Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I am going to talk about something
I have been asked twice this week. So coincidentally two different people, two
different days. So if these two people are asking me the question. I think I need to answer it in this video. So what is the question. The question is. Should my irons sit flat on the ground at
address? If you are interested in this stay tuned. [Music] So if this is your first time to this channel. Welcome. This channel os all about helping you play
better golf. And as I said before.I have been asked twice
this week the same question. Should my irons sit flat at address? The answer is no. You don’t want your club sitting flat at address. The reason being. When we swing a golf club. We’ve got a lot of dynamic movement. We have got our body moving, our legs moving,
arms moving, spine moving.There is a lot of moving. So it is not a stationary thing. It’s a dynamic movement. So when I swing the club dynamically. What happens is the club bends. The shaft of the club bends that way during
the swing. I think most people realize that the shaft
bends that way. But also a little known fact it also bends
that way. In addition to that. When we are trying to create a little bit
of power. Our hands become more upright at address. So what happens is we may start out with the
club sitting flat on the ground. But due to the dynamic movement and our hands
getting higher. We tend to get the club more towards the toe
of the club. Combined with the act that the shaft bends
a little bit. The toe comes down. We really don’t want to have that club starting
flat. We need to allow for it. We know it’s going to do that. So what we need to do is just start with the
toe of the club slightly off the ground a little bit more. So we have our hands slightly lower at address. That gives us room so when we get that dynamic
movement the club can get back to nice and straight and flat at impact. Now of course that’s provided our clubs have
been fitted to our swing. And this is really important. If you have the wrong fitting club in terms
of lie angle. It’s really going to make it difficult for
you to hit good shots. So you need to see a PGA Golf Professional
preferably that’s my preference. They have had a lot of training in this area
and they also are golf coaches. So they understand the dynamic between coaching
and fitting. So if you get the right fitted iron. When we start in our address position we just
want the toe to be slightly off the ground. That allows us for our dynamic movement where
our hands get slightly higher. And at the point of impact the bottom of our
club will st nice and flat. So it’s really important that we get our clubs
fitted. Now one little known fact. And I have said this in a video before. But when we are using our most lofted wedge. In this case it is a 60 degree sand wedge. For me to hit the ball. So that I want to get the club up high and
over the bunker. I will tend to keep my hands lower. So in terms of what we said before about the
dynamic movement. Our hands become higher. When we try to hit a little soft shot over
a bunker and try to stop the ball on the green. We tend to keep our hands a little bit lower. So in actual fact you want to try and get
the lie angle with your most lofted club a little bit flatter than the rest. I still want your hands lower to start with. So as soon as I try and hit that lofted shot
up and over the bunker I keep my hands quite low and I return them quite low. So instead of getting that hand high for power. I am keeping my hands low so that I can get
the leading edge under the ball. Get the maximum loft on the golf club to get
it up in the air. So it’s quite common for our most lofted wedge
to be 2 degrees flatter than what our standard iron make up is. So I hope that answers the question for you. Thank you for letting me help you with your
golf. I am Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. If you like my videos you can click on my
picture on the golf ball down the bottom there. You can get further information on my FaceBook
page or my Twitter feed. You could also sign up to my electronic newsletter
or listen to any one of my podcasts at thegolfdoctor.com.au

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Dennis Veasley

23 thoughts on “Should my irons sit flat on the ground at address in golf”

  1. Brian, Commenting from the states. I am so glad I ran across your YouTube channel. The three vids you did on the "golf grip" as well as the "three basic ball positions" were exactly what I needed coming into a new golf season. I totally agree with keeping things as simple as possible. Awesome work on your part. Keep 'em coming when able Pro!

  2. Thanks Brian another good video… was wondering if you could do a video on the trail shoulder , i can hit fat or thin at times and especially with irons my striking isn't that consistent, if i start my downswing by trying to pull my trail shoulder under will that work?
    Cheers 👢sy

  3. Brian thanks for the video. I am a relatively new golfer (3years) still in the low 100’s mid to high 90’s. I continue to use starter clubs that were given to me. At what point do you suggest getting fitted for new clubs? Trying to determine when to move forward with fitting and upgrade.

  4. Guillermo, from New Jersey (USA). I am happy I run into your videos. You explain all the simple concerns weekend golfer have. Thanks

  5. Brian …does this same principle apply to hybrid clubs…My clubs are all hybrids heads 3 to gap wedge.With the much flatter sole should one use this to avoid topping of the fairway..These clubs are Integra Design.Gazza NZ.

  6. By the way…your tip on dropping the hands with the more lofted clubs WORKS a treat…..have been using it a lot and it gives you confidence to attack the ball when you have little room to work with as it lifts the ball quicker, with extra spin. I have taken a wider stance, which has helped to lower my hands even more when required. Great videos.

  7. Just great videos…simple and to the point.Have you given any thought to a forum type page where we can all see questions submitted and your replies which are so helpful.Gazza NZ .( new to your site and you may have this setup already)?

  8. Brian thanks for this informative video. Can you help me find some direction? For years I have always grounded my irons at address. I often have a hole ruined by a fat iron shot. Recently I have experimented at the range with 2 new changes. First I tried to straighten my left arm a bit more at address. The second thing I tired was to hover my irons slightly at address. It seems the shots were more pure, consistent with divot out in front instead of on fat side. Do you think I am going in the right direction with more straight left arm and hovering irons? In this video you explain how shaft bends in 2 directions. Also can you explain if centrifical force pulls the club downward significantly? Thanks Brian: From Bruce A. So California

  9. Yesterday I went onto the golf course and scored 62 is there anyway I can improve on the golf course because when I am on practice range I get every single one straight yet golf course I went wrong and yet Sunday I had a good game when I practiced I knew were I was going wrong I did not take my time and I rushed though the shot but do you have any advice in how I can get my score down from 62 to get it to 18 but it is my 1st time on golf course I love playing golf and I have not got any intentions of giving up

  10. It is rewarding and as I say i have not got any intention of quiting I just want to improve on my shot from the 1 to 9 holes do you have any tips for me

  11. With the toe up if you don't swing perfectly it is a pull. Why not just raise the hands slightly at address so the club is level? That gets rid of the pulls and much easier to repeat. Also, much easier to keep the club on plane. When the hands are low the club seems to go all over the place. Take a look at Ben Hogan videos. His hands appear raised at address and the clubface is square to the ground. Jack Nicklaus teaches a flat to the ground clubface also.

  12. Great tip. Whenever I remember to address with the top up with my irons.. I get sooo much more compression and a penetrating ball flight. The proof is in ball-flight and the divot is square. Thank you for such a helpful tip.

  13. I was smashing my irons way left until I saw a guy lift his iron straight up in front and say the bottom edge should be pointing straight up.Now when I do that the toe is up and it goes straight.

  14. this would be a more useful lesson if the lighting was better (on the mat) so that we could see exactly what's happening. cheers

  15. I tried the Toe-Up today at the range. I had to move further away from the ball to achieve this. I'm worried that changing my distance from the ball is a BIG adjustment that will take a long time to groove in. Am I going about it correctly? Stand further away to get the toe up? Thanks.

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