I’m Patrick Murphy RACEY, a Sony artisan
of imagery I’m a sponsored photographer by Sony but I’m not an employee so I’m
free to say whatever I want to if you find the contents of this video valuable
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do more of this first of all real-time tracking is a
relatively new thing for Sony it’s only available in the a 6400 the a 9 the
older cameras don’t have processors fast enough in order to do all the
computational heavy lifting that’s required when real-time tracking is
active so sadly if you have an a7 r2 or an a7 2 or a6000 a 6300 those cameras
are probably not going to get the update because it just can’t it can’t think
that fast this video is primarily about real-time
tracking for sports photography specifically and what I’ve done is I’ve
done a NASCAR race I’ve done a little tennis match I did some high school
soccer in the rain and I did a Alliance pro football game the last one that ever
happened at of the Alliance football in Birmingham Alabama and so what I’m going
to do is I’m going to kind of talk through various sections while you’re
gonna we’re gonna edit pictures live and you’ll be able to see kind of what I’m
doing one sport at a time we’re gonna start with NASCAR and we’re gonna do
that one first so here we go in the NASCAR welcome to NASCAR
this is Bristol Motor Speedway the last great Coliseum they call it I’m standing
in the winner’s circle which is kind of appropriate because I’m shooting Sony
today what I’m going to be doing is I’m going to be looking carefully at how
real-time tracking works for auto racing I think it’s suspect that’s gonna work
very well because the movement of auto racing is so fluid I think it’s going to
work great so we’re gonna try that today I’m going to be probably starting out
with racking on and I’ll be on small flexible
spot and that will let me pick a car out of a crowd and only shoot that one car
so that’s probably what I’m gonna be doing today is experimenting with that
and I’ll I’ll obviously be putting up pictures and showing you on the rest of
this video how I did what I wanted to do is just show you the very first position
that I shot from this is the FE12-24G f4 lens which I love it’s really really
nice it’s sharp in the edges and sweet lens so you can see at the track at
Bristol there are like these gate these cages some of them have hinged opening
some of them are just open all the time this one is like right down by the
start/finish line and I thought it’d be good to you know just get in here
you can also see how steep this track is the this curves are really high banked
and you can see how this guy’s trying to exert themselves up there it’s it’s
pretty wild so that’s the first place I shoot from so here this is the 100 to
400 G master lens on the a9 again to start out my settings are tracking and
then flexible spots small so I can pick up just his face and then I can just
literally track him as he goes and I can once I hit him once and hold the shutter
release down a little bit I can just composes at will
however I want to and I really appreciate the fact that it it’s doing
distance and it’s just separating him easily it doesn’t have any problem
figuring out what’s what one of the big problems in the past is you like the
face detection feature is killer but if it sees this many faces it’s gonna get
confused and it’s supposed to just do the one that it finds first and it
probably would do okay in this but tracking us so much better so now this
is a good example so I picked up this guy in a distance in the center so he
was in the center of the frame where the auto focus indicator is I just touched
lightly and then held it and then recomposed and then it shows me it puts
the icon on his face and I can put him way over on the right side of the frame
like this and it doesn’t matter so as he moves around here he’s in the center and
then he’s way over here in the left which is better composition and
it’s just tracking them wherever he is ignoring all these faces it’s like it’s
really cool so great freedom there and this one I put the autofocus indicator
just on this one guy and you know all these people are far away from me I’m at
I’m at 400 millimeter here so all these people are far away but it nailed this
guy no problem if i zoom in you can see how sharp it is just on his face here we
go it’s just there it goes so you can see it it’s like right on the money so
nice it’s really really cool so again you can put them you know you start
tracking and here he is way in the lower right hand corner no problem
here’s just an overall of the melee of prerace this is this is a big stage and
they’re introducing the players one by one and after they introduce them they
come down and they get in the back of a pickup truck and ride around the course
then they get off in the pit and then go in and go find the car so here’s the
pace car out front the race is about to begin so you see I just hit the pace car
on this one and just tracked it around now this is the actual start of the race
and you can see the snapper car that’s chase Elliott out front he is the early
race leader I think he wins the first stage of the race at Bristol and it
doesn’t matter where he is because once I’ve told the camera that I want this
car it’s just gonna track that car no matter where it is in the viewfinder so
here he is coming around again and you can see in the background here there’s a
problem and this is the this is the M&M car driven by Kyle Busch and Kyle Busch
gets pushed by this guy in the Sunny D car and there’s a problem back there now
I don’t see it right away it’s in the background but I’m still on on the Napa
car and then I go oh I got a problem back there and so then I react wire and
at this point right here I have now got only the the skittles car
so I’m looking only at that and I’m kind of watching him and by the way that’s
not Kaabah Sh my bad but anyway so now I’m tracking
him and he gets pushed around you can see the the impact damage on the Sunny D
car and this guy’s still trying to get going the right direction and and
they’re moving you know he might be doing 70-80 miles an hour at this point
he gets hit again now he’s almost going the wrong way so after the caution comes
back everything is is you know back on track we’re back in the pace car out
there so we’re coming out of caution now the pace car comes in and the race
begins again now one thing you’ll notice on these loose shots is you got food
City Food City 500 bush beans First Tennessee bank
Monster Energy and asked up series all schoo Bristol Motor Speedway these logos
are pretty important now they’re not important for like magazine publishing
or something like that or newspaper but they’re really important for advertising
so I’m kind of watching those those logos as time goes on so here we go this
is chase Elliott out front Napa car you see somebody back here has gotten down
to the almost in the infield and so underway now after the lead car passed
me I just at random picked this car here and just tracked right through no
problem it just you know the fluid and the fluid motion of auto racing or
really you know motorcycle racing f1 it’s obvious to me that it’s gonna work
no matter what so here’s our lead car again I picked them up way back here and
I’m shooting and I’m doing the tracking so it’s it’s great here’s a Sunny D car
that’s like in bad shape I don’t know even know how that guy can see to drive
the thing but he does he’s going to end up driving this car until the next
caution and then he’ll go in and then they’ll have to tape it all down and
stuff pretty crazy alright so here is a good example of me I’m watching now
chase Elliott who is leading the race these guys are in the very back of the
pack so he’s coming about and I’ve picked him up way back here and I’ve
done the tracking and I’ve hold my finger down and it’s just gonna track
him all the way through even when there’s other cars in the frame it’s
really nice really nice now here’s a good example again I’ve selected the
Napa car but this car is like in front of it and as it comes around it gets
even worse but it still stays in the Napa car without any issue at all love
that I mean even here even here where now I’m looking at chain-link fence
that’s what this is all this fuzziness down here is the chain-link fence it
will not let go of that car it’s so cool so really even here it’s just amazing
alright so I’ve backed off here to 100 millimeters just so you can see a little
bit more I’m watching the leader the race leader at this point is the Napa
car so here we go another good example like again I’m tracking the Napa car
here all I see is a little sliver the of the top and this car is completely out
of focus this one’s out of focus this one’s sharp amazing really is here’s a
three car kind of see how high the banks are so I’m just kind of going through so
I’ve picked him out nice and tight here yeah I like these that’s pretty good so
you can really stay in there and even after you do that like it sees the
driver I want to make a comment here not about autofocus system but about the
sensor on the a9 now a lot of cameras wouldn’t even show detail inside this
car because there’s probably a seven to eight stop difference between the
exposure outside the car and the exposure inside the car but you know
with the a9 if I really wanted to I could isolate this windshield and I
could basically pull out that driver and still have this exposure the same I mean
if I wanted to fool that Photoshop and all that stuff
pretty cool okay we’re back at it now there’s been another wreck or caution of
some kind and our race leader is now lost three spots so now FedEx these
three cars are in the lead for right now so we’re gonna track them here they are
just kind of coming around the track it’s it’s so easy to do this with
tracking I mean and I think the small the flop flexible spot small is the way
to go for literally all sports I think I don’t think I’m gonna change my mind on
that having shot four different ones now and of course 20 frames a second is
pretty cool so as you can see here that the craftsman guy gets in the groove
FedEx is behind let’s see what happens next
this is kind of fun there’s like a there’s all this tape that they put on
the tires there’s like literally a piece of tape that’s falling off a tire and
you can actually watch it like flip up and down in the in the air as the the
air is interrupted as these cars go by and here’s SunnyD with a lot of duct
tape or in North Carolina they call it a 100 mile an hour tape and they’re using
these bungee cords to hold the hood down kind of cool there we go and here we go
just watching okay this is a good example too so now what I’ve done is our
new race leader is number 12 and that’s Ryan Blaney in the PPG car so I’ve just
basically picked him up way back here someplace and now I’m the cameras
automatically tracking him so tracking real-time tracking doesn’t just work
when you’re tight it also works when you’re loose so you can do stuff like
this and I’m gonna let Blaney come down all the way at that corner of the frame
and it’s not gonna matter and getting closer getting closer and it’s just
tracking like crazy now here I did a little experiment I go down to one
sixtieth of a second f9 and 100 100 iso like sorry hundred millimeter 50 iso and
I’m just watching this car now it’s hard to do like this kind of stuff when
they’re coming at you it’s much easier to pan when when cars are left to right
but I was just trying to see if I could get something different and this
actually worked pretty well this one too so just you know trying different things
now I’m back up to 3200 second and work in that Food City logo
trying to get that in there if this guy wins the race I’ve got like all these
really nice pictures of Food City you can really see how high bank the track
is it’s just insane how like steep that Bank is so now this is our new leader in
the PBG car Ryan Blaney here’s our other guy chase Elliott you can see I’m
working here’s the skittles car here’s my second
position so my first position is like way down here probably around there now
I’ve moved around kind of into turn one and I’m kind of watching from here and
I’m getting you know obviously different things but I can see more of the bank
which is kind of cool so just trying a few things from here at this point I did
that for a while and then I got bored and I actually went down at the infield
so now I’m in the infield I’m inside the the infield where the where the pit
stops are all the pits and this actually worked out pretty well this is really
pretty on the edge is 45 a second f-22 so it’s kind of crazy to try and but
these pictures are nice and one of the things that’s really cool about images
where you’re panning with a slow shutter speed like this is that you are really
blurring the crowd you’re blurring the speedway you’re you’re blurring
everything and you’re simplifying and you’re saying hey I don’t you to look
only at here whatever sharp is all I want you to see and this is nice it’s a
nice way to work now I’ve gone up to more reasonable two hundredths of a
second f10 at ISO 50 and here’s where you can really get consistent results
you know shooting the cars at speed and the background looks really nice and as
you go you’ll kind of practice getting more and more fluid as you’re panning
works out well but you can see I’m working food City Food City Bass Pro
Shops on RA I’m almost kind of looking at where there’s the Bristol logo
Bristol Motor Speedway so and in all this the try
never once comes off the car that I want so here’s the skills car there’s kind of
nice frame Food City 500 okay and anytime you want to you can swing around
and look at a person and automatically its gonna go do iaf and face detection
and all that stuff it’s just gonna it’s gonna rip for you so you’ve hit this guy
and then you can recompose instantly on the fly and whatever you want and just
you know just you can see here it’s automatically doing iaf you’ll see in a
second when it finds the high-res there it is so you get you can go in really
tight and see how sharp his eye is but I’m not doing anything
tracking is taking care of this so it’s really really nice to be able to just be
completely set free and know that your eyes are sharp when you have a person in
the picture it’s easy really nice there’s a nice kind of group pictures I
love watching pit stops those guys are just amazing these guys are real
athletes and they are humping and they’re moving and the stuff they’re
Karen’s heavy and it’s pretty cool and I’ve what I’ve done here is I’ve
tracking him so you can see kind of what’s going on now I’m tracking this
guy so I’ve picked him up and anyway you get the idea so nice tight shot of the
Napa car here our new leaders here’s some as Robert Duvall says and in
Thunder Days of Thunder Racing’s Robin and Robin’s racing so you can see these
guys are just literally pushing I mean you know he’s screwing up his own car as
well as the other one but doesn’t help him 22 stays in the lead here’s another
pit stop again these guys are just awesome there every every moment every
second every split second is choreographed if you look here you can
see the heat from the engine above all this this car is hot everything on this
car is hot and you can see the heat waves coming off of it up there it’s
kind of cool so these guys are going to jump out of the way
and run this is always amazed me is that when they do the fuel you know here’s
the fuel just literally fallen because this is flying through the air
incredible so dangerous okay there’s obviously a caution so we’re back out
and this Ryan Blaney is in the lead in the PPG car number 12 so I’m still in
the infield and I’m watching them this is where they take off and you can see
me working the logos okay they’re still obviously under caution here there’s
probably the pace cars probably to the left of 12 and but they’re coming around
I’m trying to do this stuff now they’re under way and I’m doing a
little tilt of the action just because it’s Bristol you can get away with
murder there with tilt but that’s a nice frame like bush beans
they’ve dig that you know and anyway you can see what I’m up to
so ultimately that’s the last picture in the group that I selected to show you
but real-time tracking is awesome in real-time tracking for auto racing for
MotoGP for bicycle racing I mean it’s just gonna be great and you can see even
you know track and field it’s it’s just a tremendous asset to have because you
can just select the person you want or the car or the motorcycle and it’s just
gonna track the whiz out of it it’s so impressive okay next we’re gonna look at
tennis high school tennis which was actually the very first thing I shot
when I updated my cameras to the 5.0 firmware it’s pretty cool worked without
any issue at all and so here we go with the tennis pictures just to take a look
over here I’m using the 402 AG master I’m using that wide-open I’m at 3200 to
the 2nd for my shutter speed and I’m at 200 ISO
now that’s gonna change a little bit I want to make sure you see this over here
AF see when the cameras come out of the box they usually come set to AF a and
then a lot of people use AF s in order to make tracking work you have to have
AF C selected which is auto focus continuous so because you’re gonna be
tracking moving subjects all the time you’ve got to be in continuous autofocus
in order to accomplish that so here we go so basically what’s happening is
tracking I’m just hitting the player and then the cameras
doing the rest so I’m gonna touch down lightly I’m gonna lock on him and then
I’m gonna shoot when I want to so as you can see as we go through the images it’s
it’s very simple even when he is obscured by his arm and the racket and
all that stuff it doesn’t matter and you can see how sharp is so sharp so it’s
it’s really impressive to to work with this you don’t always have to have the
face straight at you the a nines tracking obviously and eye
and face detection are the best of any of the cameras
Bar None so a 7 3 & a 7 are three do a nice job but they don’t really hold a
candle to what the a9 does it’s just so powerful and so fast so this is not a
mistake actually a lot of people struggle when they’re trying to figure
out what to buy do I buy the a7 our three and go for the big file or do they
get the a nine the a9 is really misunderstood camera but I guess the
point I want to make with this picture is that the file a 24 megapixel is
plenty big now this girl’s like written something
on her arm and if we look in here a little closer it’s like her mother is
reminding her to take the PSAT and she’s drawing a little picture of herself with
the test and then also if you look closer you can see that she’s got she
probably fell asleep on her arm or something in class because this this
thing is duplicated on her face and anyway when you can read you know
doodles and stuff on someone’s arm from this distance it’s a pretty good-sized
file so don’t ever think that 24 megapixels is small small file it’s a
plenty big file so back to tennis yeah it just works great and you can see here
this is a great example of tracking you know basically the tracking I’ve
identified this girl prior to this girl walking in front of me I’ve said hey
this is the one I want and remember it’s using distance it’s
using contrast phase detect autofocus face a facial recognition iaf and then
it’s also keeping track of color and pattern so it’s doing all these things
in the background you may only see the square with the two lines and on either
side of it but look at what’s what it’s able to do I mean here’s a girl walking
straight in front of me and the camera is not even at all affected by this and
even when we go to the one where its most blocked you know I could zoom in
here and we can go up and look at the eyes and yeah the eyes are sharp so
pretty amazing again it’s just so such a nice thing to be able to use the the a
nine for sports twenty frames a second you just get all these different looks
but remember that even if you don’t see the eye the box on the eye when you’re
doing tracking it’s still doing it in the background so don’t think that it’s
not working it is and here we go just you know zoom in on that frame it’s
pretty cool doubles one thing I would recommend is ID I’m sticking by my sort
of initial thoughts about sports photography with real-time tracking I
believe that these flexible spots small is going to be the best option for
virtually every sport there may be something that comes up that it’s not
great for but I think from what I’ve seen so far for different sports that’s
the one to use now there’s also another adjustment for autofocus sensitivity and
if you’re shooting singles tennis I would recommend five if you’re shooting
doubles tennis I’d maybe drop it to three or maybe even four but even at
five I’m set at five it’s still able to discern the player I want in a picture
like this which is great so just a couple pins frames this is a nice frame
kids off the ground a little bit I mean it’s just got everything you want and if
you blow up nice and tight it’s it’s tack sharp I love this just that you
know that blow up from there to there it’s pretty phenomenal okay so as you
can see tracking works really well again I want to remind you that the racquet is
closer to the camera than her face is so a DSLR would often be typical it’d kind
of be typical for that it to be on the racquet because the autofocus is notis
are is really sharp it’s really good it’s really fast but it can’t always
discern between a person and a thing and the a9 does that and all the other
cameras are you tracking even the a 6400 are going to do this as well so yeah
nice and tight even when the face is almost completely covered it still works
if you if you could see let’s just blow this one up real quick just so you can
see that I I mean here I was really really sharp so it’s it’s pleasure to
use for for tennis really any sport 89 just rocks
now I had a kid that was sitting next to me from the other team he was like
sitting on the bleachers and I was standing next to him and he was talking
to me about photography and he does stuff at his high school and whatever
and so when one match ended I said to him hey would you like to try it and
he’s like yeah I’d love to so I handed him my four no.28 a nine and
I just explained to him I said just press down a part way make sure that the
indicator is on the person you want and he put it on this dude and then he shot
a volley one volley you know like one point and I think
there were four different hits and then I went back and picked this picture so
this image was shot with real-time tracking flexible spots small by a high
school kid that had never even touched a sony camera is not a sports photographer
had no prior preparation for this at all so this is possible to be able to just
make images like this it’s pretty sweet all right here we are with United
women’s soccer this is in the rain which I love I love shooting soccer
in the rain I love shooting football in the rain anyway here’s a little heading
picture this is once again it’s tracking AFC and I’m in flexible spot small so I
could pick up number 16 and wait for the ball to come in the frame and fire so no
problem there there’s a little header and then she’s gonna open her eyes and
the next frame to see where the ball goes
little react as she hits the girl pretty cool I’m using a 560 millimeter lens so
it’s the foreigner GM with a 1/4 converter on it my ISO is a thousand at
f/4 and at 32 hundredths of a second so in manual I’ll shoot manual and I’m also
shooting Adobe RGB because I’m not a raw shooter I shoot in JPEG so makes this
file smaller and I can add it a lot quicker on deadline stuff like that so
here we go we’re gonna keep going here so here’s a nice frame this girl’s in
control the ball she both feet are off the ground the ball is off the ground
heard her defenders kind of trying to catch up and it’s nice the rain is so
cool thirty two hundredths of a second is stopping the rain really really
nicely which I like and off we go here’s another picture of a girl kind of run
down a ball that’s been headed and then she’s gonna kick it back to her buddy
and this is the beginning of a very nice very long series of images which I was
really happy with and as you try you know tracking real image you know real
time tracking yourself you’re gonna really enjoy a little series like this
so here’s this girl in gray who’s got control the ball she’s being pursued by
this girl in red and off they go and I’ve loved them you know both feet off
the ground she’s like all stretched out running she’s looking for where she’s
gonna pass – looking downfield trying to figure it out now she’s gonna make her
turn she’s running really fast balls under
trol and you can just see and just check focus here real quick because you know
this is at 20 frames per second yeah we’re like totally tack sharp no problem
and off we go and I love this so she’s just about to push off with her
her left toe you can already see the little little brown balls like it
starting to fly and now she’s off the ground totally back down she’s about to
push off again right there off the ground both feet down then push off both
feet off both feet still off excuse me and here they both go so they’re trying
to you know both get control the girl behind is trying to catch up trying to
get in front but she’s still got control the wall she’s too off the ground here
very nice let’s check focus again again we’re shooting at 20 frames per second
so you can see she’s sharp she’s a little bit out which is what you want
and the rain just looks so beautiful love it man love it and we’re getting up
there still kind of she blinked here her eyes are kind of partially open
there and then they’re all the way open this is how fast the you know the a9 is
at 20 frames a second you can actually get more than just a blink you get
sometimes that in between pictures – I’m almost cutting their heads off that’s my
fault but she looks great here coming back down and just flying again nice
both feet off the ground flying ball this girl’s looking worried we’re kind
of cranking in there now pretty soon I’m gonna lose the ball but I’m just gonna
stand her and remember I picked her up way back and just hit her one time with
a half press and now I’m just the camera is tracking her for me so I’m doing
nothing except just keep him her in the frame and here’s where the ball she’s
gonna kick the ball the balls out of the frame completely she’s gonna
start decelerating and that’s it this is looking all the way across the field a
lot of times people get all uptight about the cost of the foreigner GM and I
don’t argue with anybody that $12,000 there’s a lot of money you could buy a
brand new Kia for that but when you get when you’re shooting into a background
like this with a chain-link fence and two white cars it’s horrendous and this
is pretty nicely cleaned up you know this looks pretty good this player is
really really sharp and I can read everything or logos and everything and
the backgrounds kind of calm down it’s not so bad
so because it’s blowing out of focus by the longed-for in a moment or two eight
so sometimes it’s really worth it and here’s a little header and another
getting the ball away from the goal here we go a little series here again you
know this is complicated this doesn’t look great back here but it’s pretty out
of focus it’s because the lens we’re using and again this is 402 eight with a
1/4 converter on it so five hundred sixty millimeter f/4 okay here we go
another two of them going nice little kick there just kind of doing again when
you shoot tight like this on a face even when they have a helmet on you’ll you’ll
see iaf working sometimes it’s pretty cool even when you’re in tracting so
it’s nice too yeah there’s another header okay so here
we go alright so obviously we’re checking focus and it’s good so we’ll
keep backing out and if you watch her feet she will have you know that that’s
the ideal both feet off the ground and then one down and then she’ll have
theirs both feet off the ground down both feet off the ground again both you
off the ground can’t use this one cuz she’s one-legged so watch that but it’s
just awesome cuz like once she pushes off both feet are off the ground
she’s actually kicking the ball she’s still off the ground with both feet and
then down again off both feet off and then we think down and then both feet
off there she’s both both feet off and in a row it’s just awesome you know
and pretty soon what’s gonna happen is she’s gonna get so close
let’s check focus again just see that we’re sharp and we are it was like super
sharp and you can tell the defender is not sharp so even if we stay closed in
so now the the defenders blinked our girl has not she’s got looks like yellow
bands on her braces it’s pretty cool how it just keeps rolling so I’m gonna zoom
back out you can see how each frame is like tack sharp on the girl we want
because the real-time tracking is working and we’re just gonna kind of go
there’s a nice frame right there that’s pretty cool but now the ball is getting
cut so now I’m you know I’m gonna lose the ball in a second I know it I’m at
almost 600 millimeters so that’s what happens but I just stay with her anyway
cuz it’s just cool and then she’s gonna kick she’s actually passing the ball to
another teammate that’s to her left and there we go so anyway we’re coming out a
little heading picture across the field at great distances like this this is all
the way the other end of the field at great distances this is the only time
where you can have an if issue with real time track and grabbing the wrong thing
now because there’s plenty of contrast here and there’s nothing like if there’s
a bunch of people back there it could happen but I still find it’s excellent
it really works well so there’s a little shot there again very complicated the
autofocus system is so advanced it can tell the distance difference between our
subject which I wanted and which I’m tracking and the practice goal no
problem it doesn’t get fooled it just kind of works here’s like players and
stuff in the in the way it doesn’t matter it’s just gonna work and again
here in this situation this is a great example of where you know typical Canon
Nikon systems gonna hit her elbow if it’s like it’s
gonna go to this girl and this girl still not gonna be sharp so that’s
what’s gonna happen there but with real-time tracking I’ve got because it
knows the difference between color and pattern and shape and body type and it
knows she’s got this thing on and it’s got lighter hair dark versus darker hair
I mean all the way around even the swoosh remember does pattern so it knows
there’s like an axe on her shoe and there’s a swoosh on that shoe and these
are these are red socks and these are blue shorts instead of black ones and on
and on and on it knows all that stuff so it’s gonna kind of keep it going
and there we go keep it free here’s just nice pickup and a pass to a teammate
another pass and again you’re free to kind of like do whatever you want to in
terms of you know composition doesn’t matter you can just you know whatever
so there’s soccer now we’re going to go to my favorite sport and we’re going to
end with looking at some football and I think I made a separate folder for that
I think no I didn’t all right here we go all right I know there’s a long long one
but sorry about that okay so like in my other videos this is like kind of cool
you know quarterback releasing the ball off the ground both both feet off the
ground and then just releasing the ball love that these are all shot with
tracking and it’s very easy to use and it works it really does doesn’t help
them from not blinking but hey you know what are gonna do so
he’s looking for a defender here’s a guy that’s gonna come up for like a fake
handoff he’s gonna pass now the running back is right in front of the
quarterback and a camera still tracking the quarterback no problem
he goes by no big deal and he’s looking downfield for a receiver and he’s still
looking now here’s a defender coming in now it’s getting complicated I can’t see
the ball anymore now I can see the ball again now I’ve got you know an offensive
lineman and a d-line guy that’s coming to get him and will he even when I can’t
see his face it’s still keeping track of him and because the ball is in the same
plane it’s it’s right there too and even have I there so yeah it’s really cool to
shoot football with this now in football in the former system
I liked medium flexible spot but you kind of almost have to use small
flexible spot here so again here we go was a small flexible spot guys right in
front of him and that was an almost on the the defender there and he’s gonna
look down for here we go in the middle of stuff again you know ask yourself if
you’re shooting Canon Nikon would your camera have stayed on him through this
play I kind of doubt it maybe yelling its stuff this is Matt
Simms by the way he’s a former Tennessee quarterback so nice see him out there
even though that’s over again both feet off the ground
that’s the ideal he’s moving on through great eyes off the ground they’re looking for here’s the defender coming
in the defenders closer to me than he is but the cameras staying on the running
back it’s not losing track of what I’m wanting to do now this is easy because
it’s a black uniform versus a white uniform it’s so simple so that’s very
helpful but even here I mean it’s like and now here’s a great example by here
this would have been I think in in a can and this would have been I would have
been focused here if I was doing autofocus I don’t think it would have
stayed on him but anyway even with that he’s still there
still there still there and down he goes turning twisting whatever ball secured
you there that’s kind of scary all right another another running play here he
goes in behind a bunch of defenders and a line you can see it’s still sharp
that’s his helmet right there still sharp there’s the ball right there now
it’s lost it so it doesn’t it’s not exactly foolproof but I’m at five so I’m
at like sensitivities set to five the autofocus sensitivity so maybe if I was
at four or three it would have stayed on him but look it found him again it
figured out I don’t know if it was his glove because it’s got his gloves are
kind of different he’s got those Alliance cloves on maybe it remembered
that he had those gloves back here you know what I mean and then so there’s one
frame where it misses I actually kind of liked that frame and then it found the
glove I think I think that’s what happened so it’s still now focused back
on him he’s about to merge the other side boom so real-time tracking is is
legit it really is it’s it’s a fantastic new that’s an interesting picture I
almost kicked the ball out of his hands so here we go now he’s going to go down
probably hard yeah and I lost lost up there so there’s
like another here’s Matt Simms thrown through a whole bunch of defenders
that’s complicated 1 2 3 4 5 guys all there plus the
background so it’s still working really well works great for kickers because you
can see behind and it’s it keeps track of them as they move and fly through the
air I like that yep so real time tracking football it
really works for John yep except it’s over I’d love to see this this is a
woman referee I didn’t really know they had him until I noticed her off and thus
I was like well that’s really cool so here again here’s a kicker this is a
good example this is a lot of I’m on the wrong side of the ball and tracking is
keeping him sharp no matter what this is tongue sticking out now it’s kind of
funny and here is the ball there’s the ball now that’s kind of nice frame this
would be a nice frame cropped you know like something like this that’d be
alright that’s kind of cool so anyway onward still keeps him in sharp and then
he goes up to look and see the reaction even if it’s just eyes it still got him
so it’s just amazing to me to see the technology at the advanced artificial
intelligence just working it still got the strap of his helmet for God’s sakes
it still got it cool here’s Matt Simmons again from formerly of the Atlanta
Alliance team here he goes fake handoff there he goes he’s got his back to me
now notice that is back to me and it lost it it’s now over here so again I’m
in five probably three or four it’d be better and this is kind of weird once it
got off it couldn’t react wire very well and this is me with my button down and
I’m not reacting fast enough so I gotta like lift off and
then reacquire and this is what I do here so now I’ve got him again
so anyway does it’s not foolproof but it’s you can this is like you know my
first football game ever using real-time tracking so I’ll get better again look
at what that thing is doing its tack sharp on the guy that’s behind the
defender facemask action alright good deal he’s falling down and I’m trying to
track him down I’m not quite there that’s kind of nice off the ground
that’s the high killer ball there he is hidden
he’s coming out and he’s gonna throw he’s gonna throw along nice right before
he gets hit boom nice grimace there as he gets hit now these guys are gonna
jump up and it’s an interception too bad for Matt oh well so yeah it’s working
look at the hair I think it’s actually checking out you know it’s doing
patterns so like it’s got that funny hair there it is now here’s a totally
frame that’s like completely there’s nothing focused right actually there is
right there that’s his leg I think that’s behind his knee that’s
all the camera can see right now and now there’s the ball I have no idea how it’s
accomplishing this but it’s there so look at this he’s like there there there
and then there and remember this is on five so it’s gonna work better even if
you’re on four or three there’s tight so this is five hundred
sixty millimeter f4 and what’s really cool is when you’re doing real-time
tracking in football every once in a while you’ll see the little square
pop-up that is telling you that it’s doing IAF it’s kind of neat and even
from the side you’ll see that sometimes nice all right
late boom this guy is really cool if this guy
used to work used to be at Alabama all right so he’s obscured he’s running back
there the camera still tracking him through all that mess how I don’t know
and there he is coming out the other side he’s trying to find a hole and gets
hit and he’s still there okay pretty cool the grumps done here I think I’ll go this way notice how he’s
moving around I’ll he’s all over the frame so I’ve got I’m like I’m trying to
track what he’s doing and he’s in different parts of the frame and the
camera doesn’t care I like that even though he’s running away from me there’s
like no picture here but it’s kind of cool all right Matt Sims again throws
the ball catches here we go hit whoops ball security that’s right right there
it’s lost so if that had been a big play of the game I would have had it ball
right off the tip of the foot I love that that’s cool all right there’s the
referee doesn’t matter the tracks right through him throw another kick okay look
at this so it’s sharp on the the kicker here
it’s now it’s on either this guy or this guy I think it’s this guy and it lost it
so again the more distance you are away it can sometimes lose it but usually it
doesn’t it’s pretty cool I like the single finger the little index finger
that’s kind of neat and see although all the skins crunchy doing the scrunchie
thing quarterbacks arms and hands are really weird-looking when they throw
it’s kind of cool there’s a little fight that broke out
I like that frame pretty nice crappy background all that stuff you know this
is okay so here’s a guy in pursuit and you can see it’s actually doing some iaf
it’s pretty cool okay here’s the kicker here’s the holder kickers gone because
his foots right there you can see his shoulder pads here there’s the ball and
he’s almost there he’s kicking there’s his foot almost gonna strike the ball
pop there’s the ball balls now hidden between these guys there’s the ball
coming out the other side look at the holders hand
still sharp you can see that the kickers right there you even though he’s move
forward he’s still sharp there’s the kickers hands as he’s coming
down from the kick and finally we have just two eyes of the react amazing that
it can do that all right so I’m going to pull out of this and we’re gonna sort of
wrap this up now first of all thanks for hanging it for the video
I’ve been doing some longer videos than what are normally done YouTube but I
keep getting feedback from people that they’re liking them and that they’re
learning so I’m gonna keep doing whatever I think is appropriate for the
subject matter but to kind of review everything number one your camera must
be set to AFC in order for tracking to work at all so make sure if you’re
having trouble and you’re you’re not getting the results you want and track
your you don’t see tracking if you don’t see tracking you’re not in tracking so
make sure that you kind of look at that very carefully secondly your my best my
best possible advice to you is to use flexible spot small it is going to be
the one I think that’s gonna give you the best bang for the buck shooting
sports photography or anything where you’re just you’re you know if you’re
shooting a dog running or doing wildlife and and birds in flight stuff like that
I think that’s gonna be the best thing cuz you’re gonna be able to pick one
thing out of a group of things and nail it and then track it and then shoot all
you want the final thing is there are lots and lots of different settings for
the there’s five different levels of autofocus sensitivity and depending on
the sport that you are using I would recommend that you experiment there is
no rule of thumb for anything so especially in sports even if you talk
about a certain sport like football well peewee footballs would be different
than high school football is gonna be very different from college football and
then the extreme is pro football so all these things are gonna have you know the
higher you go as you climb up that ladder towards professional you know
athletes things get quicker faster all the time so be kind of aware of that
but as always use the highest shutter speed you can get get the the fastest
lens you can afford use it always wide open don’t ever close a lens down
there’s no point to that in sports photography and just have fun out there
but I really again I appreciate you watching this video if you found value
in it like I said in the beginning please subscribe because I can only
continue to do these if people are if I’m gaining subscribers and all that
kind of stuff I want to help but I need you to kind of make sure you do your
part too thanks so much i’m sony artisan patrick murphy RACI thanks again for
your patience and i hope you picked up some things

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