tournament in Great Falls things moving indoors with all the rain in the electric city we’ll start with the boys singles semi-final here Great Falls Central’s Nicholas Scott Valley Christians trade Christians Scott on a role in the early one watch the power on this winner right here nothing Christians can do about that Scott wins it after this beauty lands in the right corner his opponent can’t quite feel that 6-4 6-0 Scott headed to the championship who will he face could it be another great fall central product Roger my defending Class B C champion taken on Jake Hollenbeck of Missoula Loyola the defending champion doing his thing that’s Holland back hitting it into the end of the net and watch this look at that spin on this shot just dies after the first bounce my advances of the title as well 6-2 6-2 to make it at all central final girls singles loyal is Grace Daniel show toes Michaela Gunderson here’s Gunderson showing off the heat on that return hard to defend that Daniel can’t get to it but Daniel responds with a nice hit to the corner here Gunderson can’t quite recover that one goes straight into the net Gunderson wins though seven six six one she’s going to a state championship for the other semi big Forks Ellie Bharath and show toes Christine funk could it be a tall Shoto girls singles final funk tries to return it here ball doesn’t hit the right spot on the racket the nice recovery here by funk to save it but she hits it out of bounds we don’t have a final in this one yet it’s still going on we will have that result for you online at Montana Sports doctor

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Dennis Veasley

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