What’s up guys! Welcome to SLOW MO LAB! Today we are going to do a super super cool visualization of a popular experiment My brother recently did an experiment with two balls (Stacked Balls Experiment) He basically picked up two balls, dropped it from about the same height And did you see how the small ball bounced approximately half way So he took that smaller ball along with the bigger ball And you guessed what happend It bounced up much higher, let’s check it out Did you see how far it bounced Well, I thought what would be a cool way we cna visualize it And film it in slow motion And I thought, why not use water balloons and use the same effect Let’s check it out We are going to start by testing just one water balloon By dropping the water balloon on the surface and seeint i Seeing the reaction in slow motion Hopefully it’s not going to burst Water balloon flying in slow mo Water balloon acceleration in slow motion Up close water balloon collapsing Water balloon popping back in slow mo So now to the actual experiment We are going to drop this ball And we’ll see how far it will bounce from this height roughly Tennis ball bouncing You see it bounces about half the height, up to here Now we are going to do it on top of the balloon And with the water balloon we’ll see the exaggerated reaction And we’ll see what actually happens in the regular ball, but it will be much more exaggerated So it will be so obvious why this ball bounces so much higher Well, hopefully it will bounce so much higher Let’s check it out Did you see how much higher it bounced Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Give me thumbs up And we’ll see you next time, peace out! And check out my second channel, link is in the description Also right over here I just opened it and we are having a lot of fun with it Subscribe if you like it And we’ll see you next time, peace out!

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Dennis Veasley

99 thoughts on “STACKED BALLS EXPERIMENT (Water Balloon Visualization in Slow Motion) – Slow Mo Lab”

  1. Hi SlowMoLab…just want to offer an idea…maybe not even possible. Try filling a bathroom with steam (from running hot water) and turn on a laser. The question is, will such camera of yours with high FPS, "catch the light from the laser" as it goes through the bathroom and the steam? (The steam will be just to make the light from the laser visible). May be dumb but try it yourself…post it if it works.

  2. With a continent available, you went to throw the ball to one inch from your car. Try to record this decision in slow mo.

  3. Rare people doing this experiment!! And is very amazing the experiment with the water balloon and the tennis ball

  4. Nice hat (covering the high speed camera).
    Thanks for the excellent video which showed a balloon bouncing and flicking the tennis ball up with high speed. Great stuff!

  5. هل من ان تترجم الفيديو باللغه العربية فضل و ليس امر

  6. I believe this works scientifically, because of The Law of Conservation of Momentum. If you had a closed system where you could drop one ball onto a surface it's mass and acceleration determines the amount of force applied back onto the ball (a solid surface that wouldn't change position would be best to experiment on). Therefore, when adding two balls (ha) it increases the mass, increasing the momentum, and the amount of force applied back to the balls (if the acceleration stays constant). The reason the ball on top travels higher, is because most of the force is exerted from the surface into the bottom ball, then it exerts most of the force applied to it into the ball on the top. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I still have much to learn, seeing as I'm only 13.

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