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Dennis Veasley


  1. Hi, i play off 3 and i struggle to hit the ball low with a fade? I can draw the ball low. But fading would be better i think?

  2. Adam, so glad that I found your YouTube channel as you're an incredible instructor and have really helped me with the squaring and de-lofting my irons to hit more consistent shots. This video on wedges is particularly interesting as Jim Ferree is my father and Rocco is a great family friend. Dad and I got such a kick out of watching this as he always does the "top the ball" trick in all of his exhibitions and it's always a big hit. You and Dad have very similar teaching styles especially when it comes to talking about how important it is to have the left writs bowed at impact. Dad wanted me to reach out and say thanks for all of the great videos, I have them teed up on his smart TV and they're helping him remember what he already knows lol. If there's any way he could get in touch with you directly, he wanted to write you a note (he's old school). Thanks again and hopefully I can get you two in touch.

  3. Bloody marvellous video and such a great drill, never seen that before, you never cease to amaze me with your instruction Adam, top man👍👍

  4. That's funny, I used to practice that all the time. Rarely do I get such a fantastic result. That was cool!!! Gotta start practicing that drill again. I will make sure I have a lot of yardage in front of me.

  5. That was one of the coolest things Ive seen! I will definitely try that out but with no one within 150ds in front of me. Blade city…

  6. Cool video Adam. Certainly brings back memories of my junior golf days. One of the kids in our junior group could make the ball go backwards which was pretty impressive.
    As always your videos are a pleasure to watch
    Best regards

  7. I wish I had found your channel earlier! You do a great job of simplifying this complex sport for me to fix the problems that I had hitting behind the ball. Even after all the money that I spent on lessons and hitting the range. Do you have any recommendations on instructors in Southern California or do you host clinics in FL?

  8. Thank you for the consistently great content. I appreciate your combination of extreme thoroughness and depth mixed with concise dialogue and high-quality video. Excellent work as always.

  9. Another really helpful video Adam.. To be able to top the ball deliberately like that shows some quite extraordinary skills, and just reminds us all once again, just how good Pro's are.

  10. i seem to have a major dispersion of everything left of the hole and slightly short on wedge shots . my main miss is left

  11. Amazing Adam. I just saw someone top it like that with a driver. I said if i could do that on purpose i would be awesome. The other golfers thought i was throwing them shade and sarcasm. Glad u havent loss that playful contrast and perspective. Older or late golfers are too serious most of time

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