Shin! What is score? What is score? Uhm! 6-3 ; 6-4 Let’s go! Let’s go! We got the winner, you know? We got the Franklin High School! I need to ask him to teach me how to play tennis? PHONE RING Hello! What’s up Hugh! Yo! What’s up Shin! Can you teach me how to play tennis? Oh… Why do you wanna learn to play tennis? Because I want to join a tennis team when I go to college. Okay! That’s cool! I can help you learn how to play tennis! When will you be available to help me practice
tennis? I’ll be available on Friday after school next
week. Okay! Thank you so much, I’ll see you at the park next week
on Friday. Alright! Yah! You’re welcome bro! Uhm! I’ll see you next week. What’s up Hugh! What’s up Shin! What’s up Shin! How are you doing men? I’m pretty good, how about you? I’m good! Do you bring your racket? No! I don’t have one! Did you buy yet? NO Oh! It’s ok, I got two, OK! So don’t worry. Let’s start! This is my racket. I also bring this, always for extra. I can give this to you! Here is your racket. Thank you! Yup! And here is our three balls. So when you hold the racket, make sure that
this part of your hand is at 135 degrees so this angle is perfect to hit. So now, let me see your. And you have to hold it lower. Yah! That’s right here! That’s good. So at your first position, you have to hold
the racket like this, make sure that you bend your knees down and hold the racket like
this and step over then hit. Okay! Let me see you, Hugh! Bend your knees, step over to turn and hit. Good! So it’s gonna be the same with backhand so
you gonna hold the racket with two hands. But if you can hold it with one hand only
if you’re strong and more consistent enough to hit with one hand. But if not, you can hold it with two hands
and hit. It will give you more consistent. Now! I’m gonna show you how to hit the tennis ball
with your forehand so this is your first position and then hit over your shoulder. OK! First position, bend your knees, turn and then
hit. Now let me see you hit it with your forehand. Here we go! And then hit. It’s ok, do it again! First position, bend your knees, turn, wait
for the ball and then hit. Good! Let me see your backhand, bend your knees,
turn and hit. Do it again! Stop!!! I’ll tell you what you did wrong? So when you hit with your backhand. Make sure that this racket, this side of the
racket have to go straight up. So when the ball hit to this face. It’s gonna go straight out but if you turn
like this, the ball is gonna go up or like this, the ball is gonna go down. Make sure that you keep it straight up like
this so the ball is gonna go straight. Ready! Okay! Do it again! Bend your knees, turn, and hit! Pretty good. Do it again! Bend your knees, turn. Make sure that you keep your back straight
up, ok! Yah when you finish the ball! Oh My Goodness! What happens? I’m so tiring, I don’t want to play tennis anymore! Come on Hugh! What’s wrong? Practice makes perfect You gotta keep trying and be good at it! Right? Come on!!! I know! I don’t have enough free time to play tennis and
I have homework to do in my free time too! It’s ok bro! I have to do my homework too! Uhm! We can come out twice a week so you won’t lose your skills. Right? Alright! Thank you bro! Yah! Bye Shin, OK! See you next week! See you next week! Have fun! Go Home Safe! !BYE!-!BYE!

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