Oh, my gosh I love the glitter. I’m going to be so proud to
have a computer-coded shoe. Like I said, I don’t
think any other contestant is going to have that. And so it’s special. It’s unique. And it’s unique to my experience
being here at Georgia Tech. And again, I’m just excited to
take a piece of that with me and show that off on
a national platform. It seems very simple on the
outside, but it’s not not. At all. There’s a lot down
in here that you guys don’t see on the outside. Basically what we
have, on each shoe there’s a compass,
accelerometer– that is built into one
system– a microcontroller, and a battery pack. We just went with the
skyline, and then just had the hexagons
looking like the stars. Because I knew it was going
to light up at some point, and so maybe the
hexagons would light up and it would look like
stars over Atlanta. The opportunity to do this
at Tech, just randomly I’m an undergraduate here. And I get an e-mail
one day and it’s like, hey design these shoes. I think that’s just
so unique about Tech. Because I’ve gotten so
many emails like that. It’s, hey, come do do
this or come do that. It’s like opportunities are
just thrown at you here. I love all of the
technological advances that we’re doing here
at the Institute. And I wanted to be
able to showcase that. I thought, why not bring it
in with this shoe project, be able to get some
students involved as well, and really just be able to take
a piece of Georgia Tech with me up to the Miss America pageant.

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Dennis Veasley

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