Very exciting, as we finally, for the first time at Kingsgrove Sports, have the famous SG brand out of India. Really excited to have this range in this year. We’ve got three bats — This one I’ve got here is the Players Edition, it’s the Shane Watson Players Edition. So, Grade 1 willow in this top-end bat. As you can see, a nice beautiful shape, that long nice spine, down to that mid-to-low sweet spot, which is good. Nice and big, good size edge on that as well. There might be a little bit of concaving on these ones, as they’ve come through at a really great weight — they’re all sort of around 2.8 – 2.9, which is fantastic. Beautiful pick ups, fantastic sweet spots. The standard round handle in that. So, great top-end bat in the Players Edition. We also have the Hardik Pandya Savage Edition. So, great nice camo labels there. Again, looking at a Grade 2 willow in this. Nice shape, this one’s nice and big, as you can see, big nice high spine there, and that sort of higher — little bit of a higher middle in that. Big size edge, down to the nice solid toe, as well, which is really good. So the Hardik Pandya Edition all come with a round handle. Again, the weights on this are still great, you’re still looking at 2.8 – 2.9 in these, so, fantastic in that. And then, we also have a fantastic, great value bat in the KLR Xtreme. So that’s the K. L. Rahul Edition. Fantastic bat. Again, the nice black & white, grey camo labels. Great shape in this as well, again, nice high spine there, the mid sweet spot in that. Again, a nice big size edge in that. Round handle, the nice little chevron grip in that, players prefer that one. Great value match bat in this. Definitely one to come in and check out, so do yourself a favour — Jump into one of our five stores, or of course, see all of the range online at

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Dennis Veasley

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