welcome my channel and all freinds i respect you to day iam teach you cris gayle and glen maxwell hit big six reason they devlop some technique so if you want hit six like them you must devlop they technique how to hit six if you want to hit long sixes some things you must know to day cover toppic what is best exersize hit six how to pick ball early what hand and leg use what the best degree hit the six how to ball pick early and what is best wing speed and how to increase power force if you use this things at your practice match my 200 percentage gurantee you hit the six easily make your wrist and fourarms strong lets do best exersize for strong wrist and fourarms you see cris gayle they wrist and fourarms are very strong lets doo wrist and four arms exersize your hand stright and finger tite and up and down slowly how to Pick ball early every batsmen get just 2 secound pick the ball in fast bowling your eye level on bowler wrist when bowler play ball you see bowler hand Rotation

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