So you turned 20 since I’ve seen you.>>I did.>>And I hear that you have
a goal to move out of your house?>>Yes, if my parents allow it,
that is, of course, but.>>You’re 20, they may want you out,
you don’t know.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah, no, they don’t though, so if they don’t let me out, I just might have to sneak out
in the middle of the night.>>Wait, so okay, but
you’ve never lived alone.>>No.>>You’ve been working and
training as a gymnast your whole life, so when you live alone,
what would you need to learn how to do?>>I need to learn how to cook, pay bills,
do laundry, well, I do know how to do laundry, it’s just, I just had
a mistake with the last load I did.>>What was the mistake?>>Well, they look the same to me,
at my house, my washer and dryer look different,
but this one didn’t, so apparently I put them in the dryer
first with the pod, did it, and then it was weird why they were still dry,
and then I put them in the bottom one, and my dad’s like, I thought you said
you switched it to the dryer? I said, I did, he goes,
that’s a washer, I was like, forget it.>>Wait, you started with the dryer and
then you put them in the.>>And then put the pod in,
yeah, but like I was tired.>>But wait, when you took them out
of the dryer, they were dry, so they wouldn’t have been wet,
which means they weren’t in a washer.>>Yes, no, but I waited like 30 minutes,
I heard it go off, so I was like, wow,
they dried really quickly.>>Okay.>>And maybe a roommate,
cuz I’m scared of the dark.>>Yeah, you should maybe just not
move out for a little while, maybe.>>[LAUGH]
>>Well, I learned, so I won’t do it again.>>You learn those things and
then move out, if you will. Okay, so you’re going to be 21 next year,
and what is the, I know you want to go to Vegas.>>Yes, so my brother wants to take me to
Vegas, go see a show, maybe Magic Mike.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yeah, that’ll be fun, right?>>Yes.>>I have tickets for
you to go to Magic Mike for the opening.>>Really? My god, thank you.>>Yes.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That is so cool.>>Right?>>Yeah.>>I mean.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>That will be good. I heard you got a tattoo.>>I did.>>Where did you get a tatoo?>>I got a tattoo right here.>>Of the rings.>>Yeah, the Olympic rings.>>Wow, and how did,
was that your idea, or was it a bet?>>No, it was my idea,
I said I would never get a tattoo, but then after the Olympics, I really
wanted one, and so then I left and went to go get one, and my parents didn’t
think I was gonna get one, and I did.>>Yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>And you said you’d never get one, but yet you did,
was it easier than you thought, or?>>Yeah, I have a pretty high pain
tolerance, so I wasn’t really nervous and it didn’t hurt, but the guy that
was doing it was shaking so bad, and kept making me stand up to check if it
was straight, and so I was like, my gosh, is this the best idea after all?>>Wait a minute,
the guy was shaking who was doing your?>>Yes, uh-huh.
>>Didn’t you ask for like the place to go, or something?>>Well, I mean, yes, but I was so
nervous that I forgot what it was called, I just walked right in,
sat there, and then did it.>>[LAUGH]
>>You should not be making your own decisions.>>[LAUGH]
>>No, but they’re pretty good,
it’s straight, it’s straight.>>Yeah, well,
when you hold it that way, it is.>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>So I heard you had your first date recently too.>>Yes.>>Cuz you’ve never had a boyfriend.>>Never.>>Never, I mean, Zac Efron was
supposed to be your boyfriend, but it didn’t work out, he came to visit you.>>Yeah.>>I did what I could.>>Well, thank you,
it worked out perfectly.>>I know, he got the message.>>Yeah.>>So what are you looking for in a guy?>>A good sense of humor,
I laugh all the time, good personality, respectful,
and hopefully taller.>>Good.
>>[LAUGH]>>That’s great, so we’re gonna take a break,
and then when we come back, we’re gonna meet your dance partner,
what is he like?>>He’s amazing, he has a good sense of
humor, he’s funny, he’s very patient, but then once it’s time to do the dance
in the whole minute and 30 seconds, however long, it’s down to business.>>Yeah, good,
because I know he’s a prankster.>>Yes, he is, but
he hasn’t pranked me yet.>>Well, that’s good, I mean,
because that could be just.>>[NOISE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>[LAUGH] My gosh, y’all, you gave me a heart attack,
where is he, he just left?>>Yeah, he’s gone.>>My god.

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