(relaxed music) – Hi, I’m Kevin McDonald, a podiatrist with InStride Family Footcare
in Concord, North Carolina. Like to talk a little bit about shoes, particularly shoes for people
with bottom of the foot pain. When you have bottom of the foot pain, and you’re wearing
shoes, you wanna be able to reach in and pull the insole out, and by doing this you can
supplement the arch support, add cushioning, take off
pressure in the pressure areas, address a lotta different problems causing pain in the bottom of the foot. A lot of people that have
pain on the bottom of the foot are standin’ on their feet a lot, and, in general, when you
stand on your feet a lot, you want a shoe that’s
sturdy, so when you press on the back of the heel here, it’s stiff, and when you try to flex
this shoe, it’s stiff. We try to wring this shoe
like a washcloth, it’s stiff, an that shoe will give
you more support in jobs that you have lotta time on your feet. The shoes have to be the proper fit, and usually a higher quality shoe costs more but lasts longer. So, when you have pain on
the bottom of your foot, pick the right shoe. (cheerful music)

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