Okay, so today what we want to talk about
is OTR’s pathway structure. So normally with most tennis groups or academies
around the world, they start with results.
Okay, everybody wants to achieve something, so let’s say I want to win
Wimbledon. I know it’s unrealistic, but yes I still want to achieve that result. so in order to achieve that, what do I need to do? So what we want to do is
we want to regress a little bit and we want to come up with a plan. But this is
where your process skills come into play. There could be technical, tactical,
physical, mental skills. And all of those comprise a plan to reach a certain
outcome. But what we’ve discovered is there’s two missing links. And the first
one is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. We need the necessary character skills to go on this
journey, to create this plan, to reach our outcome, and even before that begins, we
need to develop the right MINDSET. So this whole structure starts with MINDSET,
CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, PLAN, OUTCOME. And this is a cycle. So the outcome is gonna
fuel your mindset. So for example if I don’t reach my goals, then it may confirm
my mindset that I’m not good enough. Or if I get close to it
maybe it tells my mindset, okay I’m making progress.That allows me to
continue my journey and it’s a non-stop journey. Even continues after your tennis
days are finished. So today what we’re going to do is we’re going to dive into
mindset, and we’re just going to touch on it briefly and we’re going to use
statistical evidence, to back up what we’re trying to say. So I just want to
put a shout out to Craig O’Shannessy at Brain Game Tennis, because without his
information none of this would be possible. So, we’re gonna look at Rafael
Nadal, a great champion. And we’re gonna look at a period in time where he
reigned supreme at Roland Garros, the French Open. So over a period of 10 years
he won the title nine times. Now this is an astonishing feat, but if we break down
his results into more specific details what we’re gonna see is, yes he won
99% of all the matches he played. That’s unbelievable. But he
only won 80% of the sets he played. If we go to games it comes down to
64% and with points, only 56%. Now that may seem weird to you
guys, that he only won 56% of all the points he played, and he only lost
one match in 10 years. But what I’m trying to say to you, is that this is the
mindset that you need, to be a great athlete. You need to understand that
winning 56 percent of points, puts you at the top of the table. So if we look at
statistics from the the best men in the world over the years, over career points
won, and if we look at the females it is the same number.The magic number is 55%.
So to be number one in the world in tennis all you have to do is win 55
percent of all the points you play. Sounds pretty easy. The problem is, are
you willing to accept that you’re going to lose 45% of all the points you
play? This is where the mindset of a champion comes into play, because their
focus and their belief is very different to ours. They understand that everything is
about EFFORT. They use this growth mindset, so effort is paramount. They
believe the more effort they put in the better their results will be. It’s not
like: oh hey, listen I’m not good in volleying so I’m not going to put effort
there, I’m going to focus my attention on my ground serves. No, they believe they
can improve every area. They accept challenges as opportunities to grow, and
they don’t frame them as threats. I’ve seen kids who say oh no I’m gonna lose
this one because I’m playing the number one seed. If you put Nadal in their
shoes Nadal is gonna say: Great I’ve got an opportunity to play the best
guy in the tournament. I’m gonna improve. They completely appreciate that they’re
gonna make lots of mistakes. In fact they know that they’re gonna lose 45% of all
the points they play, and they’re gonna learn from their mistakes. And lastly,
they take feedback with a growth mindset way, they don’t take it personally, they
don’t make excuses for their shortcomings. They learn from their
errors and they continually strive to improve. So what we’re trying to say is
that these statistics show us that the mindset is absolutely essential,
to develop your character, to go on this journey where you create a plan, and to
reach your outcome.Try and focus your attention on what you can control. Your
attitude, your effort, the things that can be controlled, not the results, these are
out of our control

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Dennis Veasley

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