I like these courts because it’s going to
be safer and you get to play all-weather and it’s good for nights with all the good lights
and everything. Yep. I’ve been playing tennis for around six years
now. I enjoy it because we’re out playing with
our mates and in competition on the weekend which is fun. I’ve been competing since I was in Grade 6. I enjoy the physical challenges of tennis
and also the game as it allows me to socialise with my friends. These courts are a lot more safer. You don’t have to bag them, you don’t have
to water them. And you can play all year round. Having six all-weather courts means that we
can have up to 12 junior teams on a Saturday morning and certainly the same amount on a
Sunday morning. So they’ll allow us to grow as a club and have
more juniors play and hopefully from that we’ll grow our membership and get bigger and stronger.

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Dennis Veasley

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