hey guys it’s time interval and today we are going to be talking about shoes for planes pump and I have five models to show you today but before doing that let’s go for main characteristics that any shoes for planes pump should have so the first one is going to be flexibility because you want to make sure that brake bracketing is going to be easy for you the second characteristic is going to be weight and remember that the lighter your shoes are the faster your legs can move that third one is a bit tricky to grip and you want to make sure that you don’t have too much grip or you want to make sure that your shoes are not too slippery to not pull while do it twist the first one is important but it’s also optional and this characteristic is bounce and yeah basically it makes your game a bit easier but bouncy shoes cannot be as flexible as sexual as shoes that don’t bounce so you need to find something in the middle so yeah now that we know four main characteristics which are flexibility weight rate and bounce we can review our shoes the first model is free bookwork nest out number three it’s pretty hard to find these around nowadays but they were really popular a few years ago so they are very flexible they are known for being very very well lesson and also they have a strap if you want to make sure that they fit your like properly and I really like them I played in a similar model for at least four years and these were absolutely my favorite but the next model I’m going to show it the next one then the problem with all welcome this hope is this part is going to worn out it just starts falling off but it doesn’t influence we are getting much and I’m very sure this model is still one of the favorites among Russian and Ukrainian players so let’s go up to the next model gets to be my favorite scene Reba Lautner sock but model for it has a different strap it doesn’t go only on one side it goes like a zigzag and I think they fit better on your feet same thing bugs these parts come off they are not as last in s the previous model but it was really hard to find model free around when I start playing pumps so this is my favor of this mess right now not favourite anymore this is my second pair of rosna silk I used to play a similar model different color I also love to a bit like modify them with silver wines but yeah I really love them these are very good for quad triples but at some point I realized that been harder and harder to get these so I was thinking about switching to some other shoes and I’m not playing in this anymore because I found my all-time favorite but yeah this is a very nice model if you see them try them when it comes to great I think the Greve in the shoes is perfect for me it’s not just libri it’s not to think it same goes for models free so you actually might want to consider the shoes if you’ll be able to find them luckily I found this red new just two years ago and yeah I still sometimes plain them but not anymore as much as they used to so the next shoes are Mizuno’s and I tried them to sprit simply and this this model for within a universe absolutely amazing model doesn’t fit me properly unfortunately but these are very good almost still lightest choose your finds and as free book blackness fog they don’t have any bounce at all so you might want to consider that so they are not bouncy but they are more flexible and you can actually feel the brightest in this shoes they’re so thin in here so the soul is very thin that they really comfortably when it start wearing these my foot speed and increased significantly so I really love please but they have their downside as well they are more slippery than three bucks and it’s a bit hard for me on twist so you might want to use some water or maybe a rubber to make them to make the grip basically happen so lonely shoes not sure about the design but I’m not fond of any out BRE book or Manzano designs except for maybe of one colorful hair but yeah that’s Mizzou dome again with universe for and luckily there’s one more motto and these arm is in universe five and these are much much better than the previous model few reasons their soul is more flat which makes it easier rich in for upper arrows and also their even lighter and many ITC players play in these shoes and look how flexible they are I can just pull them and nothing will happen extremely light extremely light and I’ve never played in model 5 I’m still thinking whether it should get one but I think I prefer to have constant group and again one more downside the shoes do not have any bones so whatever happens on the pad is just up to you and your skills alright and now my favorites so the shoots I’ve been playing in for the last year are rebook no they serve night free model 5.0 I absolutely love these but they are so different from all the shoes as I’ve shown you in here so basically they’re flexible but not too much just just enough to get those breakers the Hat like because of them not being flexible they’re very bouncy I’m a lazy person so I want to have some bounce so it’s a bit easier for me to move on the pad they have perfect rib and I think the group is similar to group that we would like myself for have and they fit perfectly these are sites for as well as Mizuno’s and I absolutely love them they have them in a lot of colors and I know that different combat players play in different knife so this is not the only suitable model is just model that I’ve tried and these are my all-time favorites I’m still thinking about getting Mizuno’s but if I would be able to recommend again any pair of shoes I would recommend this for sure and I must also say that playing in Nice was a really big struggle for me at first because after a plane in three books I could not feel the brackets properly I still cannot but they just is just and it’s all about making a chest in the end if you want to get some bones you get nice if you want to have absolutely shoes that are so light as a feather you want to go from mizuno universe 5 and I also must say that their colors for women models are just disgusting but again pump shoes Liat that’s pretty much it please tell me which is you are using for how long which are your favorites maybe you’re thinking of getting some and I would love to hear your feedback and yeah that’s it for this video and there’s one more thing I must tell you about today I’m also doing a giveaway and I have this amazing official pump it up prime poster this is a high quality print and I absolutely love it to get this poster you need to leave the comment in section down below you also need to be subscribed to this channel and you need to share the link to this video on Facebook or Twitter with hashtag PureView away and you’ll get this lovely poster thanks a lot for watching my videos I really appreciate all your feedback and hope to see you in the next videos so hey guys I [Music]

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Dennis Veasley

25 thoughts on “Shoes for playing Pump It Up”

  1. Nice video, pretty…really I need to buy a pair of those shoes….the fact is the cost, but anyway, you looks so cute 😉

  2. Here Puma Drift Cat (maybe other models too, they have plenty of similar ones) is super popular too (and among Mexican players).
    I have my lifetime supply of Loknesocks though (around 5-6 pairs) so I am not switching anytime soon.

    Puma also seems to have way more grip than Loknesock – on the same pad I feel that it is slippery and Phil says it's sticky for him.

  3. Very nice video! Maybe you should consider recording a Part 2, 3, etc. with different models in the future, but that's a great start!

    I've been playing for 7 years with Puma LIFT (versions 1.0 and 2.0), and it's the best model I've used so far. It's a very lightweight model and pretty much similar to Mizuno Wave Universe 5, but it seems that the latter is even lighter!

    I tried Nike Free 5.0 once, but I didn't get used to the bounce. I'll take a look at that Mizuno, despite the very low grip.

  4. I've found my favorites: nike free cross compete. They are bouncy, flexible enough to feel bracketes, yet grip enough and very light. love them!!

  5. my Favorites are my Ferrari's Puma. They are so flexible and light that I can move faster and play better.

  6. I love your video, the way you explain everything is amazing. I have a small big collection of just Pump shoes, if you want to see it let me know. 🙂
    And definitely following your channel!

  7. Please fix stars in text description, because now they say an opposite to video (Mizuno Wave Universe having excellent grip and good bounce?, for example).

    Video is very nice, and I'd like to hear your opinion on other kind of shoes, which you may have possibility to borrow.

  8. Here in Chile, the most used model of shoe is Puma model CAT Drift, but is very difficult buy now, because this models are discontinued now u.u
    Greatings 😉

  9. Greetings from Chile 😀 First of all I love your videos because of how professional you are to present your channel. In Chile, the Puma speed cat and the adidas goodyear shoes are very light. They are very light and very firm in the sole, Also has hard soles and the style usually in Chile is the sliding and amagues since the vast majority occupy their heels to mark and are sustained a lot by the central metal of the machine to maintain better balance. These sneakers fulfill a lot to facilitate that style of play: D Greetings and I really like your videos and themes that you implement in your channel, I also like the way you can subscribe in Spanish that makes it easier to understand your messages in your channel 😀 !!

  10. So nice to hear someone who loves Nike to play Pump. I've trying differents models but since I found Nike free flyknit 3.0, for me it's the best. These sneakers have the perfect grip to play PIU without being slippery. Greetings from Peru, Tania.

  11. Nice things. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Band-Summer-Aqua-Water-Sports-Mens-Athletic-Shoes-Multi-Colored-/220988475204?_mwBanner=1 Many korean users use these shoes

  12. I use Nike Free RNs version 6. They're incredible, but I hope to expand to other brands. Any suggestions for Adidas or Puma?

  13. Mizuno Wave Ekiden 8 is what I currently use. They're very light and have a little more rigidity than the Wave Universe models. However, here in Minnesota where the winter takes a lot of humidity out of the air, I don't always get good grip. This is usually resolved by using a wet rag on the pad. I'm also starting to look at other possibilities because getting into the level 21+ range, I really need more rigid/bouncy soles for quick drills and sprints. It's be nice if I could find a nice hybrid of what I have now and what I need.

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