What’s going on guys We have a brand new spider-man movie coming out called Into The Spiderverse and I got a bunch of the stunts from the trailers that we’re gonna recreate today so there won’t be any spoilers. So for the first stunt we have miles morales running off a crane to go into a huge gainer So i’m on top of the biggest structure that we have in this gym and i’m gonna run off of it just like miles to go into a gainer For this trick, we have spider-gwen jumping off the side of a building to go into a huge diving front flip So I’m gonna run off of this structure over here and I’m gonna go Into a front flip and I’m also gonna try and stall it to make it look just like hers For this trick we have Miles Morales again getting hit by a truck and then he saves himself by doing a back handspring over the hood of a car So to recreate that back handspring I’m gonna jump off this trampoline Put my hands on the middle mat here and then land on the other trampoline like this For this stunt we have spider-gwen again doing the classic spider-man backflip off of her web So I’m gonna recreate that by grabbing this ring over here Swinging off of it as if it’s my web and then going into a back flip like her So next up we got miles sticking to the edge of the building and then he pushes off of it to go into a gargoyle gainer So it’s called a gargoyle gainer because it starts off in the position of the gargoyle statues on top of buildings like this And I’m just gonna recreate it here into a big layout gainer on this mat here Next up we have Miles Morales getting hit by a car, but then he does a front handspring off the hood Over here I have a block which is about the same height as the hood of a car and I’m gonna run towards it and front handspring over it So as you guys can tell he got a lot of height on the front handspring so I’m also gonna do it on the trampoline to get more height like him So next up we got the original spider-man jumping off the side of the building to go into a twist So to recreate that one, I’m gonna jump off of this big structure here Look back at the camera like spider-man and then land on the big crash mat down there So next up we got miles running down the street and then a taxi cuts him off So he gets over the hood using a speed vault So just like earlier I’m gonna use this block as the hood of the taxi and I’m gonna vault over it In this one we have a villain chasing miles down an alley and then he does tic-tacs off the walls kind of like a ninja warrior. I don’t have the right equipment to duplicate that stunt over here So I’m gonna use a clip of when I went to a ninja warrior obstacle course and did the tic-tacs Thank you guys for watching my video Don’t forget to hit that like button if you love spider-man just like I do if you want to see more content like this You can click the subscribe button right over here If you wanna see my latest video click here If you wanna see another cool video like this one click right over here. And as usual, I’ll catch you guys on the flip side

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Dennis Veasley

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  2. Hey!i love your videos but i recognise that place from jesters video.also i click the subcribe button put notification😊😊😊

  3. Who else thought: "hot damn I really want to be a real spiderman" when they saw the movie

    Just me? Okay I'll go solo on trying to make real webshooters

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