hello everybody and welcome to to Chore With Me the channel where we declutter our homes and hearts this is Hannah and today
we are going to be doing a shoe declutter and sorting it’s been a while
since I’ve done this I’ve got plenty of material to work with so let’s get
started that’s gonna be my box for all the shoes
I throw out a first pair my most expensive running shoes they’re Asics
they have holes in the toes but I’ve run many miles in these and I’m going to
keep them for it just a little bit longer
I like these cute little flats I’m obviously not wearing them much right
now because it’s winter but I wear them a lot in this summer I bought these next
shoes because I love the color pink but they are one of the most uncomfortable
pairs of running shoes I have ever owned and they have absolutely no grip so that
will teach me a lesson for buying shoes based solely on the color I’ve had these
slip ons for a really long time but I never wear them anymore so I’m going to
get rid of these a good Walmart buy right here they have served me well
they’re super fast to slip into keeping these these appear to be in decent shape
I will be keeping them those flip-flops are pretty much new so I’m keeping those
definitely going to be keeping these boots these are a bit rough around the
edges but it’s actually pretty comfortable so we’ll keep those around
for another season and then my blue water shoes which I wear once a year
these will last me pretty much an entire lifetime so obviously they’re not going
anywhere these guys you know I never wear these they’re not that comfortable
I’ve run thousands of miles in these I will keep them these obviously look like
trash these are by no means my favorite but I
guess I’ll keep them around as an easy pair of slip ons and that’s it for shoes
and I’m looking over my boots that I own and you know I can’t get rid of any of
these I wear all of them I love them they are safe for another whole season so those are the shoes that I will be
keeping and now I’m going to vacuum off all of my shoes which sounds weird but
you know dust and dirt and stuff get on them so let’s clean them up and for
those of you interested I did a heel sorting video a few months ago and I’m
gonna go ahead and put the link down below so that you can check that one out
if you’re interested in that

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Dennis Veasley

6 thoughts on “Sorting My Shoes (2018)”

  1. Great work! But know that shoes should NEVER be thrown away! The ones that are too worn out, broken, etc to donate because they simply cannot be worn anymore, can be RECYCLED instead! There are materials in some shoes, sneakers especially, that won't disintegrate for thousands of years! But they can be recycled! Never ever throw shoes in the trash!

  2. That's lots of boots to me, but I have more flip flops and sandals for warmer weather in my area. Always good motivation

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