Hello, Tennis Friends! My name is André Lima and this is Speak On TENNIS! Well, it can look a bit weird but I’m gonna start making questions. Yes, questions. And the first one is about your racket… If you do play tennis already, what is the model of your racket? What about it’s weight? When was the last time you have sent it to change the strings? What was the chosen string? Was that a monofilament? Or was that a multifilament? How long have you stringed it for the last time? How long is this string put on your racket? What was the gauge you have selected? 15, 16, 17? What difference it could make if a hybrid string was installed on your racket? What if I ask about rules? If you haven’t played yet, do you know how is the right way of keeping up the scores on a tennis match. Are you advanced and know well about the scores? How many line umpires normally work on a Grand Slam – The 4 biggest events By the way, why do these events are named “Grand Slam”? These and other questions are made by so many people every single day they ask about strings, about rackets, about rules, about tennis in a general manner… After 25 years acting on and also off court I always had a desire of answering these questions from many people and every single time I could make it, responding them promptly first, I felt a huge satisfaction of being sure I have contributed somehow to them offering something that could bring some evolution on their tennis but I just wasn’t ok of thinking about the ones with the same questions I just couldn’t reach and how valuable it could be to more people as well and for this reason I’ve created Speak On TENNIS. So be fast to hit the red buttom and SUBSCRIBE! Click also on the gray bell as well and then you’re gonna receive the notifications and gonna know exactly when a video has been posted here, ok? Follow Speak On TENNIS on all displayed social media bellow and on the description I’ll wait for your likes, shares friends tags and bringing more people to learn a bit of tennis here with me on Speak On TENNIS. Hope to see you guys soon. Thanks for watching peace and may the spin be with you…

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