back in 2014 we named the Volkswagen GTI
our best cheap speed car for less than $30,000 it beat the Subaru WRX the Ford
Fiesta ST and the then Scion fr-s but for 2019 the GTI stiffest
competition may come from within VW’s ranks and that’s with the redesign 2019
Jetta GLI so the GLI is no longer a hodgepodge of platforms and rear
suspensions and engines it’s now on the GTI’s MQB architecture it has the same
engine the same transmission options we’re talking the same horsepower torque
number the same gear ratios in the dual-clutch 7-speed the last GLI you
gave up a lot of that GTI’s sporting character to get the extra backseat room
to get an actual trunk but for 2019 is that still the case so we’re here to
test acceleration braking handling and determine is the GLI as good as the GTI during this test we have GLI the GTI and
they’re both equipped with the automatic transmission the 7-speed dual-clutch
fantastic transmission in these cars we focused in a few measure testing areas
as well as an autocross course so in our measured testing these cars
are nearly identical so the GLI desert sixty five point eight
four seconds the GTI did 0-60 in five point nine six seconds so the GLI was a
little faster than zero to sixty and also in quarter-mile time the GLI did
fourteen point four five seconds and ninety nine point one seven miles per
hour and the GTI was unnoticeably slower at fourteen point one two seconds and
six for an hour now those look identical but there was one massive difference
between these cars and that’s the GLI has summer tires and the GTI has
policies and tires and that’s where we really saw the impact and our measured
testing for acceleration and braking and acceleration the GLI with launch control
stuck the tires planted and was gone fastest time
ask the day the GTI with all season tires took us about eight runs to dial
in the time to get gets fastest time because the tires were spinning we’re
getting real hot that difference came through and your
braking numbers – massive difference in braking numbers so the GLI 16 to zero
miles an hour took 111 feet the GTI 127 feet huge difference big difference
and you can feel that when you stop on the brakes and the GLI just punkers down
no drama stops very quickly the GTI just skips along the road with
those policies entire now our braking tests are meant to simulate a panic
braking maneuver so what we do is we just throw the hooks out at 60 miles now
handling though on our autocross course the summer tires were a very different
experience yeah I think the GTI’s policies and tires became even more of a
liability in the autocross because that’s the car you think you know would
be like perfectly setup for it the smaller hatchback and it felt like it
was the right car for that but it didn’t have the right tires because it was it
was sliding around you weren’t his you weren’t able to carry as much speed
through some of the bigger turns that you could in the GLI you were just
sliding off course and it really made it more of a handful than the GLI was
at the the shorter wheelbase definitely showed itself an autocross course but I
loved how it trail braking the cars back-end would kick out and it would
just that nose would point toward the cone the back end would step around and
you’re off but yet you’re battling a whole lot of wheelspin a whole lot of
traction issues with those all season tires the GTI though it felt like the
more precise the car into a test though it’s just the little differences in road
feel was better communicated it just didn’t have the grip that the GLI did
yeah and I think once we got out onto the street where we are now that some of
the differences between the tires were more minimized and it became less of an
issue and that helped the GTI I agree the the GTI came across as the more
engaging car to drive with more direct feel through the accelerator steering
and is definitely the pick in you are valuing the most of the driving
experience I thought rattle Tippin was more precise the GLI
just it still felt a little mushy yeah yeah it’s still a little bit more
comfort oriented than the GTI and I I think if that’s what you want like maybe
the GLI is the better choice you because it does have a little bit more ride
comfort it doesn’t quite beat you up as much in terms of suspension firmness but
you give up that precision that you’re talking about where you know the
steering isn’t as direct it doesn’t kind of turn it as quickly there’s a
difference there yeah the GLI is almost like if you made
a copy of the GTI you made a copy of the copy of the copy
you’ve got the deal yeah there it is there were some other characteristics
that stood out between the two specifically we only talked about making
the experience more engaging from the GTI’s and you hear more till the turbo
noises you hear more exhaust the exhaust goes blop between gear shifts and you
just don’t get that in the GLI I feel like the GLI like its augmented
and to note is it’s very aggressive its natural engine note their exhaust note
is less so Wow both cars do have the Augmented sound right options that you
can dig into the menu and change so even though there are a lot of similarities I
feel like between the Jenna GLI and GTI we talked about I mean the same engine
the same transmission the same differential just to name some of the
things I feel like these cars are still for different buyers I mean on the one
hand there’s the GTI which I kind of feel is like it’s a if you want
sportiness all the time whether you’re just going to the grocery store or just
kind of having fun on a back road that’s your car where this one like a little
bigger the Jetta GLI that we’re in a little bigger a little softer it’s a
little more relaxed in just a little bit more comfortable while still giving you
that great GTI performance yeah it’s got a ton of values a lot of value I like
how there’s more backseat room now even though the the golf is a hatchback if
you need just trunk room behind the backseat the Jetta gives you that and
pricing if you hit on value so the two cars we’re testing are separated by a
$295 the GLI is more expensive than the GTI and here’s everything you get in the
GLI that you don’t get in the GTI for the same price the GLI has a moonroof
dual automatic climate control GTI has a manual power driver’s seat GTI manual
seat the GLI has ventilated seats in addition to heated seats leather
upholstery the digital cockpit remote start and this big 8 inch touchscreen
versus the GTI is a small or six and a half inch touchscreen Ando
model we test it you get that same awesome long warranty granted if you
live in the Midwest like we do you’re buying a set of all season tires for
this or winter tires so there’s an extra eight hundred to a thousand dollars if
you choose the the summer tires on like this cars and claim to it but the
heightened performance that this car has versus its predecessor it’s good I mean
it’s really good yeah I mean it it really transforms the car into something
different than you know your ordinary Jetta I mean it’s it’s just the way it
drives and like the performance numbers you’re talking about the design – it’s
got a lot that makes the car its own thing yeah for sure I mean I put this on
my list I’ve got a subaru impreza hatchback right now and
you know the life kid we’re help grilling it so I could
definitely see a sedan like this with more usable trunk space we got the car
seat in the backseat that never leaves the backseat I can’t fold the backseat
and use the back seat for a hatchback so something with the bigger trunk makes
more sense for me and I think it will for a lot of people whose lifestyle just
doesn’t fit in a small hatchback anymore but you still want that high-performance
experience and that does deliver this

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Dennis Veasley

84 thoughts on “Sibling Rivalry: 2019 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Vs. 2019 Golf GTI —”

  1. Testing them with different tires really isn't that fair, but it is good that you recognized and pointed it out. Tires make a huge difference.

  2. Wish that DCC adaptive suspension was offered in the top level Autobahn trim, and with essentially matching performance the GLI is really good value overall plus I am seeing dealers easily offering $2K off the MSRP on listings online. I'd choose the GLI over the GTI if I were in the market.

  3. Compare apples to apples not apples to oranges!!! Test with the same tire not different types what's a matter with you guys!!!

  4. I thought that it was a good test yes not for same byers that's what i get out of these machines thinking about getting a gli in Canada we get 2 modules fully equipped 35 aneversary autobond or non 35th fully loaded autobond

  5. I really like the GTI but if I was choosing between the two I’d have to go for the GLI it’s just a lot more practical but still just as fun.

  6. Different tires changes everyything! How dumb. Makes all,of this completely useless and uncomparable.

  7. I bought the 35th anniversary edition GLI and love it. Tires were the all season and replaced those immediately.

  8. it would be better if you do autobahn agains autobahn editions since they are more equally performance than a rabbit edition that only gives cosmetic bits

  9. Excellent points regarding a hatch versus a trunk if you have child seats installed. Hatches are my favourite but if they are kinda small like the gti then a good size trunk like you get in the gli or si sedans may make more sense for a small family. I wish we got bigger sport manual wagons. A gti sport wagen would be great!

  10. 8:04 I'm sure this will all change when they release the new 2020 Volkswagen Golf Gti.

    3:15 Also, who the f*** lifts their leg that high to stomp on the brakes. In an emergency every second counts. Just roll your right feet over onto the brake pedal and step down as hard as you can. It'll save you that extra second and it might save you from rear ending into someone's ass.

  11. What a pointless test. With the different tires you didn’t prove anything. How hard would it had been to change them?

  12. I just got a gli 35th and I'm in love with it. I still drive my b5 s4 in the winter though. All hail Quattro 😍😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍

  13. Great review you guys are doing an awesome job I really like all the options and the speed and how you guys compared both vehicles.

  14. So you guys did an entire comparison test with these cars on completely different tires? Virtually all the “differences” you noted in the video were because of the tires. Come on guys..

  15. I think this review should have been put off until you guys got matching tires. The comparisons went out the window with the repeated discussion about the tires. So we have no way to say if the GLI is better just that it has summer tires.

  16. As many posters have noted, the peformance comparison seems to be mainly a case of the differences between all season and summer tires. But while that makes a comparison of the GLI and GTI problematic, there's a silver lining to that cloud. Reviewers and consumers routinely cite 0-60 and quarter mile times as if they're gospel figures carved in granite and the gold standard for measuring one vehicle against another. (Apologies for the mixed metaphors) In fact, they're nothing of the sort. In addition to tire type differences and tire wear, differences in elevation, ambient temperature, driver skill, whether a test is conducted from a standing or rolling start, and differences in particular vehicle units among other factors can make for huge differences in acceleration and handling performance. All in all, a difference of one or even two seconds in metrics of 0-60 or quarter mile times may be essentially meaningless unless averaged over multiple tests over in a variety of conditions. That is almost never done and even the details that would enable one to make a judgment about the effect on performance are seldom revealed.

    While reviewers sometimes note such issues, there is almost never an example of just how crucial any single factor might be. This comparison of vehicles with the same engines and power trains provides an excellent picture of how critical tires are in performance. And for that reason it's worth paying attention to. This might not be a reliable comparison of the GLI and GTI but it offers a revealing quantitative measure of the effect of tire choices. Short of comparing two identical models of the same car with different tires, this is one of the better examples of the impact of tire choice on performance. Even so, it would be interesting to know the age and mileage of the tires on the two vehicles. Given the recent introduction of the GLI I suspect that it may well have had nearly new tires while the GTI may well have had many more miles on them.

  17. What a waste of a potentially useful comparison by not ensuring they're wearing the same tyres!! Why even publish it?

  18. Im torn between 2017 Mazda 3 GT or 2017 GTI. Ive heard VW's questionable reliability. Are VW cars high maintenace?

  19. Lol ..well.. just put some good summer tires on the gti.. done lol what is the big deal…good lord lol

  20. Test them with the same types of tires. 75% of the video was dedicated to the difference in performance due to the tires…..waste of a review

  21. Still sucks VW isn’t going to be selling the new jetta in Europe. Didn’t really care for the previous generations except the mk2. This new one ticks off alot of the right boxes, oh well…

  22. With summer tires the GTI is a tiny bit better (talking about performance) but……for a man with a small family the Jetta is the right choice.

  23. With summer tires the GTI is a tiny bit better (talking about performance) but……for a man with a small family the Jetta is the right choice.

  24. Why does VW put summer tires on the Jetta and all seasons on their "hot hatch" GTI? Why is the Fender sound system available in Canada on the Rabbit trim? VW America is screwing customers by not offering DCC and Fender on the Rabbit; the best looking trim in the lineup.

  25. True VW fans know the GTI is a better car because VW doesn’t really care about American VWs which the Jetta is. It will add some nice options and be cheaper but it’s still not a true VW.

  26. I am glad they finally gave the GLI some decent power. It's too bad they couldn't give that to the mk6. The redesign of the Jetta is absolutely hideous now. I would have picked a mk6 GLI over GTI, but now I think I would pick the GTI.

  27. Sad, these guys went ahead with the tire differences! Shows the budget these two fellows were given to do this comparison. Shame on for limiting the budget! Guys did their best though.

  28. Is the summer tire a dealer option? When I looked at VW's website it says both cars come standard with All Seasons. Further, I'm not sure exactly what options your GLI has but when I priced it out with the DSG I got the same price, $30,890, as the GTI.

  29. Why don’t you just swap the all season tyres before doing the comparison test. Variables are not controlled

  30. A good facelift and buttlift will make the GLi a really nice car. The way it looks now just doesn’t deserve the vw or Gli badge. Car is hideous

  31. You should've put the gli wheels/tires on the GTI for at least a run. Same chassis, probably same size.

  32. Why even compare them if they dont have the same tires. Do two runners qualify in different shoes? One in sandles the other in running shoes? Like the test isnt even worth doing, how much is a set of tires? Too much for the video then dont make it.

  33. As most of the comments say………..silly test if you are not going to use same tires. Also, the GLI will be chosen for its space and comfort, the GTI for it "hot hatch" appeal. A family with one car is going to need and want a sedan even though a Golf might be appealing. Most commuting and normal driving is not going to require track performance. Some potential buyers may not know it is necessary to use premium fuel to get the rated hp and torque from the 2.0 engine.

  34. All these data about 1-60 in 6 seconds and all the other speed stuff doesn't make a difference in any of the major metropolitan areas on a daily basis. You are stuck in traffic, lucky if you move 25 MPH.

  35. blah blah blah… so at the end of the day – who is driving like they're on a track in rush hour traffic? really? GLI all day long, every day.

  36. Wonder how difficult it would be to swap out those adaptive dampers on the 35th GLI for some higher quality aftermarket coilovers……

  37. Such waste of time, they should have demanded summer tires for both cars to get an accurate comparison! After 3:48 I stopped watching…

  38. Everybody in the comments are focused on the tire difference but they plainly explain why the results were different. And they also explained that basically these two would perform exactly the same otherwise which is what I really wanted to know. Pick your style preference but also feel assured if you want a sedan like I do, you will still have equal performance of a GTI if you use the tires that suit you the best for how, when, where you drive. And currently you gbet more value out of a GLI purchase. 2019 will be the last 7yr 72k mile warranty offered also as VW is reducing the warranty in 2020 to 4yrs 48k miles. I appreciate the review!

  39. This review literally tells you nothing because of
    The all seasons Vs summers. Why did they even do this lmao. Waste of time.

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