No need to take battery out for charging. There is a “CHARGER” port on the front control panel.

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Dennis Veasley

12 thoughts on “Spinshot Comparison”

  1. Hi, I thought the difference between Player 1 and Player 2 is that player 2 comes with internal oscillation while player 1 is external oscillation? And also the speed is higher by 15%?

  2. Amazing product! Finally a ball machine that can replace 95% of tennis instructors out there 🙂 Let me know if you need any sales representative in the USA. I would gladly promote and sell your product if it does everything it claims, reliably and efficiently. Great product!

  3. The video may cause some confusions about charging externally. Obviously, the battery can be fitted inside machine and be charged via CHARGE port on control panel. No need to take battery out to charge although Spinshot Sports offer such an opton to have you charge the battery externally .

  4. My spinshot plus which I bought in June 2017 would not initialise. Obviously battery is not the problem. Can you please help me or point me where I can get help on this. Thanks.

  5. imho:

    – too many models, three is enough: lite, standard, plus
    – analog buttons are more convenient
    – the control panel should be as high as possible (so you bend less to set it up).

    I am probably wrong with this feedback, so consider it with a grain of salt.)
    Keep doing great job!

  6. Not clear — when you order, what comes included in the way of power supply? Do you get one battery with charger? Do you have to pay additional for the AC Hook up?

  7. Warning, the machine is seriously inferior to any other machine. Purchased the machine a year ago and found serious flaws. It gets regularly confused using the remote, the machine does not oscillate correctly,,the instructions have you place the machine in an odd position to work properly, which it does not stay stationary, moves all over the court . A complete waste of time, constantly adjusting the machine. The ball basket is cheap plastic, where when it is hot , it falls open where your tennis balls fall all over the court. Therefore constantly having to stop and replace, the worse issue is their disgusting dishonest customer service. Complete liars, little communication. When advising it isn't remotely what they advertise, they advised to send back. Sent back and three months later they were forced to refund by PayPal. Lied throughout the process, and actually thought they were going to keep the returned machine without refunding. Disgusting abhorrent predatory company. Not only a piece of crap machine, but a lying, cheating company as well. We purchased a lobster and silent partner machine and are light years better. Stick with them, instead of this terrible machine and their even worse rip off, dishonest company and customer service.

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