(upbeat music) – Hi, ladies. It’s Erin, and welcome back to my channel. Through my channel, my
mission, as you guys know, is always to make your style life, your style better and simpler. Today, I’m hoping that
this new video format and new video idea will help. I’ve talked about virtual
styling in the past, I’ve collected email
addresses and volunteers. So many of you generously
agreed to volunteer. I am finally just getting
around to trying something. This may work, it may not work. But, we’re gonna go ahead and try it. You all are so great about letting me know what your thoughts are, how we can improve things, so for sure let me know what
you think about this video, and also ways that we can make it better. Today, I am styling Wendi, and I can’t wait to
introduce you guys to her. – Hi, Erin. I’m so excited to meet you. – Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe that I’ve got a volunteer. – I’m excited (laughs). – For those who are watching, I just want you to tell
us a little bit about who you are, and what your lifestyle is like, and give us a background
picture of your style needs. – Okay. I live in Bloomington, Indiana. I have a 15 year old son, and I’m a photographer, so I do a lot of weddings
and family photos and things. I also work from home, so I have a pretty casual lifestyle. I’m in casual clothes almost all the time, but I like dressing up, so dinner with friends
or lunch or something, I do like to step it up. My needs are more casual. I just feel like my wardrobe
is just a little flat compared to the outfits
I see you put together. I just would like to
kick it up and polish it. – Would you describe your style issue as maybe one with just
adding that extra element, like accessories, shoes,
handbags, scarves, that kind of thing? – Yeah. Also, just wearing things
to flatter my body. I’ve watched a lot of your videos, and I know you’re really
educated about that, about what silhouettes work
best for different body types, and I tend to just buy things that I like. Then I might get it on my body and realize it’s really not flattering for me, so it sits in my closet. – Do you know what your body type is? Have you watched those videos to kind of- – Mm hmm. I think it’s just athletic, straight. I don’t know what you call it, Erin. – That’s okay. I call it a rectangle. – Right. Okay, right.
– Athletic body type. The athletic body shape, or the rectangular body shape, means you have little
to no waist definition. – Right, yes. – That’s my shape, as well. But, you also have broad shoulders? – I have broad shoulders. That’s one of the things that I think I’m most self-conscious about
when I’m choosing clothing. – I know what you mean. With broad shoulders, we’re just careful about
shoulder-building details like puffed sleeves and ruched sleeves, and halter necklines
are generally not great for broad shoulders. That gives us a really great
picture of your lifestyle, your style needs, your body type. Can you speak to your
sense of style as well? – I’m not afraid to take risks. Even though I do like to dress
pretty casually in jeans, I’m not afraid of distressing,
or colors, or animal prints, or new trends and things like that. I would say I’m a little edgy. I kinda like to have a
little edge to my clothing. – It sounds like from
what you’re describing that you do appreciate clean lines. – Mm hmm. – Things that are classic and tailored? – Yeah, I really like basics. – Yeah, basics. – Basics. I’ve gone through your basics checklist, and I really restored my
wardrobe through doing that. – But, then you like to have a basic with either a sporty
detail or an edgy detail. – Right. – Some sort of detail that
makes it a bit more exciting. – Right. Exactly. I would rather have
a little bit more of a sporty or edgy look than a feminine,
pretty, flowery look. – You wouldn’t walk into
that boutique that has all of the floral prints
and the ruffles and the lace and the tiers and be like, “This is my place.” – Right. – I totally understand
your style aesthetic. I relate to that, because
that is me in a lot of ways, although I do like some feminine pieces. I don’t know if you’ve
watched the video, Wendi, where I talk about your style uniform? – Yes, right. – Same thing. That’s one of those things
that we all need to have. Would it make sense, or would it be helpful to you, if we put together your style uniform, which you said was jeans
and maybe a basic top, and then gave you some
different shoe options and accessory options
with that style uniform? – Yes. – That would be helpful? – Mm hmm. – Okay. Would you mind going and putting on your tried and true style uniform and maybe a pair of jeans that you’d like for us to work with, in terms of shoes? – Yeah. – Okay. We’ll wait for you. (upbeat music) – Okay, so this is a typical, day-to-day uniform for you, Wendi? – Yes. Comfy jeans, basic. This is kind of what I live in. – Okay. I love the t-shirt, by the way, because of the little tie front detail. I feel like that gives
it a little something extra special. You had mentioned the
rectangular body shape, and anything that will
create some waist definition is awesome for us. It creates more of a waist
when you don’t have one. What shoes would you traditionally wear with this pair of jeans? – I would probably just throw on these. Maybe just these flats. Or, just some basic flat, flip-floppy type shoes. This is probably what I
would normally put on. – Right. Okay, so I would put to
you that you could wear any of those shoes in front of you. You could wear the booties. You could wear the white sneakers. You could wear the sandals. You could wear the S Pedro flats. You could wear any of them. I bet you, if you put the booties on, the bootie is actually falling a little bit under that
hem line of the jean. If it’s not, you can always
just cuff your jean one time. – Okay. These are probably my shortest jeans. – Yeah. Those are perfect. You don’t need to do anything
to that pair of jeans with those booties. What I might consider
to jazz this up a bit, is a third layer. What third layers do you
have to punch this up? – I have this blazer, a plain black blazer. – Why don’t you go ahead and
throw on the black blazer? Let’s see what that looks like. – I’ve had it a long time, and I rarely wear it. – Is that why you rarely wear it, because of the poofy sleeve? – Yeah. Or, it, yeah. I feel a little broad in it. – Yeah. It basically just extended your shoulders. – Mm hmm. – And that’s why you’re not wearing it. I saw it, and I think they’ll
see it too when they watch, but when you put that jacket on, it’s like your shoulders grew. I would donate the jacket. It’s beautiful, it’s lovely. It’s just not right for you. That’s definitely something
to add to your shopping list. For this season, I might
consider a white one as well. I don’t know if you
follow me on Instagram, but I feel like I’m wearing
a white blazer every day. – I love that white blazer. – I just got another one. I’ve got four or five white blazers now. I wear them so much, I love, I just feel like it’s
such a clean, fresh look. Go ahead and grab what other
third layers you might have. – I have this jacket. It’s a large. It’s a little frumpy on me, but the medium felt tight in my shoulders. So, I feel, when I put it on, I feel like it might
be a little too bulky, but it fits here. – Yeah. That does not, it’s not doing anything for you. – (laughs) I really wanted to like it. – Yeah. It’s just hanging. It’s not giving you any shape. – One of my top things is finding a blazer
that looks right on me. I’ll be right back. I have another… I guess it doesn’t – Yeah, that’s better for sure. What I might do with that, since you have that tie
front t-shirt on underneath, is I would take the belt and
I would tie it in the back. – Oh, okay. – Yeah. You don’t have to do anything fancy. Just do one simple knot in the back. It still cinches the jacket a little bit, but you leave it open. That way, you can have your
t-shirt detail showing. – Yeah, I definitely feel a
little less frumpy in this one compared to the other one. – Put on that, didn’t you have a leopard
print or cheetah print belt? I think with this silhouette of jeans, you could even go higher on the rise and create more of a waist for yourself. If that exact pair of jeans were an inch or two
higher in the waistline, then we’re really creating
the waist that you want. But, you’re also giving yourself a little more length in the legs, because crop jeans, the
nature of crop jeans, is that they do shorten
the leg a little bit. If you wanted to create a
little bit of a longer leg look, I would go a bit higher
on the rise for the jeans. Does that make sense? I feel like this is a good,
daily spring uniform for you. It’s really chic, it’s a bit more elevated than
just the t and the jeans. – [Wendi] I feel good in it. Yeah, I like it.
– Let me just go back to the jackets and the
shoulders for a minute, because I think that’s gonna
be a recurring problem for you. You’re not gonna find a blazer that’s going to fit perfectly in the shoulder, and then also fit perfectly in the waist. What you’re gonna do, your
task, your assignment, is you’re gonna find a blazer
that is a little bit elevated that you really love and it fits you well in the shoulders. Then you’re gonna take
it to a tailor and say, “Can you please take the body in? “The body’s too bulky.” And usually, there’s some seaming details
in the body of a jacket so that they can easily
take that jacket in so that it will fit your body. Because the issue you’re having is that what fits your shoulders
doesn’t fit your body. I might, since you really do
love wearing bracelets, – Mm hmm. – And that’s kind of your jam, I might just add a couple more pieces. – Okay. – Collections, so you can mix and match, and maybe even some days you stack. – Mm hmm. Okay. (upbeat music) – What other outfit can
we put together for you? – Maybe more of a date night look. A little more out-on-the-town. – Okay. Do you have a pair of jeans that you feel super sexy wearing? You’re like, “These are my killer jeans.” – Yeah. – Okay. Why don’t you put those on? – Okay. – Do you have any body suits, or really fitted t’s
or tops that you might- – Yeah. – Okay. What about, I am not seeing date night
shoes in that pile behind you. – I know. Shoes are my issue. I do have, I have a couple pairs. I don’t usually wear very tall heels. These are about as high as it goes for me. – Perfect. Those are perfect. – These are actually one of
the few pairs of jeans I have that are full-Length. – What brand is that, by the way? – These are Citizens. – Okay. That would be a brand I would
recommend for long legs. Why don’t we try first the black t and the black
jeans with the black heels. This is a sexy, but simple, chic, edgy, date night look for you. How do you feel in it? Does it make you feel sexy
and ready for date night? – Yeah. I feel really good in it. I like the different textures together. – Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel confident? – Yeah, I do. I feel covered in the
right places in this. – You could always
throw a sweater over it, if you just like to have
something in the restaurant if it’s chilly, just throw a sweater over your shoulders, or a black blazer, or a white blazer. Another option for you with this that would not sacrifice comfort for you, would be a pair of black mules. Mules are really on trend right now, and they’re really easy to get on and off, and they’re very comfortable. So that’s just something you might want to be thinking about, adding to your shoedrobe, is a pair of mules. Do you wanna try this same combination, but with your black t? – Sure. – Do you have another option? – Yes. – Okay, so that’s if you’ve got something going on that’s
not quite as dressy, and you wanna be a bit more casual. And people are gonna be like, “Wait a minute, she’s all black!” Let me just explain that
this is what you have, and also, you love black. That’s something we’re gonna think about, maybe for future, perhaps investing, because you said you really
wanted to take more risks, like investing in some more color. (upbeat music) Let’s do an elevated,
casual, daytime look. – Okay. – If you don’t mind, can you put on your pink,
silky, button-down shirt with a lace cami
underneath if you have one? Also, your light blue jeans. I’m thinking with that, your tan, taupe-y, suede booties. I would say that’s
elevated, casual, daytime, stepped up from your
regular uniform of the t-shirt and jeans. – I actually really like this pink, oddly. I’m loving this. – Yeah, it’s beautiful. That’s a real neutral color. It’s a really pale pink. That goes with everything. It’s like white or black. You can think of it like black, and then maybe that makes you feel better. I think that’s super cute. I like it. – I kinda like how the
jeans are really distressed, but then this is more soft and feminine, the color and the texture. – These tops with the big
cargo-y pockets on them, they are, it’s more of a masculine shirt. But, because it’s silky, and because you have it
in a very feminine color, it does offset the masculinity of that cargo, button down shirt. Yeah, I think this is cool, and just feels like me to you. – Yeah. – And you look really comfortable in it. Cute! I love you in light colors. – Oh, okay. – I don’t know, I just feel like it’s so pretty on you. – Thank you. I feel like the older we get, the more the lighter colors kinda help. (laughs) – Yeah, because sometimes
black can be too harsh as you get older, for sure. I think those are three
go-to looks for you. I think your key assignments are to add a bit more
fun with accessories, getting a bit more of a
pop with your jewelry. I would also look at maybe adding a couple more pairs of shoes that are exciting and fun. And then looking and finding a couple of jackets or blazers, maybe one of each, that fit you very well in the shoulders that you could get tailored, and make that time and
money investment in a tailor for your body. That’s what I would recommend to you to really round out your wardrobe and to help you going forward. Do you have any questions
or any final thoughts? Anything you wanted to ask me and you didn’t get a chance to talk about? – I don’t think so. No, I’m really excited. Excited about my looks. I’m excited about my shopping assignments. – Yes. I’m excited for your plan. I feel like it’s always
great to have a plan, and to know what the objective is, because then that keeps
you targeted and focused, and helps save you time and money, which is one of my main goals. Thank you so much, Wendi, for doing this and being our first ever
virtual styling client. – Your guinea pig.
(laughs) – Well, I am just so thrilled. And thank you again. I appreciate your time so much. I know this took a while, so thank you so much. – Oh, you’re so welcome. – Hopefully we’re gonna do more of these so other people can benefit, too. – Yeah, I think so. I’ll enjoy watching others, I know. – Okay. I’ll see you soon. Thank you, Wendi. Will you guys please let me know what you thought of this video? I know it’s not always gonna
be the best video quality, and sometimes the audio
is gonna be a bit off. But, I’m hoping that you all
will find it very helpful, and that even if you don’t
have that exact body type, or that exact lifestyle situation, that you can glean little
nuggets from these consultations, and hopefully they’re helpful to you. If you wanna volunteer for one of these, and you think you’re tech savvy, please just email me, [email protected] We would love to have more volunteers. Also, if you liked this video and you wanna see more like it, I hope you hit that subscribe button. Thank you guys so much for watching. Don’t forget, all of the links in the description box
below to Wendi’s looks, we’re gonna break it down
by look and by time code. All right, I’ve talked enough. That’s it. Thank you guys. Bye.

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