The performance has already started on this
tennis court come catwalk. Rafael Nadal says he’s feeling good going
into the U.S. Open, and some would say he looks good too. The 29-year-old Spaniard played strip tennis
with a group of Hilfiger clad models in New York’s Bryant Park. And also hit a red carpet to promote the brand. He says the underwear line is comfortable
and he feels great about how the ad campaign has turned out. We had a great session of photos and video
and we had some fun and for me it’s a real honor to be part of Tommy’s brand today and
just thanks to Tommy for the confidence. Hilfiger says Nadal was a perfect fit to be
brand ambassador and once he agreed they even expanded beyond underwear. I would say it’s provocative, but it’s real.
It’s global, it’s cool, it’s sexy and it’s fun. Hundreds of fans cheered on Nadal as he played
the friendly tennis match. As the latest Hillfiger model, no doubt he’ll
be wearing his new underwear at the US Open next week.

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Dennis Veasley

15 thoughts on “Strip tennis: Rafael Nadal disrobes for a sexy tennis match”

  1. Rafael Nadal built a school in India where he supports 140 children to get education….and play tennis…with his "fluff" money from fashion sh&zzz like this. He's no idiot. He also plays tennis.

  2. Rafa looks good in anything!!!!! any body that doesn't like it is eighter blind or jealous!!!! the best thing is that it doesn't change him he's still just wonderful rafa!!!! lindo!!!!

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