Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Gerald
has asked us a question about whether he should switch from penhold to shakehand. So Gerald feels very comfortable playing penhold
and he says that when he did try shakehand it wasn’t as good so his penhold forehand,
his topspins, his smashes were all better with the penhold grip but the reason that
he’s thinking about it is because his coach plays with the shakehand grip. Well Gerald I think you should just stay with
the penhold grip. There are advantages of the penhold grip. One is that you can utilise
your wrist a little bit better with the serve by using more wrist. It’s also good for your
forehand attack because again you’re utilising your wrist more fully for the topspin and
for the smash. The limitation has always been the backhand but you say that you can do a
reverse penhold backhand as well so you are really answering your own question by just
telling me that you are more comfortable with the penhold grip. If that’s what you are more
comfortable with then that’s what you should stay with. Why would you change to the shakehand?
The only reason would be if you tried the shakehand grip, it felt comfortable, and you
were able to play a little bit better. So for me, stick with the penhold grip Gerald. Alright Alois, you want Gerald to stick with
the penhold grip. What about new players who have never played before? Would you recommend
the shakehand or the penhold? How would you decide about that? So firstly I would see, some players, a lot
of players come to you and they’re already using one of the grips. Stay with it because
it’s probably a more natural thing for them. But if they come to you, they’ve never played
before I tend to favour the shakehand grip just because I use it and it’s probably easier
for me to teach but also if you now look at the top players in the World most of them
play with the shakehand grip. Xu Xin penholder bu most of the others shakehand grip. Very good.

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Dennis Veasley

70 thoughts on “Should I Switch From Penhold to Shakehand? | Table Tennis | PingSkills”

  1. Hi, i am a c-penhold player with rbp who started playing only 4 months ago, but played pretty often during this time. My question is if it's possible to reach a good level of play only by watching top penhold players matches vods and video like wang hao instructional, since in my country there are no penhold coaches? Also i felt like multiballs training it's the best to improve every type of shot, should this be the core of my practice?

  2. I used to play with Pen Hold but when i found out that i got disadvantage cause i can't do RPB I go back to using the shakehand and now i can attack both forehand and backhand.

  3. Thank you Alois and Jeff for all the great videos you guys put out! You guys are the reason that Ive been able to progress in my table tennis. I used to watch continuously a few years ago when I was playing regularly, but I stopped playing and watching for a while. Ive been playing more recently and I intend on playing in some small tourneys as soon as possible. Thanks again and Ill let you know what kind of success I have competitively. : )

  4. PingSkills you are the best……..I am Dvij…..I want to know how to keep the ball on the table……Sorry…..I m 10 years old……

  5. I on the other hand, switched from Shakehand to penhold, just because I wanted to be more variable in terms of grips.
    But I find it a bit more comfortable, Im an illustrator, so Im holding a pen at least 5 hours a day, so penhold is really more natural to me.
    Also the funny thing is, when I switch back to shakehand, racket feels lighter.

  6. I started RBP and switched to shakehand a year ago due to pain in my fingers from pressing too hard on the back of the paddle when playing penhold. I still feel my backhand flick as shakehand can't come close to the RBP for over-the-table flicks. I tried varying my finger position in pen-hold but I just couldn't find a position that wasn't painful after a couple hours of play several days in a row.

  7. it's me again 🙂 can you please make a video on how to make a long tomahawk heavy side spin serve and how to receive it… please ?

  8. Shake hand grip is only better when you are able to do powerful loops on both sides. Otherwise pen hold grip has some advantages in small category balls control.

  9. Hi guys,

    I recently was given two old but good bats, they have this switch that is rotated underneath the grip. Though I don't understand what it does.. Could you please explain it?

  10. as a c-pen player, the only thing I can intuitively do better with shakehand are the long parallel serve and the snake retrieve from under the table. And maybe backhand lobs.

  11. Hi guys, I'm just wondering whether there was ever a trend in favour of pen-hold grip in table tennis history? And if so, when was that?

  12. Hi can you guys make a video about chops. I can do a chop, but is it better to do a chop with pen hold or shake hand grip!

  13. Ive really become addicted to table tennis, i learnt at a friends house and he always used the penhold grip and i got used to it, but ive had problems with my topspins so i wanted to know if you guys had a video on penhold topspins or you could tell me maybe what im doing wrong

  14. Because almost everyone uses shakehand these days, people sometimes frown at me and think I'm weird. One new guy at our club last week asked me "why are you TRYING to play penhold?" I answered him by beating him 4 – 0. If it works for you and feels comfortable, stick with it and at club level opponents really don't like the extra amounts of spin I can generate from swinging my wrist. I totally agree with you in this video that total novices should start with shakehand because few coaches outside of the far east know how to teach you penhold.

  15. i actually switched from shakehand to penhold because i found it sometimes limits my reaction time having to make decisions whether to use forehand or backhand to counter some awkward balls using shakehand. penhold is just much simpler and much more fun even (i attached short pip rubber on the back of my racket lol).

  16. Hey, guys, you seem pretty comfortable to me playing a penhold style with a shakehand racket. Is that possible or you're just doing it for the video? I mean, if I'm a shakehand who wants to swith to penhold, can I start doing it with the racket I already use for shakehand? Thanks.

  17. I have a problem with penhold..
    I tried to focus too much on my rpb…
    I tend to use rpb flicks, block and loop ..
    The result is I rely more on my backhand now so when I use my forehand its awkward…
    (I tend to miss some forehand swings)
    There are times I use rpb even on the forehand side (I find good results)
    My problem is transition from fh to bh and also the footwork maybe..

    The main reason I tend to rely on bh more is because I love to copy some of Zhang Jike's game plan (just the placements and his tendency to use his bh more).
    is it weird even as for a penholder?

  18. I serve with penhold (so i can serve fast and bit lower)
    but after that i change it to shakehand (it's easier for me to hit the ball lower)
    bad english 😐

  19. I started playing recently and started playing with shakehand my forehand was great but my backhand was bad, then i tried to penhold for fun, found it weird, but i kinda got used to it since i could backhand, although my forehand is still great i think i could do more powerful attacks with shakehand, so should i stay penhold or go back to shakehand ?

  20. Thanks for the tip; I’ve been using shakehand all te time and one of my coaches showed me the penhold and I wasn’t comfortable with it, this video showed me that sticking to the shakehand is the best idea, thanks!!

  21. I was a penholder until high school.
    Now I prefer shakehand because I am getting older, it is difficult to reach every corner with forehand.
    But I never forget how to punch and slice the ball which are basics of the penhold style

  22. I was always told by others that penhold players tend to have a disadvantage compared to the shakehold players in the backhand, is it true?

  23. Hi sir I just wanna know how to play chops with penhold grip especially the backhand chops

  24. Hi pingskills I am a shakehand but should I change to penhold cause I get a blind spot body ???? Please help

  25. Does the penhold require more wrist movement than shakehand? I use shakehand and I find that my forehands are inconsistent due to too much wrist motion, would switching to penhold actually make my wrist more of an asset rather than a liability?

  26. I win each and every game using penhole grip i never used shakehand grip… Haha i never stay on count… Once my turn comes then i play with many players until i go… 🙂 😁

  27. what is I am comfy w/ shake but try to learn pen. My forehand is good for penhold but backhand is good for Shakehand.

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