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Dennis Veasley

12 thoughts on “Shadow Practice Table Tennis (Part 1)”

  1. Dear EmRat, I used to be a national player in Libya, and now I coach young players, and I have learned a lot from your videos
    , the kids are improving fast, we use the power from the ground and It works perfectly, thank you so much, and keep them coming

  2. Hello, Sir! my question is how much repetition should be done, in these shadow drill? or how much time should be given everyday to shadow drills?
    thanks in advance!

  3. Looks like an army preparing to storm a fortress or something XD. Thanks! I will use this to practice my footwork and techniques.

  4. Read full analysis here: 07 table tennis training drills for beginners


  5. Good to see ping pong dance with music! Best to have a mirror or some reflective surface in front of the practicioner, so that he / she can see his / her motions , and compare them with the videos of fameous players ( like Yangyang). Shadow play is good in the sense that one can swing his bat many times in a period, much more than with a player. Normally when one swing 10 thousands time or more, the body will develop an optimise routine for the swing, which look beautiful and actually efficient! Of course there is no senation of a ball, which has to be obtained by other practices, like from the coach, practising partners, Ping Pong Machine or reflective plates. Best Regards from Piggy

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