[Reporter] Serving up some special tennis
lessons. Some student athletes took to the courts today
on Dataw Island learning how to play tennis. Public Tennis Inc. has been working with some
middle school students in the district throughout the school year teaching them about the sport
and having a lot of fun getting to know the students. [Wayne Lilley] They’re just so enthusiastic
about it, it gets them out of their day to day routine at the school to play a sport
that’s super fun. [Michael Chambers] Playing tennis is fun. I could not see one of these kids for 6 months
and I’d come back the next season and they remember me and their enthusiasm and their
appreciation is so tangible so it’s so rewarding. [Reporter] Students from Beaufort Middle,
Robert Smalls International Academy and Whale Branch Middle schools took turns hitting balls
and playing matches with the instructors. [Student 1] I guess just getting better at
it every time and just learning the sport. [Student 2] You hit the ball, you get a racket
and hit the ball. [Student 3] Hitting the ball and get exercise. [Reporter] The students have been improving
their tennis skills greatly by working with the instructors. [Eugene Brugger] Many of them have never had
a tennis racket in their hands and it’s amazing to see them develop because many of them have
a natural ability on the courts. The of the volunteers are astounded at how
quickly they learn and they talk about that’s the most important thing they’ll talk about
their experience on the tennis court all week long. [Reporter] Public Tennis Inc is a non-profit
organization. It promotes tennis on public tennis courts
to people in the Beaufort county area. On Dataw Island, Ron Lopes Beaufort County
School District.

Dennis Veasley

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