Short Athletic Built Man Needs Help Dressing
Sharp – Jacket – Shoes – Tailored Clothing Tips Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to be answering your question. A gentleman says he’s short.
He’s got an athletic build and it’s very hard for him to find clothing that suits his lifestyle. Okay, so I’m going to do things a little bit
differently. Usually, I’ll tell you guys to subscribe, to like, but today what I’m going
to do is give you guys a little bit of a testimonial. Basically, this is someone just like you who’s
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I’m dressing nicer. Since the change, I’ve noticed quite a few things. The biggest change
is that my self-confidence, which was super low before, has skyrocketed. I feel better
about myself and in return, I’m going out and I feel I’m just more social. I’ve also
noticed how other people see me.” “I get a lot more looks from the ladies and
even guys seem to show you more respect when you’re dressed nice. A funny story, every
time now I come in to work in my civvies,” he’s in the Air Force, “my boss calls me Mr.
GQ. This is all in part to your videos, so I thought I should take time to say thanks,
keep up the good videos. Thank you. Mark.” All right, guys, I wanted to share that with
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got over a couple hundred videos. We’ve got hundreds of more articles out there, so go
out there, learn, but most of all, apply this knowledge. I’m going to jump really quick to the question
that came in. “Antonio, I’m short, 5’4″, semi-athletic, and I have a hard time finding clothing for
my lifestyle. I manage a restaurant as well as I manage a wine/beer sales distribution
company.” It sounds like a pretty nice life here. “I’m casual most of the time, but I
would like to find a happy medium of casual and dressed. Thank you. Ian.” Well, Ian, I’m going to throw this out there.
It sounds like you are really an up and coming young guy here. I’m going to say there really
isn’t an area between being dressed and being casual. Really, you’re dressed or you’re not. Rodney Faulks, I don’t even know if he’s still
alive, but he was one of the most awesome coaches I had in a high school football. I
was a quarterback safety. I wasn’t a big guy. In West Texas, by the way, everyone plays
football, so it didn’t matter that I was small and skinny, but I still played. But in any case, Coach Faulks was always about
don’t get caught in the middle. You’ve got to commit. One way or the other, you’ve got
to make a decision and go for it because if you get caught in the middle, then they’re
just going to throw the ball right over you or right under you and you’re going to get
run over. Basically, they’re going to throw a touchdown over you. The point I’m making
is you either are going to be dressed or you’re not going to be dressed, and you need to make
a decision. What does being dressed for Ian really mean? Now, from what you’ve told me, you’re short
and you’re also a manager, so I’m thinking you need to be dressing professionally casually,
that’s fine, but dress casually professionally — is that even a word there? See my point?
I think you need to change your definition of casual. And when you get dressed, you’re
going out there to really — I mean, you’re out there to change the world. You are going
to be the best at what you do. Everyone that runs into you, there’s going to be no question
about what Ian does and who he is. He is the best manager when it comes to the
restaurants and the wine, and you are going to be known throughout your town and your
region, and perhaps even the state and the country because you’re going to be — excuse
the language — but that badass. So to do this, Ian, I really want you to rethink some
of the things that you’re wearing. You’re probably not wearing jackets. I know I get
a lot of flack in the comments. Everyone says my answer to everything is to throw on a jacket. In many cases, it is. There’s a reason why
jackets survive. You even see men wearing them in hot weather. It’s not simply because
we’re having this forced on us, but simply it accentuates what makes a man look masculine.
Actually, I’m doing a part on unlined jackets. I just got an email from a gentleman the other
day in Malaysia and it’s over a hundred degrees there, and he is wearing an unlined linen
jacket, feeling great, looking great, and he’s a doctor. When he goes out, he wants
to represent himself and his company. The same needs to be for you. Throw on a jacket. Now, I understand you’re going to be working
perhaps in the backend of the restaurant. Well, have a casual jacket. Look at chefs.
They have clothing which not only as functional and it protects them from heat, from burns,
but it also looks much better than them simply wearing a t-shirt. You need to decide what
your uniform is going to be, and I think a jacket, some type of sports jacket is going
to be able to fit into that. You can make it a bit more casual. There are a lot of options
out there. I’m not going to go down that path. Another thing that you can look to do is upgrade
your footwear. By the way, take a step back. The jacket is going to help you look taller
as well. I’ve talked about this in other videos, but it basically builds up the shoulders and
will help you look an inch or two taller. Now, another thing to look to upgrade, your
footwear, your shoes, and I understand you’re moving around. You may even want to have it
resoled and make sure you’ve got a rubber, non-slip bottom. But Western boots, I know
a lot of people think this is very regional, but I was just in Austin, Texas and I know
Western boots are big down there, but not as big in Austin as you would think. It’s
kind of a liberal oasis in a very conservative state. I was with a gentleman. He’s from a small
village in India. I had a walkthrough and we went to different places. We were in a
custom boot shop and he tried on a pair of vintage elephant boots. Let me tell you, this
guy’s not from Texas. He doesn’t look like a Texan and he was pretty short. You know
who you are. I’m not going to point you out. He’s a good friend now, but basically when
he put on these boots, it added two inches of height and they looked great on him. It wasn’t that I saw Western boots because
it was a very casual elephant, darker color. They just looked great on him. He had a pair
of monk straps before that. I thought these looked a lot better than the monk straps he
was wearing especially because he was wearing denim, and these looked really great. So moving from upgrading your footwear, which
there are a lot of other shoes out there by the way that, let’s just say, will knock you
out. The thing with footwear really quick, pay attention to that heel, it’s going to
add a lot. Even a pair of nice dress shoes will add an inch to your height, make you
look taller. Western boots probably add two inches. There are also inserts you can get.
A lot of guys aren’t into inserts or anything like that, but if you really want to look
taller, inserts, they’ve come a long way since the 1970s. The other thing is to get your clothing tailored.
The gentleman I met with in Austin, I could tell a lot of his clothing fit him very close
to his body. I don’t know if he actually had it tailored, but it was something that it
fit him and it looked good, so you’ve got an athletic build. You do not want to be wearing
clothing that is too large. When you wear fitted clothing, you’re not only going to
show off your athletic build, it’s going to make you look more streamlined and that’s
going to make you look taller. Last thing I’ll hit on is your hair. Look
at the proportion of your head to your body. Usually, short men, small men, they look small
because their proportions are a bit off, meaning their head is usually larger in proportion
to the rest of their body. You want to make sure you have a clean cut haircut and that
your head does not look too large. So if you’ve got a lot of hair especially sprouting out
on the sides, look to trim that up. I keep a very clean cut, military haircut just as
a habit, but this works really well for short men. Hopefully this helps out. I think there were
a few good nuggets, all of them I expand on in my other videos. Ian, go out there. I wish
you the best of luck. Take care. I’ll see you guys in the next video. And if you have
questions about men’s style, you know where to go, That’s where I answer
a lot more questions than the ones here. Actually, I’m working with a good partner, a good friend
of mine named Geoffrey and we’re over there answering your questions. He actually helps
me with a lot of my writing. Definitely go over there. That’s where we’re answering the
questions. See you guys in the next video. Bye-bye.

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23 thoughts on “Short Athletic Built Man Needs Help Dressing Sharp – Jacket – Shoes – Tailored Clothing Tips”

  1. The book "dressing the man" by alan flusser which Antonio mentioned in one of his videos contains a lot of useful information on proportion (mainly suits) as well! Cheers

  2. As a short man (although not quite as short as the person posing the question), here is what I've found to make a difference:
    Fit! As always. Clothing that is too-big makes you look too-small.
    Dress shirt pockets. Seems like a minor detail, but when the dress shirt pocket is almost at your belt, it's very noticeable. I've made a habit of cutting off the pockets on any dress shirts I buy. Cut each stitch separately, and do it before its first wash so the fiber shrinkage closes the holes.

  3. Maybe a video on matching dress shirts with ties? I always have some kind of trouble with that. Thanks!

  4. Wait for my video on speaking without crutch words….I do make fun of myself, because at the end of the day we are all human:)

  5. Two questions, what is good clothing to buy for a sharp casual everyday look. I live in a small town where not many people take nice clothes seriously, and I do not know how to start a new wardrobe. Also what are some good dress shoe brands to look for, for people with smaller feet?

  6. Should a shorter person wear pants / denim jeans that fall at the same width from the hip to the foot or they should be fitted narrower going from hip to the foot?

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