ball handling is a very important part
of the game of basketball first of all protect the ball from the
other team and allows your team to score second of all it allows you to get
anywhere on the court you want to be when you can be anywhere on the court
because your ball handling ability you can cause the opposition all sorts of
problems to be a good ball handler you have to practice that’s the most
important thing is the easiest way to be successful to be a good ball handler is
to practice every day when I was a kid I practice for 15 minutes every day no
matter what just a ball handling started off with Littlefinger trip just to get
your hands warmed up a little ball with just my fingertips sometimes i go to one finger use all my
different fingers just to get warmed up I’m going to get warm you can start
doing figure 8 this is important to use both hands and
dexterity and as you get better try not to look at the ball as you
continue to develop your skills and to get warmer you can start just doing different
drills and moving the ball side to side and behind you on the side you and in
front of switching one hand in both hands just making sure you use both sides of
your body so no matter where you are in the court you can have the ball and get to the
spot you want to be and also to protect the ball from your opponent that white
ball handling is important once the ball starts to feel more
comfortable in your hand it’s important to start working on your moves are ways
to avoid defenders and in difficult situations one of the easiest moves in the most
fundamental moves that’s also the most successful international dribble the most important thing about making a
crossover move is to be on balance if you’re off balance it’s very difficult to keep the ball in
your hand it’s also very difficult to elude defenders so when your own balance you’re always
in a basket ball position where your back is straight your waist has been
your feet are shoulder-width apart and as you attack your defender it’s really
important to change direction use dribble your man and get him leaning one
way can cross over and you go the other way
another great way to beat a defender is to dribble behind your back the same principles apply you have to be
on balance and try to get the defender off balance as you get the defense
Felicia thinks she can stop me but she’s been kind enough to allow me to get
buyer for these drills as you get the defender leaning one way you’re going to
take the ball behind your back and change directions another really effective way if you stay
on balance to keep the ball under control be the defender and cause the
defense all sorts of troubles it’s important to practice the behind
the back dribble the ball gets more comfortable in your hand you can just
dribble up and down the court throwing behind your back the better you get the less you can look
at the basketball this gives you an advantage is you can still see behind
the defense especially once you beat your defender sixty-six percent from the field James Carter’s percentage goes down as
he mrs. Nash behind the back it’s important to be efficient and going
straight lines when you go north and south you really punish the defenders
you make them really work but if you go east and west or take
banana routes toward the basket it’s really easy for the defense to recover
their first game against puerto rico a loss 82-75 they did do a good job taking
shots and they normally taken making their Steve Nash doing a nice job
getting to the bucket and he’s going to help me demonstrate a few more
ball-handling moves the same things apply with all ball-handling moves to be
on balance have a change of pace and change the direction the next move I
want to demonstrate the between-the-legs dribble where again I want to get the
defender and she bleeding in one direction and change direction by going
between my legs this is especially effective because
your leg protect the ball from the defender so as I got Andy leading in one
direction i’m gonna come travel between my legs and change direction here you
try very good thank you I want you to help me demonstrate the
spin move again important with the spin move to stay on balance is another way
to protect the ball with your body change direction and pace enabling
yourself to get past the defender let me demonstrate as i get Angie
leaning in one direction I’m going to spin pastor and keep my head up so I can
see the rest of the defense nice and she scored on me about that remember on the spin dribble the first
thing to turn is your head you have to see the defense would be
ready wonder what I want you to help me demonstrate and thats the in and out
dribble it’s like a fake crossover as you cross the ball over you bring it
back with the same hand to change pace and change speed to get past the
defender let me demonstrate like pretend across
the over on ND i bring the ball back in the same direction very good a sport on me again thanks a lot it’s
really important to keep your head up so that after you beat you’re defending you
see what the rest of the defense is offering you as you’ve been killing me you’ve been so good i’m gonna have to
ask you to take a seat sorry about that let’s get their main out here come on
the rare that see what you can do ready ok let’s go over the moves again follow me I want to see what you got
okay we’re going to work on the crossover between the legs behind the
back it’s important all these moves to
remember to stay on balance your own balance you have less chance of giving
up the basketball you want to get the defender leading in
one direction and change pace and direction the opposite way ok between the legs same thing this time we’re gonna go
between our legs to use our leg to protect the ball from the defendant I had those sneakers squeaking sounds
good last one behind the back same thing but now we’re going to
protect the basketball with our body going to change direction and pace once
again not giving me any breathing room like that thanks a lot I see kids all the time
playing basketball putting the ball on the floor with nowhere to go they just
catch it and put it on the floor and they haven’t gone anywhere it’s really important not to waste your
dribble use your dribble to get to the basket to create a shot for your
teammates it’s important when you take it into
when the defender cut you off not to pick up your dream a lot of people pick
it up and get themselves in trouble when i take it in and someone cuts me off
want to take it in keep my balance take it back out to take
the ball so I get my teammates shot

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  2. The hell with curry! Nash to me is the better point guard hands down. Nash has had so many games to prove what I’m saying but the game that will show you guys look up the game between the suns and nets that went into triple overtime and watch Nash go the hell off. I really miss watching Nash play thank god for YouTube I love the reruns!!!!

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