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Dennis Veasley

88 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Went Through a Major Suit Overhaul”

  1. dude
    your pants are too short. It may be the newest trend in NYC but daaaaaaaaaaaaamn looks retarded AF also.. shaved legs? WTF? πŸ˜€

  2. Man corden is so shit at interviewing I'm sorry but he's bad he doesn't let people complete their story and his fake laugh omg don't make me start he's good in other things like movie's and voice overs but hosting nah

  3. I have actually thought on a number of occations when watching Family Feud that Steve is looking mighty sharp in his suits, weather they be double buttoned or singles!

  4. When men wear the type of pants that show off the ankles, that's like when women wear those skirts with the high slit, that shows off the thigh meat.

  5. Marjorie has exquisite taste and I’d love to see Harvey men’s wear and accessories line ohhh and colognes! There’s so many men with your body type 5 in my family alone age 26-72 they shop in pieces. We need it at Target and Department stores…

  6. One thing I enjoy about Steve is that his comedy is part of his personality, he isn't acting where as other people need to plan out and act, use jokes they've been saving up and etc.

  7. From baggy to super tight. Can't people just wear the right fit? It's not like today's trend of pants being too tight to where they don't touch the ankles is so great either.

  8. But then again, wasn't that the style then? (oversized wear). It's not like others were wearing fitting clothes and only Steve adorned oversized wear!

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