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Dennis Veasley

15 thoughts on “Singles Strategy: Simple 3-Step Shot Selection System”

  1. Thanks… that was an extremely useful tip! Yes, i aim at the lines and normally go well below the 2 feet guideline over the net!!

  2. I don't really understand the logic of not going down the line when getting pulled to the alley. If the reason is about not being able to cover the next cross court ball, it doesn't make sense. If we go cross on the same situation, our opponent can still hit down the line, and we will have to cover the other side of the court as well.

  3. Thanks for the video. It is tempting to go down the line. Do you go crosscourt even when the opponent is coming to the net?

  4. We could also say that when the player is really in defense, if he plays cross court, the other player just has to play down the line to win the point. I don"t think it's always a good choice to defend cross court. Sometimes it's better and easier to defend down the line with a high long ball.

  5. How about when you play against someone that can hit the ball deep against you 20 straight times? Makes for very long points especially playing someone 20 years younger.

  6. Really!!?? Out of an 11 minute- video, you talked for 9!? You're doing telemarketing dude, not tennis! God, I'm so sick and tired of wasting my time with people like you, who love the sound of their voice!

  7. Thank you. In your previous video on tactics you said pros only aim near the line 15% of the time, or whatever the percent was. I can see it is wise not to aim near the sidelines. But it seems you want to keep it deep so you should aim close to the baseline most of the time, and not in the middle of the court. Is that right? How close to the baseline should a 3.5 or 4.0 player generally be aiming?

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