Hey guys, I’m just headed
to the makeup room for a brand-new look
from the one, the only,
Makeup Monster! ♪ ♪ Ahem.
Makeup Monster-r-r-r-r-r! ♪ ♪ Hello? [crying]
Down here, Tony.
Oh. One moment. [slide whistle] Hey, Makeup Monster. It’s a little cramped down here,
don’t you think? I know Tony, but I don’t think I can
go out today. Is everything okay? Tony. It’s my tiny pet cricket. Oliver. He died. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that,
Makeup Monster. Ohh! He was such a good
friend to me, Tony. We used to play all the time. My heart hurts, Tony. It hurts! Oh. Well I’m really glad that you
told me, Makeup Monster. It’s always important to talk
to a grown up that you trust when you’re feeling sad. Oliver cricket was
very old, Tony. I took him to the
veterinarian but there was nothing
they could do. I so sad. It’s okay to feel sad,
Makeup Monster. It’s a really real
feeling to have, and you might feel other
emotions too like anger or loneliness. Tony? Yeah. What if… what if I forget
Oliver cricket? What if I forget
the way he sounded or the way
he danced? I don’t want to forget
my best friend, Tony. I don’t. Well, I think the best way to
remember someone that you love is to share the memories
that you had with them with other people. We did have lots of good
memories, Tony. Lots and lots. But I so sad. Well, let yourself be sad,
Makeup Monster. And when the sad fades, you’ll still have happy
memories of Oliver. Thanks, Tony. Yeah. You good friend. You good friend too,
Makeup Monster. Tony? Yeah. [blows nose] Could you get
me new tissue? Yeah. Thank you. Sure.

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Dennis Veasley

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