I feel like I’m … I don’t know
what I’m dressed for. Right? We’re by the pool, it’s chilly,
but it’s not- Good occasion.
But this is a great view. Excuse me, sir, that’s for us. Hello. Are you guys ready? Yes, sir. Thank you. Hey.
Ladies. Hi.
Hey. You smell nice. Thank you. Thank you. Your party the other night
was crazy. Are you talking about Jennifer? I don’t even know what to say. How do you come to my event,
talking shit about my ex, knowing my kids
are going to be there? That’s not cool.
I mean, come on, Jen. [bleep] don’t come here
disrespecting my children. You are now disrespecting me.
I don’t need to see that woman. I want no part of
Jennifer Williams. She keeps talking shit. She’s making the situation
worse, and you know what? Let’s not forget we know
that you said these things about Shaunice. You told me that Shaunice, she was the one
holding down the household, paid the bills,
wrote the checks, did all that because
Evelyn was- I have never. Shaunie, I saw Jen the other day
at the nail shop and I feel bad for her. She’s a coward because
she’s been avoiding being around us
for a long time. Yeah.
You know? She’s, “My mom
and this and that.” She says that’s why
she’s acting this way. You know, don’t go around
owning it like, “I’m just mad,
and this is my way of grieving.” No, that’s not a good thing. Nobody wants to hear
about your mother. I’m over it. Like, let that woman
rest in peace because I’m sure she’s
[bleep] turning in her grave
because she’s sitting here lying and saying that this is
the reason why she’s acting
the way she does. It’s like, don’t do
that shit to that lady. I just still feel in my heart that there’s still a lot of love
there, they’ve got history. So, I’m determined to try
to bring everybody together and fix this. Anyway you guys,
on a lighter note, I’m having an event. It’s a crystal party,
and it’s actually- Oh, I love crystals! … and I thought
you would really love it because you’re really into
this whole spiritual and cleaning the air,
because listen, you guys, we’ve had a lot of stuff
going on in this group. Wait, so everybody’s
supposed to come to this? I think Jennifer should come because it might help
her face the music. Crystals is not helping
nothing around here. You know, I’ve been
in a situation where all the girls
were mad at me. You need to come
and sit down. I understand Jackie trying
to fix things. I feel like she might have been
the Jennifer at some point in the crew,
so I get it. Is it going to work?
Probably not. I would come. I’m not having no conversation
with her at a certain event. Me neither. [bleep] her.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Shaunie & Evelyn Are Fed Up with Jennifer ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives”

  1. If Shaunie was so upset about Jennifer discussing Shaq's infidelities, why in the hell did she create a whole show based on his cheating and other men cheating?

  2. Girlll Evelyn child inoe u jus wantd to mention it but girrrrlll idont think u should have to mention tht girl's mother at all

  3. And we’re feed up with this story line!! Y’all always mad with Jen or Tami and it’s getting old!

  4. Say what jackiee and Evelyn finally getting along I'm to shocked thats good though FrFr we all grow up and get more wiser and stuff though real talk

  5. JaCkie haS deF calmeD the fvCk doWn!!! Shaunie muSt be in loVe👉🏻she'S glowing! EvelYn always gorgeous!🤔🤔🤔so, PleaSe aCt your age and not the 👠 siZe…shady ladieS!

  6. Did people forget how Evelyn spoke about Jennifer personal business on FRONT street. Evelyn is hurtful and MEAN. She’s not a friend. She’s an ASSOCIATE

  7. Oh but these women always told one another that they LOVE and CARE for each other and then how they are friends and in the same day turn around and beat each other and fight each other. It is disgusting the blatant hypocrisy and wicked intentions of these wore out bags. Its been years since I even watched this and can't comprehend why anyone would continue to support these hags that can't seem to keep a man. Where is their friend Royce and whoever else they claimed to love and be friends with. Last time I saw this it was Jennifer, Shaunie and Evelyn that were all such best buddies. Looks like I have not missed anything. Same crud different city.

  8. This is all a act Evelyn was just supporting Jennifer at one of her benefits and this was after they filmed the show.

  9. Evenlyn come on if you slept with Tami husband behind her back and act like you didn't know that was her husband what make you think she didn't sleep with shaunie ex come on people

  10. Reggie making a huge mistake marrying tami.Way to old for him and in due time he will see. She is hiding it from everyone because of embarrassment she feels I believe overall.

  11. I think Jennifer is acting out cause she is lonely at her age she has no kids , husband etc… Sometimes people just act out because of certain reason and everybody has a breaking point

  12. I don’t see how even if She said that about Cheneice how it’s a bad thing??? She’s saying she’s being an adult while her mother is doing a bad job🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ they so quick to make it seem like someone is Talkn bad about they kids

  13. Evelyn is trying hard to prove that her daughter is or was not "builder hire" opps. who said that? 😀

  14. they need to just re-cast this show. because at this point, i think jackie is the ONLY one that has actual ties to basketball. i could be wrong though, i haven't watched a full episode in years – i only watch the clips on youtube lol!!

  15. So listen up everybody the only time you will get genuine feelings of any sort from shaunie is if you talk about her cheating ex husband.

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  17. Evelyn shouldn’t be speaking on Jennifer’s mother. Period. Smh to say that she’s turning in her grave. Smfh. Disgusting.

  18. Or call this show the old hags/ I’m not hating cause their all beautiful but their no longer basketball wives nor wives.

  19. Nobody peep that shaunie never told Evelyn what Jenn said until she got mad with Jenn ? Just me ? Okay

  20. Lol women always love to scream don’t mess with my kids when Jen never mentioned her kids speaking about someone’s ex isn’t in anyway attacking children lmao

  21. Evelyn is a sick person. She is not aging gracefully. She has wanted to fight with Jen ever since they became famous from this show. Probably hated Jen as a darker women getting positive press. Evelyn been jealous of Jen for a long time. Jen is not ran through and has always been considered classier

  22. Why are we acting like these women didn’t DOGGG Jenn throughout the years! WOW disgusting to think Jenn is a massive problem naw sis all of y’all need to look within

  23. An unexpected death does causes irrational behaviors everyone grieves differently. But they dont really care about Jennifer as friend at all an Im not surprised if they started the rumors for TV ratings. Deep down I just dont trust Evelyn Malaysia and Shaunie intentions..

  24. This is the reason why I don't watch thizz mess and we wonder why our younger youth of women are are so angry ##@messieoldchichavaseatplease$%^%#

  25. All suddenly they all Jackie friends!?😱👎🏾🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️#thisshowisfake

  26. Yes all of u were jennifer b4. Thats what evil shaunie n Evelyn do. Remember they hated u when Tami was around. They're bullies. Can't stand either one.

  27. Yoooooo, I'm dead at when Jackie walked in and the music changed to that gangsta rap beat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. How the heck can Evelyn tell someone when to get over their mother! Has she noticed that Kanye nearly lost his mind and haven’t been the same since his mother passed! Since she’s now trying to KUWTK! They aren’t letting her get in their circle for sure! This psycho got possessed by Iyanla, not fixed! Shaunie needs to stop feeding the animal, so it can stop coming back! I’m all worked up over clips! I don’t even watch television and these small minutes have me seriously upset! Please tell me it’s scripted, fake and not real!

  29. 0:24 Anybody else peep how Shaunie was trying to quickly look back to see Jackie because Evelyn told her “Jackie’s here” but what she REALLY said to Shaunie was cut out? It seemed like they were laughing at her outfit or something 👀

  30. Jennifer didn’t say that. Shaunie is just wanted to get back at Jen for exposing Evelyn fukn Shaq

  31. I know it has nothing to do with this clip but please get rid of Cece and Kristen. This storyline is so fake and forced. I was shock both of them are back this season.

  32. You all should leave well enough alone. Geesh she was mad they both said things…just let one show be positive with no BS from yall 40yr old asses

  33. I’m so sick and tired of these Shawnees Toni Braxton pretending like they don’t know what’s going on when they come off looking stupid and dumb as hell and don’t let me forget fake as hell

  34. And Evelyn needs to go sit her self down everyman that she looked at ran a train on her and came out through her nose that’s why she sound like stuffy nose stuffy nose 😂😂😂😂GO SIT DOWN YOU TIRED. Oh and you better believe she slept with Shaquille

  35. Evelyn and Shaunie are bullies always been partners in crime together if Evelyn got beef Shaunie got beef with that person I don't blame for not bowing down to them also standing up for herself being messy is the only way to fight back with those two seems like.

  36. I wasn't going to comment on this but Shawnee sometime I wonder about you if you allow someone to run you out of an event that you're holding for your son something's wrong

  37. Shaunie ….You’re BABYDADDY can DISRESPECT HIS CHILDREN BUT NO ONE ELSE CAN😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔💭💭💭💭💭💭💭

  38. How is saying that Shanice was holding down the household and paying all the bills talking about her?????? Basically she was saying best Shanice was taking care of everything while Evelyn was out being a hoe and not at home being a good mother.

  39. So is it just me or is jackie trying to be sweet again? Last season or two she was acting like a dr jackel and jackie hyde. What the hell. Oh she back on meds. OK. 😂😂😂

  40. This is getting old!!!only watched for Tammy cos she funny as hell. Cant stand Evelyn she is a non mother…… factor!!!

  41. Shaunie why you worried about your Kids when they going to grow up watching this crap one day. Gurl Bye!!!!!….

  42. My opinion… Jennifer is an terrible FRAUD. CONTINUE calling her on her b.s. then she swears on her mother but once Evelyn ask her to swear AGAIN on her mother… Jennifer DOESN'T.

  43. Shaunie is fake. A sneaky trouble maker. Oj looks DIRTY & her cat stinks, as though it's a rash between her legs lol. Evelyn is trouble, full of drama, needs another hobbie besides this one, Jackie sneaks disses and puts it on other's. Kristen is press for the ladies attention. C'c is a runaway and wants all her fiance attention to herself. Malaysia isn't really tough, she needed boxing lessons. Tammy is the best, my FAVORITE… a smart move leaving the show. Let your wings spread, Tammy.

  44. These women would be such good friends if they stopped trying to one up each other. They are so catty. No wonder half of them are divorced

  45. I luv how ppl say evelyn and shaunie are bullies but the same ppl be supporting tami as if she's not a bully too. Tami only pop off on someone she think she can beat.

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