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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Shaq responds to Kobe Byrant and talks Papa John’s controversy”

  1. The sports media guys used to say Shaq was dumb, but he is now more educated, more accomplished in the media, and is a better business man than all of them.

  2. FT% tells if you practice or not. Whenever you practic3 every player is taught to shoot ft when you tired, amd all through practice…he never practiced, his weight says it too…

  3. It took them 8 minutes to get up the courage and they got what they wanted VENOM!"People have to stay relevant somehow"

  4. i like your work, i like your work, and this dude? lol He tried to tie it in the conversation too smh should be fired… shaq said something to his boss.

  5. The guy asked him if he had Kobe's work ethic. So no Kobe never said he was lazy he just said compared to himself he was lazy and honestly every one in the NBA is lazy then

  6. I really love Shaquille O'Neal. He rich but he gets it. He is a true definition of a venture capitalist. I will be using this app to find extra work. Shaq has the same sensibilities wirh investing like Warren Buffet. That is why he is who he is. An amazing man IMO

  7. This white guy should be fired. Make it happen, Shaq. Typical white guy who tries to be relevant on black people success.

  8. Damn Shaq & Kobe at it again both are competiting as investors lol.
    Why does this feel like a script to a movie?

  9. It's crazy because rich people dont think if that because there so buisy in there luxury life they forget and dont care about what is really is to not live in the dream, I would give my life for one day to trade places and that dosent mean anything to em just wonder what goes thru there heads just by hearing that it wont mean nothing I just dont know how ?

  10. Wasn't Papa John the person who made some racists comments some time ago and then make a public apology 🤔🙄. I hope you have a voice in the decision making process as a black man

  11. Isn't this that same Shaquille O'Neil who dressed up in women's clothing at some point and then later went in drag again ?

  12. Its sad how false information is what drove this thing for them both. For those who never watched kobe never said " shaq doesnt work hard. " they compared compared work ethic and kobe was a 1000 times more dedicated then shaq. Shaq knows this but he bit into it because what was his nickname outside the nba oh thats right " big chief marketer " sound familar? Thats because they both said it there entire feud was to draw media attention and thats what it did every media platform is using that right now to draw views/clicks. Shaq knows exactly what kobe meant by it when he said what he said. Love how everyone falls into that, thats exactly why kobe tweeted and shaq deflected it by making fun of dwight howard. Its pure marketing. Kobe got paid like a million dollars to do that interview
    In fact all these media outlets should be kissing there feet gives them something to get paid with. Because millions of people will click there articles or watch there tv shows now

  13. Youll never get shaq to answer stupid surprise questions like that!!! Ever since shaq has a good comeback answer!!!

  14. Shaq has wayyy better character then Koby!! He has a BIG ❤️ HEART I love him 🖕Koby Bryant He has. not won a ring since playing with Shaq

  15. Shaq even admits here he didn’t work out. Shannon Sharpe said Shaq can bench 400lbs.

    I think Kobe is stating the obvious – what would this guy had been like if he did workout and get his diet right? Yikes

  16. Everybody have different body type and everybody have their style. Some people will get injured if working out too much and some will not. Its unfair to compare a heavy big size person workout to an average one. Injuries happen. The same Shaq Kobe was complaining about, won a championship after leaving the lakers.

  17. I could understand why Shaq was mad. he probably didnt see the full interview and just heard Kobe said you're lazy. The 12 rings is a sarcastic joke Kobe threw in just saying they would have always won. Because Shaq was already dominant. But if he practiced the way Kobe did he would be better than Jordan. simple as that. More like a compliment to Shaq not a diss lol.

  18. Kobe still a d-head and you knoooow they not really friends. Not after what Kobe did and he still chirpin..refer to the Childs 2 piece.

  19. Shaq talking about taking time and due diligence bringing him money and more success….Maybe Kobe had a point about if you had his work ethic lol

  20. I don’t think it was the right moment to ask that ‘Kobe question’ honestly…but I also think shaq is not very happy about what Kobe said, though he never said anything bad about shaq.

  21. I downloaded the app just on this interview! Out of bounds yahoo finance for the Kobe questions… What does business have to do with the Kobe question. Awww i see Shaq smashed his finger so that was his get back question…silly mortals!

  22. Contradicted himself saying he wants to help people make money… then when she asked how this would work for normal people he basically said it works for me, I'm not going to advise anyone but it works for me. SMDH

  23. So salty hhahahahahah. YOU THOUGHT YOU WAS KOBE? You aint KOBE, they aint LOVE U LIKE THAT. U had 3 better series than kobe vs trash east teams. U need wad and kobe to win, u NEED 2 MJS TO WIN? Hahahahahaha u fuckin bitch. Stfu. Nigga says finals mvps like Kobe aint win with GASOL and Odom hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha NIGGA WHOOOOO??????

  24. Just like the idiot to bring up the most irrelevant question on the planet, trying to throw shade….smh, some kids need a proper spanking, this is not a sports show, it's Yahoo finance IDIOT

  25. Tired of people not quoting Kobe wrong. He didn’t say he didn’t have work ethic. The question in the interview was if Shaq had Kobe’s work ethic what would had happened. Kobe’s work ethic is legendary in basketball. That’s why the question was asked.

  26. for .a guy who didnt work out- exactly what Kobe was talking about. Not what you accomplished, but what you could of accomplished more.

  27. So Shaq is basically another corporate scumbag who likes to own businesses, (fast food) that pay workers the lowest possible wage. Gig work is a way for corps to avoid even paying the basic worker protections of disability and unemployment insurance not to mention avoiding the big nut which is social security.

  28. Gig economy is modern day slavery. You can try to trick people using smooth language but it exploiting of the masses for the gain of the company. Look no further than uber and Lyft

  29. She started off with disrespect,she obviously didn’t know shaq business resume, all them seemed a tad disrespectful, shaq worth half a billion off business investments give that man his respect

  30. Can't trust anything Shaq says. First he says 4:02 regarding his investments then he says 6:19 Talks out of both sides of his mouth does this one. Truth is he was lazy and ate far to many Papa John pizzas.

  31. when I was watching SHAQTIN A FOOL, Shaq made people laugh by making some people look stupid. And now as I see Shaq is salty about this media circus about KOBE BRYANT answering if he has KOBE"S WORK ETHICS. Kobe never said that he is lazy, Kobe just answer the question if he has his work ethics.
    Man, Shaq is the most insensitive sensitive personality I ever know

  32. Shaq, not the Kings.
    Now I have to low key like them.
    Look at getting Tatum from Boston.
    And a center. I want to see the kings in the playoffs.
    Steady sounds like something developed for the people, keep doing you, you make a difference in peoples lives without a basketball.
    Respect due.

  33. To be honest, I'm the biggest Kobe fan. But I think he was wrong for calling out Shaq. Talking about someone's work eithic in any pro sport is one of the worst things you can say about someone. Kobe is doing great in his business life and everything else. Why bring negativity towards a previous teammate now? Kobe says "it's all love" between him and Shaq. Obviously, after seeing this, Shaq was offended. Seems like Kobe wants attention that he may miss from his playing days.

  34. Why is Shaq dropping cliche response when he was asked about why he was wanted to invest on this app ? He goes like I wanted to help people out and impact people.
    That’s response is academic cliche that I have heard hundred of times. Next time, I humbly request Shaq to be genuine and authentic in his response. Thanks

  35. People don’t get it..why shaq mad, why shaq being so sensitive. He was there to do a interview about business and this clown asked him a question that had nothing to do with business. Shaq took it personally and answers with a sarcastic answer. Who wouldn’t do that.?!🤷🏽‍♂️

  36. Next thing shaq says to Kobe: "Next time you want to be funny just STFU….then i have to answer these stupid questions even during busines interview you moron"

  37. Shaq is a bit sensitive when it comes to someone criticizing him always has been. He was indeed a dominant player all Kobe said in so many words is if he worked a bit harder he could have been even better. The media always looks to create controversy.

  38. What a gossipy question to ask about Kobe's assessment of
    Shaq! I just don't see how it fits in the context of this interview.


  40. It was unexpected from koby to say that but his ego and so much into himself attitude made him to do so self promotion on back of others which he doesn't need everybody knows how good a player he is on the basketball floor other than that ZERO as a person
    Self-centered and egostic always tried to copy MJ

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