I’m excited. (2 days before the 2019-2020 season) – Here we go. / – It’s started. (The final test of the top 11) (Before the opening game) Okay. All right. Let’s go. All right. (Chelsea Rovers existing members) (Are OB) (And the new members are YB) This will be a goal. It’ll be a goal. (OB vs. YB) (The top 11 battle starts) (A race to be the top 11) (Starts now!) – It’s starting. / – It’s started. Can we stand up and watch? Yes, stand up and watch. We can’t see it sitting down. (Can’t sit down and watch it comfortably) Joshua’s passes are nice. (3 OBs in his way) (After scanning his view) (Pass) Jonathan is very good. (A fierce battle in the midfield from the start) (Unchallenged) Dang, Jonathan. Jonathan is good. He just knows. He’s got a good eye. (He moved through and passed it) I think Jonathan should be a midfielder. He definitely could be. Jonathan has such a good eye. – He’s flexible and fast. / – Good at ball tracking. Our average height is getting higher. – Our team was a bit… / – Since we have Brandon. (Upgrade failed…) Our team’s average height is low. But we have Jonathan, who looks bigger than Jason. That’s right. We’ve become more superior physically. (OB corner kick) (191cm tall Jonathan heads it) (The ball cleared by Jonathan) (YB counterattacks) Okay, go! Okay, go! (Not a chance) OB players are tough. They want to prove themselves. I think the OB team is very strong. (OB is no exception!) Whoa! (OB is pushing hard) Looking from here… (Flip-flap) It looks like they’re playing well. (Rovers’ patented cutback!) Shoot! (Will OB get a head start with Juan’s shot?) Aw, Juan. (Home run) Aw, Juan. But that was a very sensible shot by Juan. (Defending her first love?) (There she goes again) Kind of. (Thanks, Siyoung) He did a great job. Things are speeding up now. (OB cuts again) (YB lost the ball and players) (OB’s 1-on-1 chance) Oh my gosh. It’s a goal. (It’s a goal) (YB’s goalkeeper quickly closes the distance) (Avoiding the crisis with quick judgment!) (The immovable keeper Ilija) (But in an emergency situation…) (The substitute goalkeeper was Barbod) My name’s Daniel Serra. I’m a goalkeeper. I started playing when I was a kid at 6 years old. I’ve played for 22 years. (Played in an Italian semipro league) (Ilija’s rival is here) (Juan’s through pass) That’s right. That’s amazing. (Jonathan’s on the move) Jonathan’s stopping them. They can’t shoot. They can’t shoot because Jonathan came over. (As it turns out) (YB’s right fullback allows OB to break through) They’re both good. It’s amazing watching him play. (Jonathan’s support shot) He must’ve been frustrated. He came all the way to this side. (All-around defensive support) (OB goes on the offensive) (John Choi breaks through) (Liu marks him closely) (Keeping up in speed with John Choi) I think my strength is my experience. At 25, I’ve played a lot of football. I build skills quite quick. Quick. (Liu vs. John Choi, round 2) (Liu is one step ahead again this time) (He’s too fast) (Crazy speed and stamina) (Liu is a top candidate for the fullback position) Kevin is running like that in this time? (Kevin was last season’s fullback) (Alex always hustles) (Jake had explosive growth) (Fierce competition for the fullback position) (Who will be the fullback for the opening game?) They’re all on fire. (The team owner is in a happy dilemma) (Liu has somehow come up to the front line) (Liu) (Zoom) Not the ball again. How much is it? $13. I think it’s more than that. – $60. / – $60. Should we go pick up the ball? We have to think of the big picture. You can go out through that door to get it. He cares more about the $60 than the big picture. The hardest thing to deal with right now is the $60. The season is coming up, and you want a ball? You’re not going to watch the practice? I can see everything on this side. – But that side… / – All right. – Watch the game. / – Sir, you were focusing on Joshua, and now you’re focusing on the woods. (Darn it…) Give the ball to Joshua. Give the ball to Joshua. Let’s see if he can score. That’s right. Joshua. Right now. Good pass, Joshua. Can’t have a ball trap like that. That was a great cross pass. (Direct delivery to the receiver’s feet) (Joshua is revving his engine) (What’s that?) (I won’t lose) (Daniel springs into action) Daniel! He’s fast. – He’s fast. / – He’s fast. Okay. Okay. Okay, nice. This is good. He’s fast. – He’s fast. / – He’s fast. Okay. Okay. Okay, nice. This is good. (Tricks the goalkeeper and scores!) (A wonder goal) Daniel! He’s fast. – He’s fast. / – He’s fast. (Running from the halfway line to the goal) Okay, nice. This is good. Daniel is amazing. – He stole it perfectly. / – It’s glued to his foot. – He keeps up. / – Yeah. This motivates them. It really does. I’ve never seen Daniel play like that. Nice, Daniel. Daniel is in great shape today. (Daniel seems different today) It’ll be difficult this season. There’s a really good striker that joined us. If I’ve done it once, I can do it again. It doesn’t matter who I’m playing with. That’s right. Daniel is great. That’s right. (Daniel has awakened) (Turning) (Fakes by looking aside) (He even shoots) What a shame. Daniel is doing well. He’s got the fundamentals. He’s unchallenged. He can work well with Jonathan. (Joshua’s desire to win is flaring) (YB counterattack starts) (OB blocked by Jie) (Will their offense be foiled?) (Joshua intercepts) (It’s now Joshua’s time) This is a goal. Into the goal! (20 goals in 5 to 6 matches is phenomenal) (Skills he had only heard rumors about) (I’ll show you now!) (Easily scoring from a tough angle) – He scored. / – What? I didn’t see it. – Joshua scored a goal. / – Joshua? (One shot, one kill) (Joshua finally scores) – Joshua scored a goal. / – Joshua? (The rival of the Rovers has arisen) Oh, Ilija. Why are you looking for Ilija when Joshua scored? – Ilija will be upset. / – Joshua scored. What? Ilija will be upset. (LOL) You have a unique point of view. (Only thinking of Ilija) That kind of stuff hurts Ilija’s pride. I know a bit about him. (Totally fine) (The match gets heated with Joshua’s goal) (Feels more real than an actual match) (To be chosen as starters) (The players put their heart and soul into it) Last minute, guys! Last minute! (OB’s last attack) (Alex’s cross) (Shoot!) Nice. (Daniel runs to the other side) Nice. (Daniel’s goal ends the game) 300 people? – Is it over? / – It is. Daniel. Good job, kiddos. – Kiddos? / – Hey, kiddos. (Good job, guys) Good job, kiddos. Huh? Let’s go, Lucky. Let’s go, Lucky. Are you really going to get the ball? This way. (Owner Sooro sets a good example) It’s $30. It’s $60. – $60. / – $60. We’ll have to turn on the flashlight to find it. This is really hard to find. (It won’t be easy) (Where is my $60?) I need to go in. What? – You’re going in right away? / – Yeah. No, just… (Making his colleague do the hard work) I can’t see the ball. There it is. ($60) (Lucky ends up going to get it) (Struggling) (Total age of 93 years going over the fence for a ball) (After much struggle, they get the $60) See if there’s another ball. (While you’re at it) (Give me the ball first) We have somewhere to go. Help me. Come on. (I’ll get you out if you find another ball) – Wow, Sooro. / – What are you going to do? – While I’m here… / – Hold on. Are there a few more… To sum up today’s evaluation of the new players, Joshua scored a goal. As expected, Daniel scored two or three goals. The existing players also have more vigor, since the new players came in. Some players were injured like Chris, and some players transferred like Jason. (Siyoung starts looking elsewhere) – Replacing them is important. / – Ilija! Great job! – We’re talking right now. / – Good job! I’m talking about the strategy for this season. – They just finished. / – Get it together! He let in a goal. (Stopped talking because of Ilija)

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