My name is Nova and I’m a sneaker
reseller. From the comfort of my chair, I make a pretty good amount of money and
I’m going to show you how I do it. But I have a day job. A regular nine-to-five
which makes it much harder for me to buy shoes. For the most part I can make a
work out. Join me in my journey where I turn hype sneakers into riches. It’s January 5th. Not much going on today
other than the Playstations dropping which it took a huge L on but it’s not
that big of a deal, but today I am gonna go to stadium Goods and drop off my Yeezy 350 reflectives and a couple of regular 350 statics. The Yeezy reflective looks
super nice; they look so cool in the dark especially if you have a bunch of them
lined up like in the video that you’re seeing right now. My girlfriend came and
she’s gonna help me with the camera work and she’s gonna help me bring the shoes
there. See You at Stadium Goods. For anyone that doesn’t know, stadium goods is a consignment shop that means sellers would drop off their
items in the store and when someone buys their item, the seller gets paid and
stadium goods takes a percentage of the sale. We just picked up our payout from
Stadium Goods. 1.3 K more or less. it is Sunday January 6 and we are on our
way to my mom’s house right now so I expect a drop at 8 o’clock for the Nike
SB dunks pigeons. So we’re gonna see how that goes. So me and her are both gonna try and cop from the network out but just in case
anything happens I have my NSB monitor there was never any announcement for an
online drop but I’m just prepared just in case it does happen. There’s
supposedly one minute before the drop and it’s still under maintenance. Ok so it
just turned 9 but nothing’s happening Nothing popped up on the monitor either.
Oh wait we just got a notification from Instagram. okay, “Due to malicious
BOTS attacks tonight’s episode of the network has been postponed until further
notice” Yeah, no drop tonight probably and if I
get a notification from any of my cook groups then I’ll try again All right just got out of work. Jordan
1 Rookie of the Year restock today and the best size they had was a 10.5 and I
ended up copping so. It was a pretty easy cop I don’t expect to make a lot of
money off of it; maybe like $40 maximum that’s a W for today. It’s getting really
cold so I’ll see you at home. Boxes These are Static Reflectives 350s. And the other package is… Let me tell you something
about these mice. My bot had accidentally purchased 15 of these. I only meant to
buy four because I wasn’t sure if they were going to resell. I ended up
reselling each for $150 and I paid like eighty one dollars for each of them. I’m
going to have my profit list on the screen right now. A lot of people slept
on these. I made a pretty good amount of money
anyone who slept on these and said these were bricks
y’all missed out on the easiest money of your life so yeah; don’t sleep. It’s Tuesday morning on my way to work again. and while I was asleep I sold two more
Yeezys and they are selling pretty fast a lot faster than I expected so I’m
starting to think I could get a lot more money out of it. Just got out of work so
all the shoes that we dropped off at Stadium Goods on Saturday have now been sold so that’s for static reflectives and two non-reflectives. How are you gonna ship
out a shoebox in a polybag. Hope it’s not absolutely destroyed that would be so
sad. Well the box has a nice rip on the side and it’s super dented well it’s
pretty beat-up. Find it really strange but anyways the Sports Illustrated size
nine and a half This is another Yeezy 350 reflective So these actually aren’t listed
on Stadium goods just yet so I can probably list it for 800 dollars or
something and see if someone ends up buying them. The package that I’ve been waiting for
for quite a while and this is one of my first unboxings that I’m actually really
excited to do. So, what’s in the box? Damn they went O.D. on this box this box. This box is mad extra dude Oh shoot I can’t even I can’t even open it without un D.S.’ing it. like for me to see the shoe, I have to
rip the stickers off looks like you guys can’t see what’s inside the box because
I don’t want to un-D.S. it. If I ever try to sell it somewhere I don’t think
they’re gonna accept it. If I remove the stickers. This is really neat. Look at that. It fits perfectly; Like it was MADE to be in my shelf. Okay so, Joy got home. Hi babe. Oh no! I’m ugly! And apparently there’s another package in the front as well so uhm. I’m going to do another unboxing. Another Yeezy! What do ya know? Non reflectives; size should be 5 and a half. Tada There was an announcement that the network app is rescheduled to drop later tonight in two minutes and I’m gonna be honest with you I don’t think
it’s going to drop. Oh my gosh, dude people are actually are
actually getting into the app. I gotta keep trying. Knowing that there are some
people in, I’m just gonna keep trying how do people even get in. They probably
got in like way earlier my chances of taking a W is like slim to none even if
I get this app to work I’m probably still not gonna get to W. One of the guys
that are in said he’s been waiting since 10:40 I opened the application like
three minutes before the drop so I think that’s why I went wrong. Shipment came in. These are the 700 statics I actually got two of these when adidas
dropped it in their Fifth Avenue store so yeah this is actually my third pair
the other two pairs I already sold I’m gonna bring this the stadium Goods and
hopefully I can get like 500 600 that’s really optimistic but up there going for
a lot and they’re pretty limited from what I hear. It’s Thursday the 10th so this morning I
got a big package in the mail from foot patrol Wow that is pretty neat actually. The
boxes are a little dirty. Wow this one’s actually ripped. let me tell you about the back story
with these. I got six human races I got five blues and one black and when I
bought it on Stadium Goods it was selling for $379 so I checked the prices
today when I got the shoes in. So now they are selling for around $239 at
Stadium Goods but if I sell it for that price my payout is going to be $190 I’m
only going to make $10 per shoe which is pretty ass so I’m gonna see if I can try
to get these off of my hands for like 200 to 230 payout so now I have a
challenge of selling a bunch of bricks. It’s Saturday the 12th the official
release date of the SB dunk pigeons there aren’t too many scheduled releases
so I’m not really set up the for as far as BOTS are concerned so hopefully, after
today I get at least one pair if anything drops on Shopify I gotta go for
that first because that’s where it’s going to sell out the fastest I’m gonna
be using my Nike Shoebot monitor and hopefully we get some W’s on Shopify
websites there aren’t any scheduled Shopify drops as far as I know so I’m
just going to try my best after that I go to the CSS website and try and manual
a pair from the website. Wait what? How do I add to cart? Uhhh.. wait a minute Dude, how do I add to cart? what is this? Okay. people are saying it’s officially out of stock so that’s a L. There’s gonna be a few
more websites dropping I believe hopefully Shopify because that’s my best
chance. It is eleven fifty eight and consortium will be dropping in about one
minute and possibly concepts hopefully concepts
drop. With consortium I believe the procedure is that you have to solve some
sort of puzzle in order for you to add to cart or checkout I’ve never
done it before. I’m gonna try for my first time. Kay it just froze on me concepts that I dropped dude this is
barely working oh okay we got one we got one win we’re
getting closer we’re getting closer boys okay, okay I found the other win. I found other win! Alright let’s do this Boom. Boom add to basket All our stock of this item is in other
users carts. Consortium that is a big fat L. It’s stuck and I’m probably not going
to be able to check out or do anything for that matter
it is currently 951 p.m. there were no other websites that dropped them but my
journey to get these shoes and other hype shoes is not over yet
until next time

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Sneakers To Riches Ep. 1 – Hype Sneaker Unboxings, Sales, and Sb Dunk Panda Pigeon Live Cop”

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    Oh, and I’m 14 but will have a job over the summer where I can earn like $1000 a month

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