Hi my name is Anthony Baron Kirk, in this
clip I would like to talk about a simple little tennis ball. And it’s relation to this over
active and hot spot that we get a very localized, painful sometimes associated or referred to
as in impingement in the rear deltoid. So very similar to a foam rolling technique,
all I’m doing is exchanging it with a simple tennis ball. Lie down on the side with my
body, again very conscious of my body position. Placing the tennis ball on the pad, can move
it right to the spot, a very obvious one once you find it. So with your shoulders stacked
again, posture is very important, the position of your body will help you achieve optimal
results. But as I deactivate this very localized spot, my rear deltoid sometimes even into
that teris minor area. I’m promoting good function in my body, so with my arm up I can
even move my arm slightly back and forth. But ultimately just as a foam roll technique
we think about pressing into the one area, and just really allowing it to release. So
in this particular hot spot for so many of us, including myself right now, it’s a very
painful position. I would probably be here for two minutes. But somewhere between one
and five minutes, is going to be ideal. And you’ll feel it release, it’s a very fantastic
feeling. Just switch, just think about taking the ball to the other side. Or of course you
can just roll over, watch how I just very simply take the ball and place it into that
spot. When you know where the spot is, it’s very easy to find. So here I am at the spot
instantly I can feel it. You may need to move it once or twice, because there is of course
more than just that rear deltoid you can cover. It’s hard to get into some other muscles on
the back, so just the teris minor. So again, this position for me right now one to two
minutes is going to suffice.

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Dennis Veasley

19 thoughts on “Shoulder Pain Treatments : Shoulder Pain Tennis Ball Exercises”

  1. I've been doing tennis ball therapy for a few years now, mostly for deep knots in my upper back, from the rolled shoulder. Never have been able to get a real diagnosis from a doctor, they just say "muscle spasm", but the spasm is the systom not the cause….

  2. Yea I get the same thing from doctors about my rotator cuff. I know where the problem is but not what it is whatsoever.

    I went to about 3 doctors, 4 physical therapists, and an acupuncturist. None helped. But then a relative of mine went to massage therapy school and it's been better than ever. Have done the tennis ball for that for a while.

  3. Same here it's gotten a lot better over the last year, still do the tennis ball when it gets stiff. I think I had an injury that created huge knots that pinched off nerves, causing deep pain, headaches, and not much range of motion of my right arm and turning my head to the right.

  4. @unityed
    this has nothing to do with tennis. he's just using the tennis ball to massage an area that's tough to treat

  5. Trying this and the foam roller for my impingement problem. First time really hurt!! Held it for 2 min like he suggested but ZOWIE and I'm not sure mine ever released. Time will tell if it helps. I get that it is similar to deep tissue massage that hurts too when I've had it done. Enduring pain to be pain free. Hmm. Is this really what it takes?

  6. I hurt my shoulder just over a week ago. I can lift it and move my shoulder but sometimes when I use it its loose. How long should I wait to do this exercise?

  7. absolutely amazing. I have been living with this shoulder pain for a long time, doing this exercise for less than 2 minutes made it go away. i feel like an idiot.

  8. is the rear detoid above or below the shoulder blade? If I get it wrong would I risk pushing something else out of place?

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