Hi, it’s Mohammed and today we’re going to do a soccer drill for goalkeepers. So we’re going to have our striker that is going to try to beat the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper has to move with the ball and to always keep an eye on it. So let’s see. [soccer player and goalkeeper doing a drill] the key of the drill, for the goalkeeper is to always have is legs closed and to keep an eye on the ball. [striker and goalkeeper doing a soccer drill] We’re going to show you in slow motion how we all know does his job. So he always keeps an eye on the ball. H always has his legs closed. It’s very important to have your legs closed. He’s ready to get the ball with the hands, he’s very aggressive. It’s important to be aggressive. Now, we’re going to show you the same drill with another angle. [goalkeeper trying to prevent the striker from scoring] So we’re going to look at Leornardo’s job. Look at how his aggressive he always has his eye on the ball. That’s the key to succeed this exercise. Don’t forget to always train hard and subscribe to the channel if you want more soccer videos. Take care guys! [Best Soccer Tricks]

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