thank y’all for the people that
subscribing that’s not subscribing I really appreciate it you know you
should get yourself a clap because y’all rocking with me so hard like I’m at 1M man I can’t do that but be thankful for
y’all so you know I want y’all have a blessed blessed safe New Year’s and I’ll
see y’all in 2019 but until II enjoy this video
let’s get let’s go gang gang gang Yo I went to Jail for it Ion want to talk about it Just watch the video Now let me tell y’all about this situation it with this
girl I was in gym now she always had mouth Sometimes we would be cool, sometimes we didn’t it was just one of those days yappity yappity yeah so it made it seem
like I try to do it even though I didn’t but we was playing you know okay I’m
starting on I don’t even jump for angle imma start from right
here she was saying she was like oh on you this and that you dis and that then I’m gonna say what she said cuz only repeat what she said but
what she said pissed me off so you know few minutes go going behind minutes
going by you know so she so we over there playing
tennis with the tennis racket you know even gym y’all hit those lil
things so I was actually playing with the real tennis racket which I shouldn’t
been playing with in the beginning but she was trying to go live right she put
her phone on the bleachers so the minute I hit the thing
she ran into it like guys I was getting so scared this
girl’s bleeding this like drips of blood like i hit her right here right here right
here like the girl could die y’all I was getting scared I was shaking I was
trying not laugh cuz it was funny to me you know and did some girl was like she
trying to kill she tried to kill I like girl ain’t nobody trying to kill her ain’t
nobody was trying to kill her even though it made it look like that because we got
into an argument then this happen so you know what’s the accident
you know I went to got her jacket just to cover my behind make it seem like it
one you know I wasn’t trying to do it It was an accident accidents happen blood
was everywhere guys and then she came you know it took all days to come back
school that sucker was big like dang man I was like that sucker was big and so you
know I wasn’t trying to do it funny thing about this whole situation this is what made me laugh turn it off cuz her live was
still going girl you just got hit in the head with a tennis racket and all you
care about is your life still going She was like turn it off that look really made it
funny that what really made it funny but it wasn’t funny you know my mom said girl you could’ve killed her was like I wanna know how a family feel
how can they feel any type of way when she ran into the tennis racket trying to record on live while in the gym my butt would of been covered anyway because the first thing
they would’ve asked her why are you trying to go live in school who does
this who does it so you know it happened I apologize
it was an accident I didn’t get in trouble I was a become school in this
day mistakes happen but we learned from
right we learned from you know good that situation couldn’t win any other way
that girl could’ve died she could’ve been unconscious
anything could happen no I already scared like man look I got one more
year here no it was 12th grade year was getting scared I’m like man I got a
graduate I don’t need these I don’t need these so you know yeah but well guys I
hope y’all enjoy that story time that I did but yeah if y’all want me to do
another I would do another one yeah but you know 2019 T-squad we got
a lot in store we do

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Dennis Veasley


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