Don’t put all four or five
different brands together. It’s like you got all your best
pieces on at the same time. You kind of want to either
get stuff that’s subtle, like Nike makes things that
you don’t know it’s Nike, but you can kind of mix
it with your Adidas. You can cross over with, like, a Vans-style sneaker with
an Adidas track pant. That’s okay ’cause Vans
is not an athletic brand. It’s okay to mix sneakers from
other areas in your wardrobe, but things that aren’t athletic motivated. I love to take high-fashion
and take something that’s low cost and mix it
together and create my own look. Cultivating style is very important. when you cultivate style you
know what looks good on you, you know what colors you like, so when you build your wardrobe, you’ll buy things that
you can mix and match. What happens normally is you see something in one color, you buy it. You have to wear it the
same way every time, you’re not really cultivating your look. Every time you wear that
shirt, you’re gonna wear it with those pants and you
can’t mix and match it, therefore you haven’t
found the right balance in building your wardrobe, so
you want to want to kind of be able to take something
that you bought last year and mix with something this year. That’s cultivating personal style. Upscale casual. That’s one thing that I love to do. Taking those pieces that you have. Your fashion belt with your
jeans and your sneakers. You know, that’s kind
of that upscale casual with a real nice shirt. Casual wear. That middle of roll is that, you know, that polo shirt with the Chino pants. That’s basic casual. Safe to be right there, which
is, you know, conservative, but if you want to add a little flair, you’re gonna get something that
has a little bit more style to it, and add it to
your jogger-type pants, with, like, a real nice
sneaker and a long sleeve shirt rolled up, with your shirt
tucked in with a belt on with the buckle. That’ll kind of give you that
kind of upscale casual look. Those are the two main casual
looks that you can get. Upscale casual and athleisure casual. Thanks for checking me out
with Styling with Will.

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