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Dennis Veasley

14 thoughts on “Side Spin Serve – Two Comparative Views”

  1. Mine, is mych like the 2nd person but my spin is more furious if that makes sense. I guess you could say it spins to the right alot more.

  2. The problem the first girl is having is that she is tossing the ball in a position where you toss for a TOPSPIN serve! That basically sets you up for failure right off the bat because you'll never be able to slice that. I mean the ball is tossed behind her head! Fix the toss, make the grip more extreme, and swing towards the net post like the video says.

  3. Can't fathom how I can do a serve so low yet still make in the service box and I think the video can show them how I do it

  4. This comparison is very telling. And really, even if the toss location is a tell and the receiver gets the advance notice, they still have to go get it and return it, and they still have to get back to cover the court for the server's next shot. Both are easier said than done.

  5. Hallo Jim,
    I wouldn't recommend this low toss-slice serve to anybody. Simply because, you can't do a flat or a kick serve with such a low toss. Okay, if somebody wants to learn this as a trick shot. But first, you have to learn a serve with an extended arm.
    I tried to serve as lefty and I know now, that the biggest mistake was a much too low toss. My right shoulder hurts from time to time less or more. So, I started to serve as a lefty not only as a joke.
    And now I know, that my right handed serve had a much too low toss too. I believe, that is the reason, why my shoulder did not like it.
    Best regards,

  6. This is a great video Jim. I have always had trouble slicing my serves. I am going to try letting the toss go lower. Thanks!

  7. Hi Jim, the only problem I see with the guy´s serve is that he´s telling the opponent that it´s going to be a slice wide open. I know he has a fast sick spin, but I think disguise is the most important part in serve. Things get easier for the receiver if he knows a slice serve is coming, instead as if he has to identify it´s a flat, topspin, kick or slice serve and the place of the box it´s going to land. The worst thing in tennis is letting your opponent read your game.

  8. Both servers are NOT doing it correctly. The lady's slice does not seem to have enough side spin on it. The gentleman's does not have a lot of speed on it and also very taxing on the arm. The better way which most if not all the modern pros hit their slice serves would be to incorporate pronation on all of the serve types flat, slice, and kick. Pronation on all three types of serves has done wonder for my serves. We owe it to Pancho Gonzales, not sure if he discovered pronation on the serve but he was using it way back with powerful results.

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