Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for
joining us this week I’ve got three things that will improve your
consistency of your chipping around the green if you’re finding you’re missing a
green just like this and starting to catch the ball fat you leave the ball
in front of your nose or maybe you do the complete opposite you thin the
golf ball through the back of green or maybe we do both it is so frustrating
isn’t it and it ruins it so many rounds of golf your point playing pretty decent
then suddenly you hear a few dodgy shots miss a green and then you can’t get up
and down it spoils the round of golf so in this week’s training I’m going to
show you from a decent lie and a not so good lie how you can improve
your overall strike before I get into the training note if this is one of your
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video just like this one so three things what’s number one the
first thing you need to know is concept the concept of chipping I believe has
been he’s been wrong for so many years I got taught it when I was a junior golfer
when I start to struggle a little bit and it’s simply this people if you’ve
been taught to get the ball back in your stance to put your hands forward and
your weight forward this is for me the hardest way in the world to chip when
you do all those things you simply expose that sharp leading edge of the
golf club to the ground what does that do well the first thing you need to if
you do that you need to make sure that you hit that ball first because if you
don’t hit the ball first that sharp leading edge is going to get stuck into
the ground so the very very first point is that you need to realize that we
don’t want to use or expose the front part of the golf club we want to expose
the bottom or even the back of the golf club this is blunt it’s soft it’s not
sharp at all and what that does is when we’re chipping is basically we’re
getting more of a gliding effect through the actual turf like this okay
and what that does is that’s where you basically get the spin and if you look
at here is I’ve made no mark on the ground whatsoever so we get this lovely
lovely connection so the first thing I want you to do is
get the concept of using the bounce or getting a feeling of the bounce before
we move into the next stage so moving onto number two how do you do this how
do you improve the quality how do you get this balance working on a regular
basis well the first thing you got is you’ve clearly got to get used to
grounding the club in a very different way I’m going to cover the setup and how
that will enhance the way you ground the club and then I’ll go for some ensuing
things so the first thing I would do in your setup is make sure that this time
that we don’t have the ball back in our stance push the ball further forward yes
that’s middle to forward definitely don’t have it back this just encourages
way too much shaft lean and exposes that leading edge it’s just simple move it
forward the hands will will be ahead but they’ll only just be in the book is that
here’s just in line with the front of the golf ball that’s basically it the
next thing we’re going to do again to help expose the batter the balance of
the golf club or the back of it is weak in your left hand you’ll lead hand here
move it in an anti-clockwise direction here as you grip down this really helps
the impact coming through the ball notice in my setup I’m also quite narrow
this really helps and stops me moving around so much it keeps me in a sense
feeling that I can right over the top of the golf ball here the next thing I want
you to do so once your setups done we’re going to do get user a simple bit of
chalk shot drill here so I’m going to go I’ve got the deck to an active in order
to improve your ground striking you’ve got to remember look your body is an
absolute genius if now you’ve got the concept of
innocence using the balance of the golf club all we’re gonna do is spray out a
white line here on the ground and what we’re gonna do now is is I know that
your body will work out a way to do it maybe not straightaway but once you’ve
got your set up position here you’ll start striking it now the idea is is to
get the balance of the club gliding through that line now I’m happy for you
to take an inch behind the line and an inch after just gliding through be
you’re trying to get a consistent motion there’s no I’m not breaking any surface
I haven’t gone Mudd here I’m literally just gliding
through this line you might find that when you do it you get this digging
motion absolutely fine you now know that the leading edge is yes you’re stuck in
that’s not a problem just keep going you know the concept now just keep
practicing backwards and forwards things that will improve this and things that I
find that a lot of golfers do and it gets in the way of it is one you might
find if you’re not if you’re not striking the line consistent or not
grounding it you’re moving around a lot that’s one so just get a sense of that
second thing that I find people doing this is they’re basically in a sense
taking a clump back and it’s very close like this so the almost goes bowing in
the wrists try to avoid as this type of action at all if anything to get the
wrist working everything works in a rotational or forearms rotating here
keeping that toe of the club pointing to the sky yep so it’s as simple as that
I’m third and final thing here is we don’t want this right arm extending I
see this a lot as well everyone’s kind of in a sense eager to get to the back
to the golf ball so this right hand extends and the hits way too deep so
what we’re doing is we’re getting ourselves set and all we’re going to do
is practice gliding through that line now at this stage I’m not interested
actually that’s look it’s a nice job but I’m not interested in where the balls
going all I’m concentrating on now is getting the glide through this line and
practicing my ground contact that’s going to go right I felt I just pushed
that a little bit but I’m not focusing on that at all all I’m doing right now
is focusing on can I get that sound and the glide through the turf just like
that once I’ve done that and I’ve got a feel
of this really be patient with it like I said no distance control ignore
direction just improve your ground contact it will make a massive
difference and by the way you can hit the ground slightly behind the ball and
it’d be absolutely fine don’t you do not have to hit the ball first I’m
what detailed our training on this specific issue and the basic technique
up in this top right hand corner go and have a look at it it will really really
help your overall short game then we move on to step number three so number
three is where we put it all together we must remember that this game is a sport
right and it needs to be played I find too many people when they’re going up to
a golf ball and a golf course we’ve absolutely no routine and they’re stood
over the golf ball thinking of a hundred and one things and we cannot you cannot
play golf like that so what we’re gonna do now is this we’re going to build this
into a system simple routine and it’s got an athletic one we’re gonna walk to
the golf ball we’re gonna have feel the grounding then watch this club goes in
foot foot in go them again again this stage don’t worry about where the balls
going we’re building a system you get yourself in seal The Groundlings get
sense of that gliding through club comes in in in go long for you go again back
again and you simply practice this routine until it’s tough to feel much
more comfortable a couple of practice swings get yourself going
put club down in in go and each time what you’re doing is is you’re just
getting a feel for the routine now it’s going to feel comfortable it might feel
a bit rushed that might even look a little bit rushed this is where you
develop your routine the routine that’s going to you can take to a golf Coffman
this is a sport now let’s just finish off with one more shot out of the rough
so you find yourself in the rough and the balls nestled down a little bit what
do you do well the key things sometimes here is don’t try to go at the golf ball
what you can actually do here is you can actually go to look hitting slightly
behind the golf ball here so I’m actually going to let it almost look at
hitting about an inch behind the golf ball same setup as we did before and
balls forward in my stance I’m literally gonna ground the golf club now folks I’m
grounding it an inch behind and then let’s see what happens nothing
no it’s nothing more complicated than that ground it an inch behind and let it
pop up on to the green it’s going to come up with little more tops blinkers
and coming out the rough but it’s out there simple exercise there but don’t go
for the golf ball hit an inch behind the golf ball again not an inch by digging
down the leading edge use the bounce as you’re doing it here just literally put
the club and inch behind nice and committed because you’re hitting the
grass you’re going to need maybe a little bit more aggression going through
but this is something that you can practice again on the patch going away
before you get out onto that golf course so let’s summarize what are we done the
concept number one we’ve got it in a sense get away from the old school we’re
looking at things we don’t want to have the ball back hands forward that exposes
the lead exposes the leading edge we don’t want that we want expose the
balance of the golf club how do we do that we’re going to push the ball
forward in our stance we’re going to maybe weaken the grip on the on the left
hand a little bit here they’re all those things are going to really help us now
expose the bounce now second point we said look we’ve got to improve the
ground in what we just said we can in the left hand we’ll do this moving the
ball forward and prove the quality of getting the bounce working simplicity
your body’s a genius you know at the end of the day we spray a line on the ground
and I still just try and hit that line and try to work on getting the balance
hitting that line consistently your body will work out a way to do it problems I
see I see people extending the right arm way too much as the people moving around
all this will start to disappear if you simply follow that exercise yes you have
to shelve direction and this is control to start with that’s absolutely fine
once you’ve done that then move on to step number three which is start to get
ready for the golf got how do we do this remember that Golf is a sport it’s not
something that you have to fill your head full of loads of stuff do this do
that blah blah blah this gets confusing and it adds too much tension practice a
routine where you get to the golf ball feel the grounding here get the motion
and then when you’re ready step up one look and then away we go okay and it is
as simple as that really work on this you know it’s such an important part of
the game and of course I’m going to put with a top right-hand
corner some more detailed short game videos I’ve put together of the last few
months which are also really complement this session but until next week
everybody if you enjoyed the video give me a thumbs up share it some people will
struggle with the short game and I’ll see you next week I’m a great golfing

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Dennis Veasley

66 thoughts on “Short Game Technique – Great Practice Drill”

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    Short game off of bad lies – up hill, down hill, ball above and below feet, thin lies, thick, grabby grass – these are the things that really plague many of us. If you have a few videos you recommend for these situations, I'd appreciate the links or better, a playlist for short game play from tough lies!

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