My ankle seems to be fine. I usually don’t
know until the next day, so … I think she just played lights out on match
point, literally, hitting lines. Just went for – just went crazy on match point. So
I don’t think – she just played unbelievable on match point. I mean, the big picture for me is always winning.
I’m not going to sit here and lie about that. But it hasn’t happened yet, but I feel like
it’s going to happen. Just keep taking it one match at a time, just keep soldiering
on, I guess. Q. You still have the fire? Yeah, absolutely. There’s nothing I did wrong on those match
points. I didn’t do anything wrong. I stayed aggressive. She just literally hit the lines
on some of them. One she hit an ace, un-returnable serve. Like
I literally did everything I could on those match points. It’s not like – yeah, I can’t
say that I choked on those match points. She literally played her best tennis
ever on those shots. I don’t really – I can’t really say that
it’s incredibly painful as opposed to what can I do better, you know, yeah. I think I was honestly playing the best the
first set so far in the tournament. I was serving well. I was just controlling all the
rallies, putting pressure. I was just feeling super confident about this match today. Suddenly, like I said, I just lost it. It
went into my head. I think she improved. It’s always kind of like changing the momentum
sometimes in the tennis. I went little bit down, she went up, that was it. She was serving
well. She had amazing percentage of the first serve. It was really tough to do something. But like I said, I got a chance, and I took
it in the end. Q. Serena just described your level of play
on her match point as crazy and possibly the best she’s ever seen. Do you feel the same? Yeah (laughter). I’m not
going to go against Serena.

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